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Black Bunny Names (300+ Charming Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


Naming your new pet can be as challenging as catching them when they decide to explore under your bed. Trust me, your bunny deserves a name that’s as unique and delightful as they are. Well, hop right in because we’ve got a list that’s going to end your naming woes.

From whimsical to classy, funny to mysterious, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to the name game struggle and hello to the perfect name for your black-coated hopper.

Black Bunny Names Favorite List

What is the symbolism behind Black Bunnies?

Symbolism can be found in various aspects of our lives, and one intriguing example is the symbolism behind black bunnies.

These fluffy creatures have captured our imagination and are often associated with a range of meanings.

Let’s explore the symbolism behind black bunnies and uncover their hidden significance.

Mystery of Darkness:

Black bunnies, with their dark fur, often symbolize mystery and the unknown.

Just as the night sky conceals secrets, black bunnies embody a sense of intrigue and enigma.

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the shadows? Black bunnies invite us to explore the depths of our curiosity.

Power of Transformation:

Black is often associated with transformation and change.

In many cultures, black bunnies are believed to possess the ability to bring about positive transformations in one’s life.

Like the caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, black bunnies remind us of the potential for growth and personal evolution.

Symbol of Luck:

Does luck favor those who cross paths with black bunnies?

Just as a four-leaf clover is seen as a symbol of good fortune, black bunnies have long been associated with luck and prosperity in folklore.

Imagine stumbling upon a black bunny on a sunny day – would you consider it a stroke of luck or mere coincidence?

Contrasts of Yin and Yang:

Black bunnies can also represent the concept of duality, reflecting the balance between opposing forces.

Like the yin and yang symbol, black bunnies embody the harmony of light and dark, good and evil, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Have you ever pondered the delicate equilibrium between opposing forces in the world? Black bunnies serve as a gentle reminder of this delicate balance.

Symbol of Protection:

Some believe that black bunnies possess protective qualities, guarding against negative energies and evil spirits.

Just as a talisman can provide a sense of security, black bunnies are thought to offer protection and ward off harm.

Can the presence of a black bunny bring you a sense of comfort and reassurance?

Black Bunny Names (with Meaning)

Dig into our treasure trove of whimsical, adorable, and even hilariously extra black bunny names that would make even Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, proud. Let’s hop down this bunny hole together!

1. Panther

If you’re looking for a fierce name for your black bunny, Panther is the way to go. Panthers are known for their strength, agility, and speed, which are all traits that bunnies share. Especially for bunnies who love to play and run, this name is a great choice.
2. Blaze

Blaze is a sweet, energetic name that also carries some of the qualities of the wildcats. Like a jaguar, a blaze is a strong, courageous, and agile cat that can travel long distances on its own. For a black rabbit, this is a great name because it describes how he likes to explore.

3. Black Velvet

With a soft, silky coat and long legs, Black Velvet is an apropriate name for a black rabbit. With this name, you’re telling people what kind of personality your bunny has: soft, yet protective. Black velvet is a classic name that will be used again and again.

4. Black Shadow

Black Shadow combines some of the characteristics of the other names, but it also incorporates the shadow that falls over every dark place. This name is one of the most mysterious, mysterious, and intriguing names for black rabbits.

5. Mink

Your black rabbit’s playful, friendly personality is described by the name Mink. People think mink look cute when they are first born, so when they grow up, they become really strong and have sharp teeth. This name is suitable if your black rabbit loves to explore.

6. Sable

Generally, rabbit fur with a black hue is called sable. Your black rabbit will love this name because sables are known for their beauty, strength, and grace. So, if your black rabbit is like this, he or she will be very attractive.

7. Black Cloud

Your rabbit’s black hue makes him or her look like a black cloud, which is another great name for your rabbit. When your rabbit is in a good mood, his or her fur looks so shiny, and your black rabbit will seem like a black cloud. If you want to name your rabbit, this is a nice name for him or her.

8. Katsura

Japanese people call the Katsura tree a beautiful tree with smooth bark. When this name is used for a black rabbit, the result is an attractive, strong, and elegant rabbit. Hence, if your black rabbit is like this, he or she will be very beautiful.

9. Mocha

The word mocha means coffee. So, your black rabbit is a mocha. Because of his or her black appearance, your black rabbit seems like coffee beans. In addition, the black color of your rabbit makes him or her look cool.

10. Noir

Noir is a French word that means “black.” It’s a name that’s both elegant and sophisticated, ideal for those bunnies that have a refined taste. Moreover, it’s a short and simple name that’s easy to say and remember. So, if you’re looking for a name that’s both classic and classy, Noir might just be the perfect fit for your black bunny.

Best Black Bunny Names Ideas List

Black Bunny Names Ideas List

Say goodbye to the boring “Blackie” or “Midnight.” Here, we’ve compiled a list that leaps beyond the conventional, offering you names that ooze pizzazz and style. If your bunny is a classy chap or a rebel without a cause, you’ll find something that suits your furry companion to a T!

