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Hamster Names (200+ Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


We know the struggle is real. You’ve just brought home the tiniest, furriest addition to your family – a cute, little hamster. Now, there’s just one teeny-tiny problem. What on earth do you call this precious ball of fluff?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Naming your hamster might seem like a small task, but it’s a big deal. After all, you want a name that captures their personality, charm, and unique quirks. You want a name that feels like a perfect fit, something that makes you smile every time you say it.

But let’s be honest, scrolling through endless lists of hamster names can be overwhelming. Who’s got time for that when you’ve got a pint-sized explorer eagerly waiting for their moniker?

Hamster Names Favorite List

Is It Possible to Change Your Hamster’s Name?

So, you’ve bestowed a name upon your hamster, and for a while, it seemed like the perfect fit. But as days turn into weeks, you can’t help but wonder, “Can I change my hamster’s name?” The answer is a bit like unraveling a mystery, and we’re here to guide you through it.

Why Change a Hamster’s Name?

Before we get into the ‘how,’ let’s ponder the ‘why.’ Why would you consider changing your hamster’s name? Well, it’s a bit like trying on a pair of shoes. Sometimes, you start with one that feels comfy in the store, but as you walk around, you realize it pinches your toes. Similarly, your hamster’s personality may evolve, or the initial name might not resonate anymore.

But Can You Really Change It?

The short answer? Yes! Hamsters are wonderfully adaptable creatures, and they don’t carry the same emotional baggage as us humans when it comes to names. It’s not like your hamster clings to their old name and insists on being called only that.

How to Successfully Change Your Hamster’s Name

Now that we’ve established it’s doable, let’s tackle the ‘how.’ First, consider what prompted the name change. Was it because your hamster has developed new quirks or because the original name simply lost its charm?

Transition Period: Think of it like transitioning to a new job. You don’t walk into the office on day one and expect everyone to call you by your new title. Start by using the old name alongside the new one. Gradually phase out the old name as your hamster responds to the new one.

Positive Reinforcement: Hamsters, like all animals, respond well to positive reinforcement. Use treats and gentle praise when your hamster reacts to their new name. They’ll soon associate it with pleasant experiences.

Consistency is Key: Just like learning a new language, consistency is crucial. Use the new name consistently during interactions, feeding, and playtime.

Be Patient: Changing a name takes time. Your hamster might not respond immediately, but with patience and persistence, they’ll catch on.

Hamster Names (with Meaning)

Are you the proud parent of a pint-sized furball with a penchant for the comical? Well, you’ve stumbled upon the hamster naming extravaganza that will have you in stitches! Dive into our uproarious list of hamster names and let the laughter commence.

1. Bolt 

Choosing Bolt as a name for your hamster is the perfect choice if he or she is always on the move! This name conjures up images of speed and energy, so it’s ideal for a hamster who loves to run around their cage and explore every nook and cranny. And, it’s a great name for any fans of the Disney movie!

2. Nibbles

Hamsters are known for their love of food, and Nibbles is a name that perfectly captures this aspect of their personality. You can name your hamster this if it’s always munching on something, be it carrots or sunflower seeds. Just be prepared to spoil your little Nibbles with plenty of tasty treats!

3. Ziggy

An unconventional and quirky hamster would love this name. The name Ziggy is full of personality and would be perfect for a hamster who likes to do things on his or her own terms. Moreover, it’s a fun name to say and it’s sure to get plenty of attention from anyone who hears it.

4. Squeakers

High-pitched squeaks and chirps are characteristic of hamsters. If your hamster is particularly vocal, then Squeakers is suitable name for them. It’s also a great name for hamsters who love being the center of attention. Whenever you hear a squeak, you’ll know it’s time to give Squeakers some love and affection.

5. Nutmeg

If your hamster has a reddish-brown coat, Nutmeg could be a great name choice. This spice is often used in fall recipes and adds a warm, comforting flavor. It’s also a fun name to say and has a cozy, homey feel to it.

