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40+ Medieval Horse Names (From the Pages of History)


by Emily Wolfe


Medieval times were a fascinating period in history, known for its chivalry, knights, and of course, horses. These majestic animals played a crucial role in medieval society, serving as both a means of transportation and a symbol of wealth and status. As such, it’s no surprise that medieval horse names were often chosen with great care and consideration.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting and noteworthy horse names from the pages of history. From fierce battle steeds to loyal companions, these names will serve as inspiration for anyone looking to give their own horse a unique and meaningful name. Examples of famous medieval horse names include “Bucephalus” (Alexander the Great’s horse), “Bayard” (a horse in the Charlemagne legends) and “Gringolet” (Sir Gawain’s horse in Arthurian legend).

Famous Medieval Horse Names

1. Schockemöhle

This horse was owned by the famous German equestrian, Paul Schockemöhle. He was known for his intelligence and grace and was an invaluable asset to Schockemöhle. The name Schockemöhle was likely chosen to honor the man who owned the horse and to reflect the bond between the two.

2. Milan

A horse owned by Sir Thomas Malory was a beloved and admired pet of the well-known English knight, Sir Thomas Malory. He was known for his speed and agility and was a favorite amongst the knights who rode with Malory. Milan’s name was likely derived from the Latin word ‘Miles’ which translates to soldier, reflecting the horse’s role as a loyal companion during battle.

 3. Edward the Valiant

This magnificent horse was known for his nobleness and courage in battle. He was never afraid of danger and always fought bravely in the face of adversity. He was a strong and reliable steed, never faltering even in the toughest of battles. His loyalty to his rider was unmatched and he was always willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect his master. Edward the Valiant embodied all that was good and noble in medieval times.

4. Sugriva

Famous Medieval Horse

A Hindu deity, Lord Krishna, had a horse which was named Sugriva. The name Sugriva is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘beautiful,’ and was fitting for the majesty of this horse. Sugriva was said to be able to fly through the air and was a faithful companion of Lord Krishna in his many battles.

5. Grey Flaxen

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, owned a horse named Grey Flaxen which was his property. He often walked by the side of John of Gaunt and was famous for his silver-grey color and graceful gait. His name was likely chosen to reflect his unique coloring and may also be a reference to the fabric flax, which was popular in the Middle Ages.

6. Bayard

During the medieval period, Bayard was the horse of Renaud de Montauban, one of the most famous heroes of the French epic poem The Four Sons of Aymon. According to legend, he was known for his immense strength and courage and was said to be capable of carrying four knights at the same time. It was probably selected because of the dark coloring of the horse the name Bayard came from the French for ‘bright bay’.

7. Aiyla

In the legend of King Arthur of Camelot, Aiyla was the horse that was the mount of the legendary King Arthur. Despite the fact that she was a beautiful white mare, it is reported that she was almost as brave as her master. The name she was given derives from the Welsh word that means ‘white’, likely reflecting the pristine coat she possessed when she was born. 

8. Godolphin Arabian

This horse was owned by the famed English politician, Edward Coke. He was one of the first horses to be bred specifically for racing and was known for his speed and stamina. The name Godolphin Arabian is likely derived from Godolphin, the family which owned and bred the horse.

9. Brego

Brego was a great horse owned by the heroic King of Rohan, Eomer, in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. He was a strong and loyal horse and was said to have been descended from the mearas, a special breed of horses that were the only horses capable of carrying a king of Rohan.

10. Meleager

A well-known horse came to fame during the medieval age when Meleager rode this horse. Meleager was said to have had unmatched strength, speed, and endurance. It is believed that he was often used in battle as a result of his unmatched strength, speed, and endurance. It was said that he was a gift from the gods, as he was regarded as such.

11. Glaucus

This was the horse of King Agamemnon of Mycenae. He was said to have been of divine pedigree and was said to have been invulnerable to weapons. He was also rumored to be extremely strong and fast.

12. Warlord

Horses with this powerful name were often owned by warriors and knights in the Middle Ages, and it was a common name for them. There are strong connotations of bravery, power, skill, and power associated with this word which comes from the German word for “lord of war”.

13. Embarr

A horse such as this belonged to the Irish hero Cuchulainn, who rode it with great skill. In mythology, he was said to have been given to the goddess Macha as a gift. He possessed a speed and strength that were beyond comparison and was a gift from her. Besides being able to read the human speech, he was also said to be invulnerable to weapons as well as able to understand human speech.

14. George

This storied medieval horse was named after King George III of England, who famously used George during the Battle of Waterloo. It was said that George was a reliable companion, always ready for battle and never shying away from a fight. He was a symbol of honor, strength, and courage, and was often the first horse out of the gate in any battle.

15. Marshal

Marshal was the name of a famous horse that belonged to the medieval knight, Henry the Fowler. It is said that Marshal was the perfect companion for Henry, and was able to swiftly carry him across the battlefield. He was a brave and loyal horse, and always willing to perform above and beyond when asked. He was a symbol of strength and courage, and a loyal friend to Henry. 

16. Roan Ranger

In the medieval period, a noble steed by the name of Roan Ranger was owned by a knight named Richard the Lionheart whose name was Roan Ranger. Roan Ranger was a loyal and brave horse and was able to carry his master through any and all battles. He was a symbol of courage and strength and was a beloved companion to King Richard.

17. Marengo

In the past, Napoleon Bonaparte had a famous horse by the name of Marengo, which was named after him. This steed was said to be incredibly brave and loyal and was able to carry Napoleon across the battlefields of Europe. He was a symbol of power and strength and was a beloved companion to Napoleon.

