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Spanish Horse Names (Famous, Badass & Creative Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


Whether you’re a breeder, trainer, or horse owner, choosing a Spanish name for your horse can be a great way to show your appreciation for the breed and its history. From classic names like “España” and “Caballo” to more unique options like “Sabor” and “Valiente,” there are countless Spanish horse names to choose from.

One of the reasons people opt for Spanish horse names is that it gives a sense of tradition and heritage. The Andalusian horse for example is one of the most iconic Spanish horse breeds, with a history that dates back to ancient times. Names like “Alba” and “Flamenco” are perfect for Andalusian horses, paying homage to the breed’s rich history and cultural significance.

Another reason people choose Spanish horse names is that they can convey the horse’s personality and characteristics. Names like “Veloz” (fast) and “Fuerte” (strong) can be fitting for a horse that is quick and powerful, while “Dulce” (sweet) and “Suave” (gentle) can be perfect for a horse with a calm and gentle disposition.

In this article, we will explore a variety of Spanish horse names ideas, from traditional to modern, and provide examples of horses that have been given these names and the reasons behind it. Whether you’re looking for a name that honors the breed’s heritage or one that reflects your horse’s personality, you’re sure to find inspiration here.

Best Spanish Horse Names

1. Rey

In Spanish, Rey means king. A regal, powerful horse would benefit from a name like this. It implies that the horse is an incomparable leader and is the best in its class. 

2. Sofia

The name Sofia can be translated to wisdom in Spanish. The combination of intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom makes this horse a great choice. The horse that carries this name is sure to be one that is thoughtful, understanding, and discerning. 

3. Don Julio

Don Julio is a Spanish title meaning mister. A horse with this name would be noble and sophisticated. It implies that the horse is dignified, respected, and highly esteemed. 

4. Dulce

It is fitting that a horse named dulce should be kind, gentle, and loving, as dulce is a Spanish word meaning sweet. It implies that the horse is compassionate, pleasant to be around, and has a sweet disposition. 

5. Caballo

Known for its strength, reliability, and trustworthiness, Caballo is a Spanish word that means horse. It implies that the horse is dependable, steadfast, and always ready for action.

6. Donoso

It refers to a gentle yet powerful horse, which provides comfort and security to its owner. The name is derived from the Spanish word “don,” which means lord or master. Donoso is a great name to represent a loyal steed that is devoted to its rider.

7. Azul

Horses with deep blue or gray coats are often called Azul, a Spanish horse name that means “blue.” This is a great choice of name for a horse that has a regal and majestic presence. It is also a great choice to represent a horse that is loyal, energetic, and dependable.

8. Amigo

Amigo is a Spanish horse name that translates to mean “friend.” An amigo is usually given to a horse that is particularly loyal and friendly to its rider. It is a great choice for a horse that provides its rider with the comfort of a friend and a constant companion.

9. Rey

A king horse’s name translates from Spanish to English as “Rey.” It refers to a horse that is strong, noble, and regal. It is a good choice for a horse that is brave and protective of its rider and its surroundings.

10. Mariposa

An animal with name Mariposa has lightness and grace while being graceful and gentle. It is also a great choice for a horse that is particularly loyal and devoted to its rider.

11. Caballero

In English, the name “caballero” means “knight” for Spanish horses. Horses with this name are often associated with knights who were known for their bravery and skill in battle, as they represent the horse’s regal and noble qualities. The horse is also seen as a symbol of strength and power, making this an apt name for a powerful, noble steed.

12. Estrella

It is often used as a name to describe the beauty and grace of a Spanish horse since Estrella means “star” in English. The horse is also seen as a symbol of speed and agility, making this an apt name for a graceful, swift equine.

13. Iluminado

Several Spanish horses are named Iluminado, which means “enlightened”. Due to its association with the light of knowledge, this name is often used to describe a horse’s wisdom and understanding. The horse is also seen as a symbol of intelligence and insight, making this an apt name for an intelligent equine.

14. Querido

 As Querido translates to “dear” in English, it is a sweet name for a Spanish horse. As it is associated with the love and kindness of family and friends, this name often reflects the horse’s gentle and affectionate nature. The horse is also seen as a symbol of loyalty and devotion, making this an apt name for a loving equine.

15. Alegría

Alegro looks like joy in English, which is how it is named for a Spanish horse. Often, this name is used to describe a horse’s playful and energetic personality, as it symbolizes happiness. The horse is also seen as a symbol of strength and courage, making this an apt name for a strong, spirited steed.

16. Rocinante

An excellent Spanish horse name that means literally “tired one ”. It is derived from the horse of the same name owned by Don Quixote in Miguel de Cervantes’ classic novel of the same name. The name reflects the humble and weary but noble nature of Don Quixote’s horse, who endures his master’s many adventures.

17. Fuego

Horses with this name are fiery and spirited. Fuego translates to “fire” in Spanish and is a fitting name for an animal that is full of life and energy.

18. Furia

 An energetic and passionate horse deserves a name like this. The name Furia translates to “fury” in Spanish, and it evokes an image of a horse that is full of spirit and strength.

19. Estrella

Estrella is a great Spanish name for a horse that translates to “star” in English. It’s a fitting name for a horse that stands out among others, one that is beautiful, graceful, and adored.

20. Rápido

An agile and fast horse would be well suited to this name. Rápido translates to “quick” in Spanish, and it’s an appropriate name for a horse that is swift and graceful.

Famous Spanish Horse Names

Famous Spanish Horse Names

1. Alazan

2. Caracol

3. Quejigoso

4. Furioso

5. El Caballo

6. Potro

7. Suerte

8. Bravio

9. Chaparral

10. Fuente

11. Jaleo

12. El Rey

13. Jacinto

14. Coyote

15. Frijol

16. Monarca

17. Negrito

18. Esplendor

19. Escalera

20. Brillante

21. Chico

22. Justicia

23. Sultán

24. Aceituno

25. Diamante

26. Estrella

27. Relampago

28. Castaña

29. Gallardo

30. Relincho

Badass Spanish Horse Names

Badass Spanish Horse Names

1. Ambar

2. Diablo

3. Estrella

4. Furia

5. Guerrero

6. Huracán

7. Jefe

8. Libertad

9. Magnífico

10. Némesis

11. Órion

12. Príncipe

13. Querubín

14. Rey

15. Sombra

16. Tempestad

17. Uno

18. Valiente

19. Xibalba

20. Yago

21. Zarco

22. Águila

23. Bóreas

24. Cenit

25. Destello

26. Ébano

27. Fénix

28. Gladiador

29. Halcón

30. Imperio

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