6. Gizmo

You could use this name for a curious, adventurous, and curious hamster. Like the iconic movie character, Gizmo is intelligent, resourceful, and always up for a challenge. Whether it’s climbing up a maze or solving a puzzle, this little guy is always on the go. 

7. Spike

Our favorite hamster name of all time. Hamsters can get along very well with other hamsters, so this name is sure to become one of their best friends. So, what are you waiting for? Give your hamster this cute nickname!

8. Zeb

Zeb is a short form of Zephaniah. This name is appropriate for a very smart, curious hamster that loves to learn new things. This is a nice balance between something cool and scholarly. Therefore, if you have a Zephaniah in your home, you could probably use Zeb as a hamster name as well.

9. Ollie

This awesome hamster name is perfect for your active pet. When it comes to playing games, doing puzzles, and being active, this name will inspire them.Ollie is such an energetic hamster name, it will be the perfect fit.

10. Roxy

 It means “little rooster” which is a playful and adventurous hamster. You should definitely give this name to a playful hamster that likes to climb and explore. The little rooster will love being outside, climbing, and exploring.

Best Hamster Names Ideas List

Hamster Names Ideas List

If you’ve got a jolly little fuzzball with a knack for cracking you up or you simply adore a good chuckle, these funny hamster names are bound to make you smile. From “Sir Squeaks-a-Lot” to “Furry McFurryface,” your hamster will have a moniker that’s as hilarious as they are.

1. Whiskers 

2. Fudge 

3. Peanut .

4. Luna 

5. Biscuit 

6. Squeaky 

7. Ginger 

8. Snowball 

9. Cookie 

10. Toffee 

11. Snickers

12. Cinnamon 

13. Pepper 

14. Oreo 

15. Buttercup 

16. Tater

17. Hazel 

18. Cheddar

19. Midnight 

20. S’mores 

21. Pickles 

22. Figaro 

23. Popcorn 

24. Thumper

25. Marble

26. Pudding 

27. Pebbles 

28. Fuzzy

29. Scrappy 

30. Sparky 

31. Mocha 

32. Caramel 

33. Fluffy

34. Honey

35. Nemo 

36. Mango 

37. Twix

38. Simba 

39. Sassy 

40. Taz 

41. Teddy 

42. Rolo 

43.  Jinx 

44. Pippin 

45. Ruby

46. Skippy 

47. Muffin 

48. Tinkerbell 

49. Zorro 

50. Yoda

Cute Hamster Names

If your heart melts at the sight of adorably fluffy cheeks and tiny paws, then these cute hamster names are perfect for your little ball of fur. From “Twinkle” to “Puddles,” these names are as sweet as a hamster’s whiskers and will make your heart go “aww” every time you say them.

1. Twinkle
2. Poppy
3. Piglet
4. Chubby
5. Pixie
6. Daphne
7. Lulu
8. Cherry
9. Scooter
10. Puddles
11. Bunny
12. Dora
13. Fluffles
14. Peaches
15. Butterscotch
16. Dolly
17. Gigi
18. Fluffy
19. Tilly
20. Sprinkles
21. Daisy
22. Squeaky
23. Buttercup
24. Marshmallow
25. Fuzzy
26. Binky
27. Fuzzball
28. Cuddles
29. Mimi
30. Doodle
31. Tootsie
32. Razzle
33. Snuggles
34. Bonbon
35. Jazzy
36. Gummy
37. Snappy
38. Slinky
39. Kiwi
40. Chirpy
41. Gadget
42. Smarty
43. Niblet
44. Tinker
45. Kitkat
46. Dinky
47. Puff
49. Marshmallow
50. Praline

Funny Hamster Names 

For hamsters that are as classy as they are charming, black and white hamster names add a touch of elegance to their already dapper appearance. Choose from names like “Domino” and “Tuxedo” to give your hamster a timeless and sophisticated identity.