18. White Surrey

White Surrey was the name of a famous horse belonging to King Henry V of England. He was said to be incredibly strong and fast and was able to carry King Henry during the Battle of Agincourt. He was a symbol of courage and strength, and a loyal companion to King Henry.

 19. Lady Godiva

The beautiful white mare, Lady Godiva, was a favorite of many during the medieval period, and she was a favorite mare among many people. She was known for her loyalty and bravery and was said to be able to carry her master into battle with ease. She was a symbol of strength and courage and was beloved by many.

20. Rosinante

Rosinante was the beloved horse of Don Quixote and is named after the Spanish word for ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘unkempt’. This was apt, as the horse was known to be old, tired, and not particularly handsome.

Despite these less-than-desirable qualities, Rosinante was a loyal and faithful steed, who offered his rider unwavering support and friendship during their many adventures. Rosinante was also incredibly brave and was willing to take any risk to protect Don Quixote and ensure his safety.

Viking Horse Names

1. Sigrid

It is the best female horse name inspired from Norse mythology queen. If you want to give unique identity to your favorite horse this is the name you con go with.

2. Hrolf

Hrolf is a Viking name that means “wolf”. It is a bold and powerful name for a horse, as it reflects the wild and untamed nature of a wolf. This name is sure to impress and inspire the hearts of Viking warriors and horse owners alike.

3. Baldur

Baldur is a Viking name meaning “brave” or “bold”. It is an appropriate name for a horse that is brave and fearless, as it reflects the courage and resilience of its owner. A horse with this name will be sure to make its mark on the battlefield and bring glory to its Viking owner.

4. Stormhoof

Named after the strong and powerful thunderstorms that the Vikings witnessed, Stormhoof was a horse that could take on any challenge! His hooves were as hard as the rocks below and his coat was as dark as the storm clouds that roamed the skies. He was a horse of strength and courage, as he was always ready to take on any challenge.

Viking horse names

5. Eirik

This is a great name for a Viking horse, as it was a popular Viking name in the Middle Ages. It means “eternal ruler” and was the name of several Scandinavian kings. It could be a good choice for a Viking horse if you want to give it a regal, powerful name.

6. Ulf

The name Viking is a strong and masculine one, which was very popular among Vikings during the Middle Ages, and it was a popular name for a Viking horse. It means “wolf” and was the name of several famous Viking warriors. It could be a good choice for a Viking horse if you want to give it a courageous and daring name.

7. Ragnar

Ragnar is a fierce and powerful Viking name meaning “judgment of the gods”. It is an appropriate name for a strong and noble horse, as it reflects its owner’s strength and courage. The name Ragnar is a bold statement of one’s strength and power and would be a great name for a spirited and powerful horse.

8. Ranulf

In the Middle Ages, this was a very popular name for Viking horses, as it was a bold and stately name used for these majestic horses. In the Viking world, the name means “shield wolf” and was used by a number of famous warriors who wore shields. For a Viking horse, it may be a good choice to choose a name that is strong and noble as it could serve as a fitting name.

9. Frida 

This is a delightful name for a Viking horse, as it was a popular female name in the Middle Ages. It means “peaceful” and was used to describe a kind and compassionate woman. It could be a good choice for a Viking horse if you want to give it a gentle and loving name.

10. Olaf

There is no doubt that this is one of the most fitting names for a Viking horse, as it was a popular Viking name during the Middle Ages. In Scandinavian history, it has been the name of several Scandinavian kings, and it means “the descendant of the ancestor”. Choosing a name such as this for a Viking horse might be a good choice if you want it to have a heroic and regal feel to it.

11. Hilda 

It was a common female name in the Middle Ages, so it is a great name for a Viking horse, as it was a popular female name at that time. Originally, it was used to describe a strong and brave woman who had the ability to fight a battle. It might be a good choice if you wish to give a name that would evoke the courage and valor of a Viking horse.

12. Svein 

A Viking horse would be known by a name like this, which took its name from the name of a famous Viking king of the middle ages. In Viking history, several famous Viking warriors have been given this name, which means “boy”. If you want to give your Viking horse a strong and rugged name, then this name might be a great choice for you.

13. Astrid 

This is a beautiful name for a Viking horse, as it was a popular female name in the Middle Ages. It means “divine strength” and was used to describe a wise and powerful woman. It could be a good choice for a Viking horse if you want to give it a grand and noble name.

14. Svava

In Norse mythology, Valkyrie is a mythical horse whose name is taken from the mythical Valkyrie of this Viking horse. An equine can be a symbol of power and a symbol of courage. The rider on the equine can be sure that the equine is at their side, as it is strong and loyal.

15. Mjolnir

Named for the famed hammer of Thor, this Viking horse is a warrior in its own right. It is strong and swift, able to carry its rider into battle with confidence and courage.

16. Níðhǫggr

Taking its name from the giant serpent from Norse mythology, the Norse horse is a formidable opponent and one that should not be underestimated. It is brave and determined, never backing down from a challenge and always striving to succeed at everything it does.

17. Valravn

This majestic horse is named for the legendary raven of Norse mythology. It is a symbol of strength, courage, and loyalty, and its rider can be sure that they have a powerful steed by their side.

18. Ymir

Viking horses are known to be powerful and powerful creatures, which is why they are named after the primordial giants from Norse mythology. Regardless of what challenges it faces, this horse will never let its rider down, and it will always ride with ease.

19. Gullfaxi

‘Gullfaxi’ is the name given to this horse after a mythical Norse horse that had a golden mane in Norse legend. It is fast and agile, and if you happen to spot it, you will be envious of its luxurious golden mane.

20. Hofvarpnir

With its name taken after the legendary Viking horse named Njörðr, this Viking horse is sure to be fast and agile. You can always rely on it to remain loyal to your rider, and you can always count on it to take you on an adventure!

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