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The Ultimate List of Red Horse Names [From Scarlet to Rust]


by Emily Wolfe


Red horses are a symbol of passion, fire, and power, making them a popular choice for horse owners and riders alike. Whether you have a sleek, chestnut stallion or a fiery, sorrel mare, the right name can perfectly reflect the personality and spirit of your red horse.

Many horse owners choose names that represent the color of their horse, such as “Scarlet” or “Rust”. Others opt for names that reflect their horse’s fiery personality, such as “Blaze” or “Thunder”. Still others look to mythology, legends, and historical figures for inspiration, with names like “Ares” or “Napoleon” becoming popular choices.

But, with so many options to choose from, selecting the right name for your red horse can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of red horse names, to help you find the perfect match for your four-legged friend.

Whether you’re looking for a classic name that never goes out of style or a unique and creative option, you’re sure to find inspiration. So, let’s get started!

Best Red Horse Names Ideas

Red Horse

1. Scarlet

Scarlet is an excellent name to consider for a red horse. The word itself evokes a sense of strength, beauty, and power, making it a great choice for a horse’s name. The bright and vibrant color of the word also lends itself well to a horse of a similar hue, as it will stand out from the crowd. Additionally, the name Scarlet can be shortened to Scar, which is a perfectly suitable nickname for a horse. The name Scarlet has a long history, with many famous horses bearing the name, including the legendary Secretariat.

2. Crimson

Crimson is a strong, powerful name for a red horse. The word itself carries a lot of meaning and emotion, evoking vibrancy and passion. The color itself is associated with strength, courage, and determination – all attributes that a horse should possess. Crimson is also a color that stands out, a color that will make your horse easily recognizable in a crowd. It is a name that stands out and is sure to make an impression on everyone who encounters your horse.

3. Ruby

Ruby could be a good horse name because its two syllables are easy to remember and its bright color complements the horse’s coat. As well as this, the name has a lot of positive associations, including a vibrant red gemstone, a beautiful flower, and a popular programming language. The name is also considered to be strong and powerful, yet still feminine, making it a great option for a female horse. 

4. Cherry

“Cherry” is a wonderful name as it is both vibrant and cheerful. It is easy to remember and has a positive connotation. The bright, bold color of a red horse is often associated with the delicious, sweet taste of cherry, making it an ideal name for this type of animal. The name also implies a sense of strength and courage, making it an ideal choice for a horse that is strong and brave. As well as being useful as an endearment, the word “cherry” makes a great choice for a pet name.

5. Garnet

Garnet is a perfect name for a red horse, as it is associated closely with the color red. Garnet is a semiprecious gemstone, and its deep red color is representative of love and passion. The name has a strong, noble tone to it and implies strength and resilience. A garnet name also has a timeless quality, which makes it a great choice for a red horse. Moreover, garnet is also associated with fire, which can represent the energy and spirit of horses.

6. Maroon

As its coat is dark red, Maroon is a fitting name for a Red Horse. A maroon horse is also associated with strength and bravery, traits many owners would like their steed to embody. Aside from this, the word Maroon itself is quite unique and powerful, making it a memorable name that stands out from the crowd. Last but not least, Maroon is easy to pronounce in any language, making it an excellent name for a Red Horse.

7. Rose

A red horse would be well suited to the name Rose. It is a timeless and classic name that evokes a sense of beauty and grace. The name reflects the nature of the horse, as the color red is often associated with the beauty and vibrancy of the flower. Additionally, the name has a strong, positive connotation that can help to bring out the best in the horse. During competitions or demonstrations of their skills, you can see this. Rose is also a short, easy-to-remember name that can be used to easily identify the horse.

8. Strawberry

Strawberry is a great choice for a red horse’s name. The word carries a light, fruity connotation that could perfectly represent the horse’s color. It also paints a vivid picture of the animal’s coat, especially when combined with the word ‘red.’ It also has a pleasant, cheerful sound that makes people smile when they hear it. The name Strawberry could inspire a bright, playful attitude in the horse. It is a unique, memorable name that is sure to stand out among other horses.

9. Magenta

The color magenta is a vibrant, bold choice for a Red Horse name. It implies strength and power and stands out against the other horses’ names. By doing so, you can convey a sense of the horse’s vibrant personality and unique qualities. Invoking the color magenta when thinking of your Red Horse may be a good idea since it is often associated with happiness. It is also a color that stands out and can capture attention, which can be beneficial for a Red Horse.

10. Sangria

Sangria is an appropriate name for a Red Horse because it conjures up the vibrant colors and fruit flavors associated with the popular Spanish drink. Also, the word has a positive, lively connotation that could bring life to a horse’s name. The name is unique enough that it stands out from other horse names, yet still has a familiar sound to it. Lastly, Sangria is easy to remember, making it an ideal choice for a Red Horse.

11. Russet

Russet is a name that is both unique and powerful for a red horse. There is a rustic charm to it, and its sound is pleasant and melodious. Despite being mysterious and intrusive, the name evokes a sense of strength, stability, and loyalty. Red horses are also associated with russet, a color with a strong, warm tone that suits their vibrant color. The name is strong and memorable, making it a great choice for a horse.

