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Mustang Horse Names [A Guide to Naming Your Steed]


by Emily Wolfe


Galloping through the wild west, the mighty Mustang horse has captured the hearts of many. With its sleek mane, powerful muscles and adventurous spirit, the Mustang is a true symbol of freedom and grace. But, what do you call such a magnificent creature?

Whether you are naming your very own Mustang or just daydreaming about owning one, choosing the perfect name for your equine companion can be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of fun, unique and memorable Mustang horse names that will make your Bay horse stand out from the herd. So, let’s take a ride through the wild and discover the best names for your Bay beauty!

Some examples of names that would be perfect for Bay Mustangs include Blaze, Blaze of Glory, Lucky, Lucky Star, Phoenix, Wildfire, and Sunset. These names embody the spirit of the wild, the freedom of the open range and the strength and beauty of these magnificent creatures.

By giving your Mustang a unique and meaningful name, you can show your love and appreciation for your horse and ensure that it always stands out from the herd.

Best Mustang Horse Names Ideas

1. Maverick

The name “Maverick” can be a great name for a Mustang horse as it conveys a sense of independence and strength. It is also a perfect name for a horse that is known to be wild and untamable. This can be seen as a symbol of the spirit of the Mustang horse, which is one of bravery, freedom, and resilience. Additionally, the name can be seen as a reminder of the importance of horsemanship and the importance of properly caring for and training these animals.

2. Blaze

Mustang horses are named Blaze because they are strong, powerful animals. It is a fitting name that reflects the speed and agility of this breed of horse, as well as its fiery spirit. Aside from being energetic and spunky, Blaze is sure to catch the attention of anyone who hears it. Finally, it is a unique name that will help your Mustang stand out among the crowd.

3. Apollo

Apollo is a powerful and bold name that would be a great fit for a Mustang horse. It is a name that exudes strength and power, which are two qualities that are often associated with Mustangs. Additionally, Apollo is a name associated with Greek mythology, which could be a good representation of the versatility and spirit of these horses.

4. Thunder

For a Mustang horse, Thunder is an evocative and striking name, conveying strength and power. The sound of thunder is often associated with the spirit and courage of the horse, making it a fitting choice to honor the Mustang’s bravery and might. Thunder can also symbolize the wild, untamed nature of the Mustang, as well as its ability to run free.

5. Spirit

“Spirit” can be a suitable name since it conveys the wild and free nature of the animal. It also reflects the strength and agility of the horse, as well as its natural beauty. Additionally, the name “Spirit” could be seen to represent the bond between the horse and its owner, that of a strong and unbreakable spirit.

6. Storm

The storm is an appropriate name for a Mustang horse because it captures the spirit and strength of the animal. The name evokes images of a powerful beast, galloping through the wind and rain and unafraid of difficult obstacles. It is a name that conveys a sense of strength, courage, and resilience.

7. Noble

The name “Noble” can be a fitting choice for a Mustang Horse if you are looking for a name that evokes the animal’s natural grace and dignity. The word “noble” can connote a sense of strength, majesty, and respect, making it an ideal name for any horse of this breed. Noble can also refer to a horse’s strength and courage since Mustangs are known for their endurance and stamina.

8. Midnight

Midnight would be an excellent choice for a Mustang Horse Name as it evokes images of power and independence. Not only is the color black associated with strength and authority, but the name also reflects the mystery of the night. It suggests the untamed spirit of the Mustang, one that is wild and untamable.

9. Shadow

Shadow could be a logical name for a horse like a Mustang since it implies a sense of mystery, power, and strength. It also has a certain regal quality that befits a noble steed. The name is also short and simple, making it easy to remember and pronounce.

10. Diamond

“Diamond” is an apt name for a Mustang Horse as it conveys an image of strength, beauty, and resilience. The name has a timeless quality that resonates with the breed’s history and power. Its connotations of luxury and quality can help to establish a sense of prestige and pride associated with the horse.

11. Miracle

“Miracle” can be an excellent name for Mustangs since it symbolizes the strength and resilience of this breed. Mustangs are known for their ability to survive in extreme conditions and overcome obstacles, making them a symbol of hope and perseverance. Therefore, giving this horse the name “Miracle,” can represent the remarkable power and courage of the Mustang breed.

12. Flash

Flash is a fitting name for a Mustang horse since it is suggestive of the animal’s speed and agility. It could also be associated with the bright and bold colors of the horse’s coat. Furthermore, the name Flash could evoke a sense of excitement and liveliness, which are qualities often attributed to this strong and energetic breed of horse.

13. Comet

The name “Comet” is an ideal name for a Mustang Horse, as it suggests speed and agility. The name also has a majestic and regal feel, which is befitting of the noble and majestic Mustang Horse. Also, the name “Comet” has a celestial connotation, which reflects the Mustang Horse’s strength and power.

14. Courage:

“Courage” could be a great name for a Mustang horse, as the breed is known for its bold, independent spirit. This name could represent the horse’s willingness to face challenges and stand up for itself. It could also signify the horse’s strength of character and its ability to stay true to its own nature.

15. Knight

“Knight” can be an appropriate name for a Mustang horse as it evokes images of strength and courage. This can be a fitting name for an animal that is known for its courage and fearlessness in the face of danger. A regal air is also associated with the name, which may reflect the Mustang’s majestic and majestic nature.

16. Brave Heart

“Brave Heart” is an evocative name for a Mustang horse, as it suggests strength and courage. The name implies that the horse is determined and willing to take on any challenge, making it a fitting choice for a horse that is known for its wild behavior and untamed spirit.