1. Hammie McHamsterface

2. Sir Squeaks-a-Lot

3. Furry McFurryface

4. Mr. Fluffernutter

5. Chunky Cheeks

6. Princess Pipsqueak

7. Muffins McBuns

8. Speedy Gonzales

9. Captain Whiskers

10. Mr. Moo

11. Mr. Wiggles

12. Crinkle Cutlets

13. Bobo

14. Winky

15. Cheese Whiz

16. Beefcake 

17. Cinnamon Bun

18. Porkchop

19. Poppy Puffball

20. Fuzzy Wuzzy

21. Tootsie Roll

22. Scrappy

23. Nutter Butter

24. Mouse

25. Chompers

26. Eggy

27. Noodle Head

28. Ducky

29. Cheeto

30. Flapjack

31. Nutella

32. Pussycat

33. Little Mac

34. Hammy

35. Squiggly

36. Bunnyface

37. Pooky

38. Rotten

39. Celery

40. Ruffles

41. Sassafras

42. Spud

43. Tater Tot

44. Squeal

45. Pogo

46. Wiggle Worm

47. Rocky Road

48. Yogi

49. Zephyr

50. Zorro

Black And White Hamster Names

Black And White Hamster Names

Embrace the purity and innocence of your white hamster with these angelic names. From “Snowy” to “Cloudy,” these names capture the ethereal beauty of your little snowball and will make you feel like you have a tiny angel in your home.

1. Columbo

2. Panda

3. Combo

4. Puff Daddy

5. Wolverine

6. Kooky

7. Domino

8. Chess

9. Checkers

10. Shadow

11. Midnight

12. Onyx

13. Ace

14. Ebony

15. Ivory

16. Zorro

17. Tuxedo

18. Bandit

19. Rocky

20. Marley

21. Dalmatian

22. Stripe

23. Spade

24. Stormy

25. Blizzard

26. Marble

27. Yin

28. Yang

29. Pongo

30. Cruella

31. Oyster

32. Coal

33. Sable

34. Phantom

35. Ghost

36. Arctic

37. Polar

38. Frosty

39. Snowball

40. Powder

41. Vanilla

42. Licorice

43. Caviar

44. Penguin

45. Panda Bear

46. Thunder

47. Lightning

48. Black Jack

49. Iced Tea

50. Magoo

White Hamster Names

For the hamster with a touch of mystique and a dash of sophistication, grey hamster names are the way to go. From “Smoke” to “Greywolf,” these names embody the enigmatic charm of your grey-furred friend.

1. Snowy

2. Cotton

3. Duskfall

4. Pearl

5. Crystal

6. Vanilla

7. Ivory

8. Coconut

9. Angel

10. Diamond

11. Blizzard

12. Frost

13. Sugar

14. Ice

15. Ghost

16. Fluffy Cloud

17. Alba

18. Lily

19.  Nimbus Snow

20. Winter

21. Aspen

22. Daisy

23. Milky

24. Nimbus

25. Opal

26. Platinum

27. Quartz

28. Glimmer

29. Sterling

30. Talc

31. Arctic

32. Bianca

33. Lime

34. Chalky

35. Cremello

36. Egret

37. Frosty

38. Glossy

39. Gossamer

40. Moonstone

41. Whiteou

42. Stardust

43. Snowcap

44. Powderpuff

45. Cloudy

46. Silver

47. Waterfall

48.  Moonbeam

49. Cloudburst

50. Ocean

Grey Hamster Names 

Give your boy hamster a name that suits his personality and makes him feel like the king of his castle. From “Max” to “Legolas,” these names are masculine, strong, and full of character.