12. Red Baron

The name “Red Baron” is a perfect choice for a horse of red color. It is a strong, regal name that evokes a sense of power and nobility. It is also a playful reference to the famous World War I fighter pilot, Manfred von Richthofen, who was known as the Red Baron. The name implies courage and a willingness to take risks, making it an excellent choice for a spirited horse. Additionally, the name is memorable and easy to pronounce, making it an excellent choice for a red horse.

13. Red Rover

The phrase “Red Rover” implies a strong, spirited animal, due to the childhood game of the same name. This phrase connotes an eagerness to explore, a sense of adventure, and an outgoing personality. The name also connects to the color red, which can be seen as a symbol of strength and power. Names that sound strong and proud are perfect for horses with a fiery nature. Quick, active, and courageous, Red Rover is a great name for a horse.

14. Red Rum

Red Rum is a clever play on words and has an air of mystery and intrigue. The name conjures up images of adventure and excitement and could be a great conversation starter. It is also quite memorable, so people would easily remember the name of the horse. Furthermore, the name is easy to pronounce and spell, making it easy to shout out at shows or races. Red Rum could be the perfect name to draw attention to the horse’s striking red coat.

15. Red Dawn

Red Dawn is an evocative name that conveys a sense of power and strength. It also has a historical connotation, as the term Red Dawn was used to refer to the start of the American Revolutionary War. The red color of the horse is also symbolic, representing the power of the horse’s vibrant energy and the courage it takes to ride one. ‘Red Dawn’ captures the essence of a red horse in a powerful, meaningful name.

16. Redwing

” “Redwing” would be a wonderful name for a red horse. It not only has the obvious reference to the color of the horse but also has an association with speed and grace, as it is the name of a type of bird that is renowned for its swift and elegant flight. The strong, bold sound of the word also evokes the spirit and strength of horses.

17. Red Ryder

Red Ryder is an excellent choice of name for a red horse. It has an air of strength and courage, and the name is sure to bring to mind the classic Western character of the same name. Red Ryder is also easily recognizable and therefore memorable, making it a great horse name. It is also short and easy to say, making the horse easier to call. In addition, the name Red Ryder is timeless and can be applied to any breed of horse, making it a classic choice.

18. Red Alert

As a simple and memorable name, “Red Alert” would make a great name for a Red Horse. It evokes a sense of urgency and excitement, suggesting something of a racehorse or a spirited steed. This could make it an ideal name for a horse that is eager to compete and always ready for action. It could also suggest a horse that is courageous and willing to take risks in order to succeed. 

19. Redcoat

The name “Redcoat” could be a good choice for a red horse as it is evocative of the traditional red military uniforms of the British Army. Redcoat could be seen as a symbol of strength and courage, qualities that are often associated with horses. As well as honoring the brave men and women of the British Army, the name could also be interpreted as a tribute to them. A red uniform, worn by those who rode horses in battle, could also symbolize the deep connection between horse and rider. 

20. Red Stallion

For a red horse, the name Red Stallion perfectly captures the power and grace of the animal. It conjures up images of a proud and noble steed, one with a strong and muscular build. It is a name that invokes admiration and respect and stands out as a symbol of resilience and strength. The name also implies speed and agility, perfect for a horse that loves to run. Red Stallion is a good choice, as it expresses the beauty and majesty of the red horse, and is a name that is sure to inspire admiration and admiration.

Red roan horse names

Red roan horse

The names of red roan horses are unique and powerful, reflecting the beauty and strength of the horse itself. The red roan coat ranges from chestnut to chestnut bay and is the result of a mixture of red and white hairs within the coat, giving the horse its unique appearance.

Red roan horses are known to have an even temper and are often used as ranch horses and lightweight riding horses.

Horse names for red roans should compliment their beauty and strength, as well as their even nature. Here are few ideas to get started!

1. Cherry Blossom 

2. Crimson Star 

3. Blush Blaze 

4. Scarlet Sunrise 

5. Russet Rose 

6. Rosebay Rush 

7. Red Sunset 

8. Copper Kiss 

9. Copper Top 

10. Copper Star 

11. Copper Strike 

12. Rustic Ripple 

13. Rusty Raider 

14. Rusty Rose 

15. Red Wind 

16. Redwood Roan 

17. Crimson Tide 

18. Red Rider

19. Red Sage 

20. Red Ruby 

21. Red Robin 

22. Scarlet Rose 

23. Ruby Royal 

24. Crimson Cloud 

25. Rosebay Ranger 

26. Red Rock 

27. Russet Rider 

28. Redwoods Roamer 

29. Copper Crystal 

30. Crimson Comet 

Red chestnut horse names

Red chestnut horse

Red chestnut horses convey a sense of power and strength, and as such, an appropriate name for a horse of this color can reflect that.

Red chestnut horses are often associated with fiery spirit and spiritedness, so names that emphasize this can be suitable. Names that evoke a sense of the horse’s heritage or ancestry can also be appropriate.

Whether you are looking for a classic name that has been used for centuries or a name that is more modern and unique, finding the right name for your red chestnut horse will bring out the very best in your equine companion.

