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Icelandic Horse Names [Inspiration for Every Horse Lover]


by Emily Wolfe


The Icelandic horse is a beautiful and unique breed known for its strength, versatility, and charm. As a proud owner of an Icelandic horse, you want to choose a name that accurately reflects its personality and beauty.

But with so many names to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one.

That’s why we’ve put together this article with creative and inspiring Icelandic horse names ideas to help you choose the perfect name for your horse.

Whether you’re looking for a classic, modern, or quirky name, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your horse.

Let’s take a look at some examples to get you started.

Icelandic Horse Names Ideas

1. Stormy

Icelandic horses are known for their beautiful white coats and gentle personalities, which makes this name perfect for one. It captures the essence of the majestic landscape of this island country.

2. Glóður

This unique name signifies the beauty and radiance of the Icelandic Horse. It is also the perfect name for a horse that loves to gallop through the breathtaking Icelandic countryside.

3. Freyja

Love and beauty are the attributes associated with this Norse goddess. The name is ideal for an Icelandic Horse that embodies elegance and grace.

4. Ljóni

Symbolizing strength and power, this is a strong name. A good fit for an Icelandic Horse that will become a leader in the herd.

5. Gísli

An Icelandic Horse’s coat can be any color, but it always comes in shades of gray, especially around the eyes. This name suggests a horse with a rich coat and intelligent eyes.

6. Víkingur

In Icelandic, Vikingur means “warrior” and is a male Icelandic horse name. This name has a strong, confident connotation and is a great choice for a bold and powerful horse.

7. Glæsir

If you want a horse that is wise and bright, look no further than Glæsir. An Icelandic horse name, it is a good fit for a horse that is smart, bright, and full of life.

8. Íra

This female horse’s name is a combination of the Icelandic words for “ice” and “rain”. An apt horse name for a horse that thrives in cold climates. So, your horse will stay calm and focused in the winter.

9. Kári

Another Icelandic horse name that is perfect for a gentle horse that loves the outdoors. In Icelandic, Kári means “to know” or “to recognize”. A horse name is great for a horse that has a sharp eye and knows how to get what it wants.

10. Blikka

A female horse name from Iceland, Blikka means “blessed” or “happy”. It is an appropriate horse name for a girl who glows with happiness. Suitable for horses that are fast and agile, this name is perfect.

 11. Tölu

A shy and sensitive horse would be well-suited to the name Tölu. It’s very rare for horses to have a toad as their horse name, so it may be very special.

12. Víta

Víta is a good and gentle horse name for a horse that has a calm and gentle nature. It means “victory” and is a great horse name for a racehorse and /or competition Icelandic horse.

13. Brimir

In addition to being a good horse name for shy and sensitive horses, Brimir is also an apt name for strong and powerful horses.

14. Sólveig

Perfect name for an Icelandic horse in a sense of peace, harmony, and happiness. There is no better horse name for gentle and kind horses, or for those that need protection.

15. Þrífugla

An apt horse name for an Icelandic horse who likes to run and play. You can also use it for any running horse. Although Þrífugla is a male horse name, it can be used for fillies too.

16. Gullý

Gullý is a great horse name for a horse that has a lot of personalities, is lively, happy, active, and likes to play. A good horse name for children, or for a horse you wish to bring up well and train as a riding horse.

17. Álfi

The meaning of Álfi is ‘elf’, or ‘elves’. The name is a good one for a horse that is easy to train and ride. It can also be used for a horse that is very easy to handle in ice and rain.

18. Jens

When a horse has a lot of character, Jens is a great horse name. For Icelandic and Danish and Norwegian horses, this is a great name.

19. Bjorn

The Old Norse name Bjorn means “bear” and is a suitable name for an Icelandic horse that is brave, strong, and loyal.

20. Grimsvotn

This name is derived from the Icelandic word for “frightful” and is perfect for a stallion of any color. It is also the name of a famous Icelandic stallion that won many awards in the show ring.

Icelandic Male Horse Names

30 Icelandic Male Horse Names

1. Hrímnir

2. Álfur

3. Einarr

4. Arnar

5. Svartur

6. Eiríkur

7. Grímur

8. Gullfaxi

9. Ísolfur

10. Oddur

11. Freymur

12. Sólarr

13. Bragi

14. Ragnar

15. Óskur

16. Þorri

17. Skjöldur

18. Stormur

19. Hafnir

20. Fjalarr

21. Fríður

22. Glaður

23. Flosi

24. Hrafnkell

25. Þrumur

26. Aski

27. Birkir

28. Askur

29. Jökull

30. Ormur

Icelandic Female Horse Names

List 30 Icelandic Female Horse Names

1. Blómey

2. Folda

3. Díana

4. Birta

5. Blæja

6. Álka

7. Glódís

8. Bríet

9.  Halla

10. Geira 

11. Kolfinna

12. Siff

13. Glora

14. Icy jackson

15. Stormur

16. Svafa

17. Signy

18. Þóra

19. Drífa

20. Þórdís

21. Asa

22. Hrefna

23. Kolfinna

24. Vigga

25. Særún

26. Eir

27. Herborg

28. Eygló

29. Helga

30. Runa

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