1. Barry

2. Shadow

3. Eclipse

4. Onyx

5. Jet

6. Raven

7. Coal

8. Bobby

9. Garnet

10. Ebony

11. Ink

12. Licorice

13. Ace

14. Zorro

15. Panther

16. Caviar

17. Vesper

18. Nightshade

19. Salem

20. Spade

21. Domino

22. Batman

23. Dagger

24. Thunder

25. Tempest

26. Diablo

27. Tar

28. Magic

29. Phantom

30. Tuxedo

31. Wizard

32. Ace of Spades

33. Blackie

34. Carbon

35. Crow

36. Darko

37. Dusk

38. Falcon

39. Frost

40. Citrine

41. Iron

42. Jaguar

43. Knight

44. Obsidian

45. Onyxia

46. Pepper

47. Reaper

48. Shady

49. Smoke

50. Stealth

Funny Black Bunny Names

Who says you can’t mix humor with adorability? Naming your bunny something quirky isn’t just for laughs; it’s a lifestyle choice!

Our list of funny names is sure to bring a smile to anyone who meets your furry friend. From “Bunny-a-gogo” to “Blackout,” these names are paw-sitively hilarious.

1. Bunny-a-gogo

2. Chunky Chica

3. Bunny-toobie-bob

4. Bunny-tobusy-busy

5. Bunnies, they’re so sweet

6. Chomp-a-chomp-a-chomp

7. Cute, little bunnies

8. Dinky-dink-dink

9. Ditty-ditty

10. Don’t be naughty, please

11. Do-do

12. Dumpty-dumptious

13. Easter egg hunt

14. Chipper

15. Dippy Dipper

16. Elmer the Glue-Eyed Bunny

17. Funky Frog

18. Gizmo

19. Gizzy

20. Salem
21. Hocus
22. Pocus
23. The Count
24. Dracula
25. Spike
26. Fang
27. Gloom
28. Doom
29. Grim
30. Reaper
31. Banshee
32. Phantom
33. Ghost
34. Casper
35. Slimer
36. Boo-Boo
37. Ametrine
38. Wraith
39. Blackout
40. Inky
41. Evil Spirit
42. Broomstick
43. Licorice Twist
44. Blackberry
45. Black Jack
46. Blackjack
47. Black Pearl
48. Black Knight
49. Black Magic
50. Black Velvet

Male Black Bunny Names 

Your little black buck deserves a name as dashing as he is. Whether he’s a “Bullet” racing around your home or a “Zeus” ruling his tiny kingdom, we’ve got you covered.

Give your man-bun the name he deserves; the one that says, “I’m not just another cute face.”

1. Earl 

2. Atlas 

3. Ares 

4. Bullet

5. Flash 

6.  Leo 

7. Thunder 

8. Jacky  

9. Apollo 

10. Remington  

11. Titan 

12. Atlas 

13. Orion 

14. Banshee

15. Thor 

16. Odin 

17. Loki 

18. Wildfire 

19. Samson  

20. Ace 

21. Blaze 

22. Bolt 

23. Bullet 

24. Dash 

25. Flash 

26.  Maverick  

27. Jax 

28. Diesel 

29. Maverick 

30. Ninja 

31. Rambo 

32. Rascal 

33. Rebel 

34. Remington 

35. Rocky 

36. Rocco 

37. Samson 

38. Simba 

39. Spike 

40. Tank 

41. Taz 

42. Thor 

43. Thunder 

44. Titan 

45. Vader 

46. Wildfire 

47. Wolf 

48. Zeus 

49. Jazz

50. Ziggy

Female Black Bunny Names

Does your doe have a personality as striking as her beautiful black coat? From the sultry “Vixen” to the mystical “Zatanna,” our list of female black bunny names celebrates the uniqueness of each and every lady bun out there. Make her name as memorable as she is!

1. Bindi

2. Nia

3. Spruce

4. Zuri

5. Zatanna 

6. Luna

7. Kiki

8. Jazzy

9. Ruby

10. Kizzy

11. Tia

12. Olive

13. Vixen

14. Zoe

15. Cleo

16. Kenya

17. Bambi

18. Chica

19. Coco

20. Tilly

21. Roxy

22. Nala

23. Kali

24. Simmy

25. Tessa

26. Naya

27. Sassy

28. Phoenix

29. Raven

30. Sasha

31. Noni

32. Tisha

33. Chyna

34. Jada

35. Kiana

36. Mimi

37. Aaliyah

38. Amirah

39. Aniya

40. Ayana

41. Damali

42. Farrah

43. Imani

44. Jamila

45. Kaiya

46. Kamilah

47. Laila

48. Malia

49. Naima

50. Zaria

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