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Royal Horse Names (150+ Most Regal and Refined Choices)


by Emily Wolfe


When it comes to naming a horse, many people want something that reflects the horse’s personality, breed, or even their own personal style. But what about those who want to give their horse a name that exudes luxury, elegance, and nobility? That’s where royal horse names come in. These regal and refined names are perfect for those looking to elevate their horse’s name and give them a truly royal touch.

However, it’s not just about names that are directly related to royalty. Names like “Empress,” “Duke,” and “Countess” all evoke a sense of nobility and prestige, making them great choices for any horse. These names can also be a great way to honor a specific culture or historical figure, such as “Cleopatra” or “Alexander.”

In this article, we will be exploring a wide variety of royal horse names that are perfect for any horse, whether they’re a majestic stallion or a delicate filly. From classic royal names to more unique and modern options, we have something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking to give your horse a regal and refined name or simply want some inspiration for your next horse naming contest, this article is for you.

Best Royal Horse Names

1. Grandeur

A horse of royal lineage would be well suited to this name. Grandeur conveys the image of a horse of magnificent stature and grandeur. It conveys a sense of power and majesty, suggesting the horse has the strength and regal bearing of a king or queen. Grandeur also brings to mind a sense of grandiosity and might, which makes it a fitting name for a horse of royal lineage.

2. Apollo

In honor of the ancient Greek god of light and the sun, this name was given. It’s a powerful name that also conveys a sense of strength and nobility. Plus, it’s a great way to let everyone know that your horse is the brightest and the best.

3. Royal Regalia

This name is befitting of a horse of royal descent. Royal Regalia conveys the image of a horse of grandeur and strength. The name is derived from regal attire, typically worn by a king or queen, which is symbolic of authority, power, and prestige. Furthermore, the word “regalia” is associated with the crown jewels, which are a symbol of royalty.

4. King Arthur

Royal Horse Names

Associated with the legendary tales of Camelot, this royal horse name pays homage to the medieval king who was said to have possessed a magical sword. Because the name Arthur has a long history and is associated with the legendary King Arthur, it is a suitable fit for a regal horse.

He ruled Britain with a noble heart and a wise head. Therefore, this would be a fitting name for a horse that has a strong character and a strong sense of justice. When you name your horse King Arthur, you can be sure it will remind you of all the amazing stories you’ve heard about this heroic figure. 

5. Sovereign

Sovereign means supreme power, which would be a powerful name for a horse that commands respect. This name would be perfect for a horse that stands out from the rest with its strength and courage. 

6. Royalty

Royalty is a name that speaks for itself, as it implies power and nobility. This would be a great name for a horse that is proud and graceful and has an air of authority. The name would serve as a reminder of the horse’s noble heritage and its strength and beauty. It would also give it an aura of distinction, making it stand out from the other horses in the stable.

7. Emperor

Emperors are powerful leaders who have no limits to their power. The word emperor comes from the Latin word imperātor, which means “commander.” The word entered Middle English in the 14th century. The title of emperor was originally used to describe a commander-in-chief or a military leader. The title was then used to describe a ruler with absolute power, who was seen as a symbol of strength and authority. Horses with the ability to lead and be strong and courageous should be named this.

8. Winston

For centuries, the name Winston has been associated with power and strength throughout history, as it has been used to name kings, emperors, and famous political and military leaders. The name communicates power and strength, making it a perfect fit for a horse with a strong, regal attitude.

9. Regal

Regal implies a sense of power and grandeur and would be a magnificent name for a horse that has a regal bearing and a commanding presence. Such a horse deserves to be given a name that emphasizes its strong traits, making Regal the perfect choice.

10. Monarch

Monarch symbolizes a horse that is the leader of a pack. A majestic and proud horse with a strong sense of justice would be the perfect match for this. The term Monarch comes from the Greek mono, “one,” and archon, “ruler.” A monarch is also a particularly royal-looking butterfly with orange wings and black and white spots.

11. Duchess

It would be a perfect name for a horse with a graceful bearing and an air of authority, as Duchess implies royalty and power. Duchess also has a strong connotation of elegance and stateliness, which is often associated with the regal animals that are used for horseback riding.

12. Countess

It is believed that the name “Countess” is derived from the French word for “count” and was given to female members of the nobility or those with a prestigious rank. Hence, the name implies strength, courage, justice, and nobility which would be appropriate for a horse that possesses these traits.

13. Guinevere

This romantic name is a fitting fit for a horse who loves to show off her beauty and grace. It’s perfect for a horse who loves to be the center of attention, prancing and trotting around with her head held high. 

14. Noble

A name like Noble is one that implies power and grace. It would be an excellent name for a horse that is elegant and dignified, as well as graceful and powerful. Furthermore, these qualities are important for a horse that is to be ridden and trusted for long periods of time. It also has a regal feel, which can help to create a sense of pride in the horse and its owner.

