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White Horse Names (140+ Unique and Creative Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


White horses have always been a symbol of grace, beauty, and purity, making them a popular choice for horse owners. But with so many different names to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for your white steed. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of unique and meaningful white horse names to help you find the perfect fit.

Many people choose to name their white horses after famous fictional characters like “Aslan” from Narnia Chronicles, “Shadowfax” from Lord of the Rings or “Bianca” from Disney’s “The Rescuers” movie. These names not only reflect the horse’s color but also pay homage to the literary or cinematic works that have inspired the owner.

White horse names are not just about finding a name that suits the horse’s physical appearance, it’s also about finding a name that represents the horse’s personality and the owner’s interests. This article provides a variety of white horse names ideas that will help you to find the perfect name for your beloved equine companion.

White Horse Names

1. Snowflake

Snowflake is a classic white horse name. This name evokes the image of a beautiful, white horse prancing through a fresh snowfall. It’s a great name for any white horse with a gentle personality and regal air.

2. Phantom

Phantom is a mysterious white horse name, perfect for a horse with a gentle, but enigmatic personality. It suggests a horse that could easily disappear into the mist or an animal with a somewhat otherworldly air.

3. Stardust

Stardust is the perfect name for a white horse that radiates beauty. This name is perfect for a horse that stands out in a crowd and is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you call its name.

4. Spirit

As a white horse, this name instills a sense of serenity and peace. The name Spirit could represent the spirit of the horse and how it carries its rider through life’s journeys. It could also represent the spirit of the horse itself and its unique and wild personality. A horse named Spirit would be one to remember!

5. Ghost

An ethereal and magical image is conjured up when one hears the name “white horse” as if it were a ghostly apparition. It could be a horse that moves with almost unearthly grace or one that has a mysterious air about it.

6. Blizzard

Having a strong and brave personality makes this horse a great name. It could be a horse that is fearless in the face of adversity and willing to brave the elements, no matter how cold or blustery they may be. It could be a horse that is full of energy and has a spirited nature.

7. Tempest

Taking its inspiration from a majestic white horse, this name has a wild and wild nature. The word ‘tempest’ evokes the image of a powerful and beautiful horse galloping through a storm. It also reflects the white horse’s ability to break through barriers and persevere through adversity.

8. Moonbeam

Based on the white horse’s connection with the moon, this name was chosen. It reflects the horse’s beauty and grace as it moves through the night sky. It’s also a reminder of the horse’s ability to bring light and hopes to those in need.

9. Pearl

In the same way that a pearl has a beautiful color and texture, Pearl is an elegant name for a white horse. It also implies that the horse is gentle, graceful, and refined, with a soft and delicate white coat that shimmers in the sunlight.

10. Ivory

This name is inspired by the pale, creamy white color of the white horse. It’s a reminder of the horse’s elegant and graceful appearance. It also reflects the horse’s strength and durability.

11. Snowdrift

‘Snowdrift’ refers to large drifts of snow that are piled up in large drifts, and it is a lovely name for a white horse. The name suggests a certain strength and endurance, which is perfect for a horse that loves going on long rides and is not afraid of the cold.

12. Cloud

A white horse is called Cloud in a whimsical way. It brings to mind the image of a fluffy white cloud floating in a bright blue sky. The name implies a certain sense of lightness and joy, and also a peacefulness and serenity, which is perfect for a horse that loves to wander and explore.

13. Champagne

In honor of the white horse’s grace and elegance, Champagne is an appropriate name. The name itself is associated with luxury, and a white horse certainly fits the bill. The word itself conjures up images of sparkling bubbly, making it perfect for a horse that is as light and graceful as champagne.

14. Angel

Angel is a suitable name for a white horse because it signifies purity and divine beauty. It is a name that carries a sense of grace and innocence, perfect for a white horse. The name Angel also reflects a spiritual connection to the animal and its environment, making it an ideal name for a white horse.

15. Brandy

An iconic name for a white horse, Brandy evokes images of an imposing steed galloping through a lush pasture. It’s also a great name for a white horse that loves to frolic and run around since it’s a reference to a strong, sweet-tasting alcoholic beverage.

16. Stormy

White horses deserve a name that signifies strength and power, which is why Stormy is a perfect choice. This name is suitable for a horse that is confident and full of life. The name is also a tribute to the wild and untamed nature of horses, and it can be a reminder of their freedom.

17. Frosty

Having a coat as white and smooth as freshly fallen snow is a fun name for a white horse. It implies the horse has a playful personality and a light-hearted nature that can bring joy to any situation.

18. Apollo

One of the twelve Olympian gods of Greek mythology was given this strong and regal name. Apollo was associated with the sun and was the god of music, light, and knowledge. He was thought to be a powerful and noble creature, much like a white horse.

19. Moonbeam

A bright, luminous white horse is described by this name, as it is as bright as the moon. A horse with this name would be a symbol of hope and optimism, radiating light and joy wherever it goes. It would be a horse with a kind and gentle nature, but also be full of courage and strength.

20. Marshmallow

White horses with this name are gentle and sweet. It brings to mind a soft, fluffy white marshmallow that is both fun and playful. It is a great reminder of how special and unique each horse is and how much joy it can bring to its owners.

Unique White Horse Names

1. Serenity

2. Dapple

3. Pegasus

4. Comet 

5. Buck

6. Luna

7. Lightning

8. Diamond

Unique White Horse

9. Sundance

10. Misty

11. Sterling

12. Milky

13. Dawn

14. Flurry

15. Buck

16. Opal

17. Starlight

18. Daisy

19. Dove

20. Tundra

21. Cream

22. Breezy

23. Periwinkle

24. Shadow

25. Blaze

26. Shimmer

27. Fawn

28. Palomino 

29. Phoenix 

30. Athena

Famous White Horse Names

1. Secretariat

2. Trigger

3. Silver

4. Spirit

5. Beauty

6. Bucephalus

7. Flicka

8. White Star

9. Sir Percy

Famous White Horse Names

10. Rocket

11. Comet

12. Silver Mane

13. The Pie

14. Silver Streak

15. Shadowfax

16. Tornado

17. Gallant

18. Snowman

19. White Lightning

20. Lightning

21. Frosty

22. Dawn

23. Dancer

24. Fury

25. Dusty

26. Hidalgo

27. Albion

28. Cocorico

29. Blaze

30. Fancy Pants

White Arabian Horse Names

1. El-Rey

2. Adiva

3. Asad

4. Safa

5. Alayna

6. Zahira

7. Amira

8. Faris

9. Azzam

10. Tarik

White Arabian Horse

11. Qawah 

12. Shabah 

13. Al-Haffa

14. Al-Sayed 

15. Rafiq 

16. Aziz 

17. Muhannad 

18. Amal

19. Zahir

20. Zafir

21. Prince Valiant

22. Miracle

23. Misty Dawn

24. Mystic Spirit

25. Sahara

26. Sahib

27. Ebony Eclipse

28. Royal Rogue

29. Noble Nimbus

30. Radiant Ruler

White Male Horse Names

1. Ranger

2. Duke

3. Major

4. Prince

5. Blaze

6. Ace

7. Beau

8. Phantom

9. Sterling

10. Chief

11. Zeus

12. Charlie

13. Baron

14. Apollo

15. Noble

16. Dakota

17. Maverick

18. Ranger

19. King

20. Legend

21. Shadow

22. Trooper

23. Titan

24. Trooper

25. Magnum

26. Valiant

27. Rocky

28. Valiant

29. Frosty

30. Valiant

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