1. Scarlet Fire

2. Crimson Dawn

3. Maroon Mirage

4. Mahogany Monarch

5. Mahogany Mist

6. Copper Cloud

7. Auburn Adventure

8. Copper Blaze

9. Scarlet Song

10. Garnet Gem

11. Auburn Arrow

12. Chestnut Charm

13. Scarlet Sky

14. Maroon Melody

15. Russet Roan

16. Copper Cruiser

17. Chestnut Chaser

18. Scarlet Shade

19. Auburn Ace

20. Burgundy Blaze

21. Chestnut Courage

22. Maroon Magic

23. Russet Rose

24. Mahogany Moon

25. Copper Colt

26. Scarlet Sunrise

27. Chestnut Charm

28. Chestnut Crusader

29. Maroon Star

30. Russet Rush

Female Red Horse Names

Red horse names for females are a great way to give your beloved mare a unique and interesting moniker. Red horses are often more spirited and energetic, making them perfect for adventurous riders and competitive show events.

From fiery names that capture the horse’s spirit to more meaningful ones that commemorate a special bond between the rider and the steed, these horses are sure to inspire you to find the perfect fit for your own beautiful red mare.

1. Carmine

2. Ruby

3. Cora

4. Rosaleen

5. Aurora

6. Cherry

7. Poinsettia

8. Crimson

9. Ginger

10. Cinnamon

11. Sparkle

12. Merlot

13. Blush

14. Blaze

15. Magenta

16. Amber

17. Fiery

18. Saffron

19. Scarletine

20. Venetia

21. Poppy

22. Vermillion

23. Calliope

24. Verona

25. Collette

26. Scarletina

27. Fuchsia

28. Rowan

29. Scarleta

30. Sienna

Male ‎Red Horse Names

The names that you can give to a horse are some of the boldest and most regal names that you can give to a horse. These names often evoke a sense of strength, power, and nobility. They can also be used to reflect the color of the horse and the characteristics that come along with it. The names of male red horses are perfect for a powerful stallion or even a gentle gelding. Whether you are looking for a classic, traditional name or something more modern, there is a perfect male Red Horse Name for your special equine friend.

1. Flaming Arrow

2. Flame

3. Crimson Knight

4. Firestone

5. Redwood

6. Cardinal

7. Maroon

8. Rusty

9. Ember

10. Sunset

11. Rusty Spur

12. Russet

13. Redman

14. Chili Pepper

15. Copper

16. Blaze of Glory

17. Firestarter

18. Crimson King

19. Red Chief

20. Flicker

21. Rusty Nail

22. Sunset Flame

23. Scarlet O’Hara

24. Russet Red

25. Red Lightning

26. Chili Pepper Jack

27. Copperhead

28. Blaze Rider

29. Bonfire

30. Fireball

Badass red horse names

Red horse names with a badass vibe give your mare or stallion an air of strength and power. Red is a powerful color, and adding a badass name to your horse only amplifies that effect. Whether you’re looking for a name for a show horse or just for fun, there’s a perfect badass red horse name for any horse. From classic red names like Crimson and Ruby to more contemporary options like Red Dawn and Blaze, these cool names will be sure to get your horse noticed.

1. Ember Blaze

2. Crimson Charger

3. Renegade Red

4. Fireheart

5. Warlord Scarlet

6. Magma Mane

7. Flaming Fury

8. Steelwing Blaze

9. Ironfire

10. Wildfire Rogue

11. Red Dawn

12. Devil Flame

13. Flaming Phoenix

14. Crimson Warrior

15. Red Demon

16. Scarlet Streaker

17. Firestallion

18. Red Dragon

19. Copper Blaze

20. Firebrand

21. Blaze King

22. G-Force Red

23. Scarlet Speedster

24. Inferno Runner

25. Scarlet Stallion

26. Crimson Streak

27. Ironwing

28. Red Comet

29. Fiery Phoenix

30. Copperfire

Funny red horse names

Finding a funny name for a horse can be a challenge. There’s no shortage of creative ideas out there, but coming up with something that’s both humorous and suitable for a horse can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of some of the wackiest and most amusing red horse names to help you get started. Whether you’re looking for something that’s lighthearted or something that’s downright silly, you’ll be sure to find a name that fits your equine companion.

1. Strawberry Star

2. Redrum

3. Scarlet Racer

4. Cadbury Charger

5. Salsa Swinger

6. Merlot Maverick

7. Chianti Cruiser

8. Crimson Comet

9. Shiraz Sprinter

10. Burgundy Bandit

11. Fireball Flyer

12. Carmine Crusader

13. Cerise Cowboy

14. Chili Chariot

15. Magenta Mustang

16. Russet Rider

17. Maroon Magician

18. Cardinal Cruiser

19. Garnet Galoper

20. Rosy Runner

21. Tomato Trotter

22. Claret Commander

23. Claret Clipper

24. Ruby Rocket

25. Scarlet Speedster

26. Flamingo Flyer

27. Lobster Leapster

28. Rouge Rambler

29. Scarlet Samurai

30. Paprika Prancer

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