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Disney Inspired Hamster Names (200+ Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


Hey there, Disney aficionados and hamster enthusiasts! Ever wondered what Simba would look like if he was the size of a tennis ball and loved to run on a wheel?

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got a list of Disney-inspired hamster names so magical, that even Tinkerbell would be jealous.

So grab your pixie dust and let’s dive into the ultimate naming ceremony for your furry little friend.

Disney Inspired Hamster Names Favorite List

How Can You Choose the Right Disney Name to Match Your Hamster’s Personality?

Choosing the perfect Disney-inspired name for your hamster isn’t just about picking your favorite character. It’s about capturing the essence of your hamster’s unique personality. So, how can you make sure the name you choose is a perfect fit? Let’s break it down:

Observe Your Hamster’s Behavior

Just like you wouldn’t name a shy child “Buzz Lightyear,” you shouldn’t name a timid hamster “Simba.” Spend some time observing your hamster’s behavior. Is it adventurous? Shy? Mischievous?

Example: If your hamster loves to explore and seems fearless, names like “Simba” or “Buzz” could be a great fit. On the other hand, if your hamster is more reserved and likes to hide, perhaps “Bashful” would be more appropriate.

Consider Physical Traits

Sometimes, a name just clicks when you consider your hamster’s physical features. Got a hamster with big, floppy ears? You know what we’re getting at!

Example: A hamster with big ears might suit the name “Dumbo,” while a hamster with strikingly beautiful fur might be your little “Ariel.”

Think About Your Favorite Disney Movies

Your hamster is a part of your family, so why not consider your own Disney preferences? After all, you’ll be the one calling out this name every day.

Example: If “Beauty and the Beast” holds a special place in your heart, names like “Belle” or “Beast” could add a personal touch.

Test the Name Out Loud

Ever thought a name sounded great in your head but just didn’t feel right when you said it out loud? Exactly.

Example: Try calling out the name as if you’re calling your hamster for dinner. Does it roll off the tongue? Does it make you smile? If yes, you’re on the right track!

Keep it Simple

Hamsters are quick learners, but they’re not spelling bee champions. A name that’s easy to say and remember will make your life—and your hamster’s—a lot easier.

Example: While “Rapunzel” might be a fun name, it’s a bit of a mouthful. Maybe “Punzie” would be easier for your hamster to recognize.

Disney Inspired Hamster Names (with Meaning)

Ready to sprinkle some Disney magic into your hamster’s life? From the adventurous Simba to the mischievous Stitch, we’ve got names that’ll make your hamster’s cage feel like a mini Disneyland.

1. Simba 

Inspired by the Lion King, this name is perfect for a hamster that’s full of energy and loves to explore. Just like Simba, your hamster will be the king or queen of their cage. Furthermore, with their cute little roly-poly bodies, they’ll look just like a mini version of the iconic lion.

2. Cinderella 

If your hamster loves to run around and play, this name is good. Cinderella was always on the move, whether she was cleaning the house or trying to make it to the ball on time. Your hamster will be just as active and playful, and with their cute little paws, they’ll look like they’re always ready for a royal dance.

3. Dumbo

With their big floppy ears and adorable little faces, hamsters are already pretty darn cute. But if you name yours after the lovable elephant from Dumbo, they’ll be even more adorable. Your little Dumbo will be the perfect companion, always ready to snuggle up and listen to your stories.

4. Mickey

Mickey is a little mouse who loved to dance. He’s always happy, he’s full of fun, and he’s very popular. Why wouldn’t your hamster love to be named after him? If they’re small enough, you can easily stuff them into a plastic glove. In case that doesn’t work out, you can get them a Mickey Mouse hamster carrier. They’ll be the happiest hamster around.

5. Tinkerbell

This name comes from the classic Disney movie Peter Pan and is perfect for a spunky and mischievous hamster. Tinkerbell is a sassy little fairy who always knows how to get what she wants, and your hamster can be just like her. Also, it’s a fun name to say and will always bring a smile to your face.

6. Buzz

As a hamster with a bold and adventurous personality, Buzz is a great name inspired by Toy Story. Your little hamster may love to explore new things and always be eager to take on new challenges. Moreover, with those little paws and big ears, your hamster will definitely be ready to take flight!