1. Smoke

2. Shaddy

3. Ash

4. Silver fox

5. Misty

6. Stormy

7. Mr Gray

8. Steel

9. Slate

10. Zinc

11. Graphite

12. Pewter

13. Grizzle

14. Charcoal

15. Dawn 

16. Flint

17. Granite

18. Titanium

19. Mercury

20. Griselda

21. Gracie

22. Granger

23. Greyson

24. Greyjoy

25. Greta

26. Gretel

27. Grendel

28. Starlit

29. Grizzly

30. Griswold

31. Greyhound

32. Greybeard

33. Greywind

34. Gandalf

35. Gandalf the Grey

36. Greylock

37. Greyback

38. Greyling

39. Greymane

40. Greyfox

41. Greyfrost

42. Greyhawk

43. Greyheart

44. Greywaren

45. Greywater

46. Greywolf

47. Greywing

48. Greybeak

49. Greyfeather

50. Greytail

Male Hamster Name

For your sassy, sweet, and utterly fabulous girl hamster, these female hamster names are the perfect fit. Choose from “Princess Luna” to “Isobel” to make your little lady feel like the queen she is.

1. Max

2. Rocky

3. Charlie

4. Buddy

5. Rusty

6. Leo

7. Gollum

8. Simon

9. Satchmo

10. Sammy

11. Dexter

12. Joe

13. Pete

14. Flipper

15. Loki

16. Hank

17. Jasper

18. Winston

19. Oliver

20. Oscar

21. Felix

22. Tim

23. Garfield

24. Sylvester

25. Boromir

26. Mittens

27. Boots

28. Legolas

29.  Samwise

30. Joey

31. Mickey

32. Donald

33. Goofy

34. Pluto

35. Snoopy

36. Scooby

37. Shaggy

38. Fred

39. Barney

40. George

41. Jerry

42. Tom

43. Bugs

44. Daffy

45. Elmer

46. Foghorn

47. Wile E.

48. Roadrunner

49. Jabba

50. Sylvester

Female Hamster Names

If your hamster is one-of-a-kind and deserves a name that’s just as special, then these unique hamster names are your go-to. From “Quicksilver” to “Chrysoprase,” these names are as rare and precious as your furry friend.

1. Angelina

2. Pinkie Pie

3. Princess Luna

4. Sadie

5. Savannah

6. Sophie

7. Stella

8. Candy

9. Honey Bunny

10. Sweetie

11. Bunny Sue

12. Dottie

13. Nellie

14. Kippy

15. Nelly

16. Ellie

17. Kitty

18. Mina

19. Minnie

20. Molly

21. Sally

22. Lisa

23. Millie

24. Miss Piggy

25. Patty

26. Zoe 

27. Fifi

28. Alice

29. Bestie

30. Carol

31. Debbie

32. Dorothy

33. Doris

34. Edna

35. Ella

36. Ethel

37. Elsie

38. Emma

39. Fanny

40. Fay

41. Florence

42. Gloria

43. Tilly

44. Harriet

45. Isobel

46. Judy

47. Kate

48. Kathleen

49. Kit

50. Laura

Unique Hamster Names

If you’re still searching for the ultimate name that will make your hamster truly shine, look no further than our best hamster names ideas list. These names have been handpicked to ensure your hamster stands out in the crowd.

1. Ann

2. Alfie

3. Dudley

4. Clem

5. Mike

6. Dwayne

7. Penny

8. Phil

9. Richard

10. Samantha

11. Chauncey

12. Fosse

13. George

14. Giselle

15. Grady

16. Hattie

17. Henry

18. Isadore

19. Beth

20. Hannah

21. Jessie

22. Lucy

23. Junebug

24. Susan

25. Lina

26. Lucien

27. Maxine

28. Melan

29. Sarah

30. Jessica

31. Quicksilver

32. Rosco

33. Tango

34. Umber

35. Atalanta

36. Iolaus

37. Xander

38. Minerva

39. Phoebus

40. Lapis Lazuli

41. Peridot

42. Chestnut

43. Obsidian

44. Ember

45. Malachite

46. Gobstopper

47. Chrysoprase

48. Jazzy

49. Koda

50. Lenny

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