15. Crown 

This name is perfect for a horse that is truly special. It implies that your horse is a valuable asset and should be treasured. It also has a nice ring to it, making it the perfect choice for any horse that has a unique and dazzling appearance.

16. Alexander the Great

This majestic name evokes the image of a powerful and noble steed. Alexander was one of the greatest military leaders in history, and this horse’s name is sure to make any owner feel proud. It also has a nice ring to it, making it perfect for any horse that is truly special.

17. Queen Elizabeth

There is no doubt that this is a classic royal name that has been in use for centuries. Ideally, it would suit a horse that is graceful, graceful in appearance, and strives for greatness at every opportunity. It gives the horse a sense of pride and encourages them to always strive for greatness.

18. Athena

As a strong and noble name, Athena is a suitable choice for a horse that is loyal and intelligent, as it is a horse that is loyal and intelligent. Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, so this name suggests strength, courage, and intelligence. It is a name that will surely stand the test of time.

19. Lancelot

This brave and heroic name is fitting for a horse who loves to take charge and protect his stablemates. It’s the right name for a horse who is always willing to fight for what’s right and never fails to come through in a pinch.

20. Caspian

A mysterious and exotic name like this is the perfect choice for a horse that loves to explore and take risks. In my opinion, it would make a great name for an adventurous and daring horse who isn’t afraid to take risks and break the rules in order to get what he wants in life.

Royal White Horse Names

 1. King Solomon

2. Emperor Augustus

3. Prince Valiant

4. Lord Sterling

5. Duke Regal

6. Monarch Monarch

7. Baron Helios

8. Vision 

9. Marquis Stardust

10. Magnus

11. Empress Phoebe

Royal white horse

12. Lady Diana

13. Grand Duke Apollo

14. Archduke Phoenix

15. Lord Luna

16. Lady Snowflake

17. Viscount Whitestar

18. King Splendor

19. Queen Guinevere

20. Baron Silverwing

21. Count Cloudburst

22. High King Silver

23. Lady Eclipse

24. Grand Prince Valiant

25. Lady Moonbeam

26. Lord Whitefire

27. Duchess Celestial

28. Viscount Flash

29. Emperor Eclipse

30. Princess Aurora

Royal Ascot Horse Names

1. Royal Huddle 

2. Luxurious Legend 

3. Splendid Storm 

4. Symphony

5. Victorious Victor 

6. Glamouros Blessing 

7. Imperial Inspiration 

8.  Conqueror 

9. Dignified Breeze

10. Royal Radiance

11. Glittering Gala 

Royal ascot horse

12. Gallant Glory 

13. Grace 

14. Golden Mystique

15. Rhapsody 

16. Luxurious Legend 

17. Elegant Escape 

18. Galloping

19. Grandiose 

20. Magnificence 

21. Stately Splendour 

22. Flawless Finesse 

23. Providential Pride 

24. Glorious Gracious 

25. Illustrious Impression

26. Dazzling Delight 

27. Exquisite Excellence 

28. Paragon of Virtue 

29. Crowned Feat 

30. Imperial Intrigue

Royal Black Horse Names

1. Midnight Charm

2. Steel Heart

3. Charcoal’s Glory

4. Duke of Darkness

5. Dominion 

Royal black horse

6. Ebony

7. Warrior

8. Flint 

9. Blackstone 

10. Knight Rider

11. Raven

12. Obsidian

13. Sultan

14. The Agate

15. Sterling

16. Onyx Moon

Royal ascot horse 1

17. Falcon

18. Falconer

19. Black Magic

20. Raven’s Courage

21. Dancer

22. Zeus

23. Galaxy

24. Charisma

25. Sinister Stallion

26. Warrior Prince

27. Noble Knight

28. Thunder’s Roar

29. Black Pearl

30. Midnight Star

Funny Royal Horse Names

1. King Snorty

2. Queen Clippity Clop

3. Prince Chompers

4. Duchess Fluffles

5. Sir Gallop-a-lot

6. Countess Prance-a-lot

7. Grand Duke Trotter

8. Grand Duchess Canter

9. Prince High-Hoof

10. Princess Prancie

11. Ponylicious Princess

12. Baroness Neigh

13. King Caramel

14. Queen Dapple

15. Prince Prancey Pants

16. Duchess Dainty

17. Sir Whinnypants

18. Countess Giddy-Up

19. Grand Duke Sniffles

20. Grand Trotter-Totter

21. Prince Neightly

22. Princess Freckles

23. Baron Sassy-Hooves

24. Baroness Squeaky-Hufs

25. King Flashy-Snort

26. Queen Tippy-Toe

27. Prince Noodle-Neck

28. Count Trotula 

29. Sir Jingle-Bell

30. Lord Canterbridge 

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