17. Warrior

“Warrior” is an outstanding Mustang Horse Name, as it conveys strength, courage, and determination. The name speaks to the spirit of the Mustang Horse and its ability to overcome adversity and excel in difficult situations. A name like Warrior evokes the strength and determination of the Mustang Horse, making it a great choice for a name.

18. Eclipse

Eclipse is a great name for a Mustang Horse as it implies a sense of power, agility, and speed. The name suggests that the horse is a force to be reckoned with, capable of running at great speeds and jumping over obstacles with ease. The name also has a regal connotation, suggesting that the horse is a true king of the equine species.

19. Falcon

“Falcon” could be an excellent name for a Mustang horse as it is a strong and noble bird which could be symbolic of the power and grace of the Mustang. With the majestic bird soaring through the sky, the name could also convey freedom and strength.

20. Zephyr

“Zephyr” is a good name for a Mustang horse because it has a light, airy feel to it, which is fitting for the wild spirit of the Mustang breed. In addition to its strong, bold sound, the name also fits well for a horse that is both powerful and graceful.

Black Mustang Horse Names

Black mustang horse names

Black Mustang horses are wild, untamed horses that roam the American West. They are descendants of the Spanish Colonial horses, which were brought to the Americas by Spanish conquistadors. Black Mustangs often have a strong, stocky build and a sleek black coat.

1. WildFire 

2. Mystic Moon

3. Eclipse

4. Coal

5. Raven

6. Obsidian

7. Ravenwing

8. Onyx

9. Ebony

10. Jet

11. Coal Dust

12. Charcoal

13. Smoke

14. Soot

15. Asphalt

16. Blackwatch

17. Blackjack

18. Blackguard

19. Blackthorn

20. Nightfall

21. Nightshade

22. Nightrider

23. Stormer

24. Mountain Wind

25. Tempest

26. Hurricane

27. Cyclone

28. Shadowfax

29. Ravenclaw

30. Onyxia

31. Jetstream

32. Blackfire

33. Blackheart

34. Blackstone

35. Darkness

36. Darkstar

37. Nightwind

38. Thundercloud

39. Blackhawk

40. Blackmagic

Badass Mustang Horse Names

dusk mustang horse running

A badass mustang horse is a wild horse of North America known for its strength, stamina, and spirit. They are known for their powerful, free-spirited nature, and they symbolize the American West. 

1. Valiant

2. Chief

3. Valiant warrior

4. Maverick

5. Lightning 

6. Freedom

7. Braveheart

8. Rebel

9. Steel

10. Power

11. Cyclone

12. Falcon Flight

13. Avalanche

14. Sunrise Serenade 

15. Renegade

16. Buck

17. Golden Dawn 

18. River Thunder 

19. Charger

20. Riptide

Female Mustang Horse Names

Female mustang horse names

Names for female mustang horses can be chosen to represent your horse’s unique personality. There are many creative, meaningful, and beautiful names to choose from, ranging from classic to modern.

1. Athena

2. Arabella

3. Breeze

4. Cheyenne

5. Destiny

6. Echo

7. Grace

8. Gypsy

9. Harmony

10. Indigo

11. Jasmine

12. Kismet

13. Liberty

14. Mystic

15. Nova

16. Opal

17. Phoenix

18. Quinn

19. Ruby

20. Starlight

21. Talia

22. Unique

23. Valkyrie

24. Whisper

25. Xena

26. Yasmin

27. Zara

28. Amira

29. Athena

30. Belle

31. Clover

32. Daisy

33. Electra

34. Freya

Male Mustang Horse Names

Male Mustang Horse Names

The names of male mustang horses are an important part of the horse’s identity. These names should reflect the spirit and character of the horse and may include popular culture references or signify his strength, courage, and independence.

1. Jet

2. Ace

3. Apollo

4. Thor

5. Bandit

6. Chief

7. Cobalt

8. Dexter

9. Duke

10. Titan

11. Turbo

12. Finn

13. Galaxy

14. Gizmo

15. Gunner

16. Hero

17. Hunter

18. Jester

19. Knight

20. King

21. Legend

22. Maverick

23. Major

24. Odin

25. Zeus

26. Prince

27. Ranger

28. Rambo

29. Rebel

30. Brave Spirit

Wild mustang horse names

Wild mustang horse names

Wild mustangs are horses that roam freely throughout the United States. They are often symbols of freedom and the Wild West and have historically been given unique and meaningful names that reflect their strength and spirit.

1. Stormy

2. Valiant

3. Phoenix

4. Galahad

5. Ace

6. Wildfire

7. Charger

8. Renegade

9. Maverick

10. Cimaronn

11. Koda

12. Rocky

13. Comanche

14. Freedom

15. Scout

16. Starlight Dance

17. Dakota

18. Raven

19. Valiant

20. Wolf Song 

21. Brandy

22. Ransom

23. Misty

24. Sniper

25. Mirage

26. Hero

27. Arrow

28. Apache

29. Reina

30. Ginger

Native American mustang names

Native American mustang horse names are traditionally based on their appearance or personality. The names are often chosen to honor the spirit of the horse and the Native American culture. They are often unique, creative, and meaningful.

1. Cloud Chaser 

2. Thunder Hoof 

3. Spirit Song 

4. Fire Dancer 

5. Raindancer 

6. Wind Walker 

7. Star Gazer 

8. Shadow Dancer 

9. Sacred Heart 

10. Feather Dance 

11. Sun Catcher 

12. Moon Dancer 

13. Wolf Whisperer 

14. Wild Wind 

15. Eagle Feather 

16. Red Blaze 

17. Mystic Mane 

18. Desert Serenade 

19. Coyote Howl 

20. Swift Wind 

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