7. Prince Charming

You may not have heard of this one, but it’s definitely a great choice for a hamster! Hamsters are often associated with girls, but don’t let that fool you! Prince Charming is a great choice for a hamster who likes to make people laugh. It’s also a nice fit for an outgoing hamster who enjoys playing with others.

8. Tango

Adding a funky theme to the name Tango makes it even more fun. Hamsters love to be active, so Tango is the perfect name for an adventurous hamster. He or she will have fun bouncing through the cage, running all over the house, and exploring every inch of their house.

9. Olaf the Hamster

In honor of the beloved snowman from Frozen, this name was chosen. With its fluffy white fur, your hamster will look just like Olaf himself! And just like Olaf, your hamster will be playful, curious, and always up for an adventure.

10. Stitch 

Is your hamster a bit of a troublemaker, but still lovable all the same? Then Stitch, the mischievous but ultimately kind-hearted character from Lilo and Stitch, could be the perfect name. Additionally, like Stitch, your hamster will be funny, loving, and full of personality.

Cute Disney Hamster Names Ideas List

Disney Hamster Names Ideas List

Who says cuteness is just for animated characters? These names are so adorable, they’ll make your hamster the next big Disney star. Move over, Mickey; there’s a new icon in town.

1. Minnie

2. Dorothy

3. Daisy

4. Donald

5. Toto

6. Goofy

7. Chip

8. Dale

9. Scrooge

10. Huey

11. Dewey

12. Flik

13. Clarabelle

14. Horace

15. Mortimer

16. Oswald

17. Figaro

18. Jaq

19. Gus

20. Lucifer

21. Shrek

22. Peter

23. Wendy

24. John

25. Michael

26. Nana

27. Captain

28. Smee

29. Tick-Tock

30. Lady

31. Tramp

32. Jock

33. Trusty

34. Si

35. Am

36. Dopey

37. Winnie the Pooh

38. Grumpy

39. Bashful

40. Doc

41. Sneezy

42. Sleepy

43. Winnie

44. Eeyore

45. Piglet

46. Bolt

47. Roo

48. Tigger

49. Rabbit

50. Christopher

51. Squirt

52. Gopher

53. Bernard

54. Bianca

55. Evinrude

56. Orville

57. Aladdin

58. Jasmine

59. Paddington Bear

60. Carpet

61. Genie

62. Iago

63. Jafar

64. Rajah

65. Simba

66. Nala

67. Timon

68. Pumbaa

69. Rafiki

70. Scar

71. Zazu

72. Ariel

73. Sebastian

74. Flounder

75. Scuttle

76. Ursula

77. Eric

78. Harry Potter

79. Beast

80. Lumiere

81. Cogsworth

82. Mrs. Potts

83. Kumi

84. Maurice

85. Gaston

86. Peter Pan

87. Prince

88. Fairy

89. Godmother

90. Jaq

91. Jingle

92. Howdy

93. Mulan

94. Mushu

95. Shang

96. Cri-Kee

97. Shan Yu

98. Tiana

99. Naveen

100. Dexter

Famous Disney Inspired Hamster Names

Ready to give your hamster a name that’s as iconic as they are? Forget the ordinary; we’re talking about names that have graced the big screen, rocked the music charts, and even made history. From Hollywood stars to legendary figures, here’s a list of over famous-inspired names that will make your hamster the talk of the town—or at least the talk of the cage.

  1. Elvis
  2. Marilyn
  3. Bowie
  4. Cleopatra
  5. Shakespeare
  6. Einstein
  7. Beyoncé
  8. Madonna
  9. Chaplin
  10. Oprah
  11. Hemingway
  12. Picasso
  13. Frida
  14. Galileo
  15. Tesla
  16. Serena
  17. Jordan
  18. Kobe
  19. Lennon
  20. Jagger
  21. Hendrix
  22. Sinatra
  23. Armstrong
  24. Brando
  25. Hepburn
  26. Gatsby
  27. Socrates
  28. Plato
  29. DaVinci
  30. Mozart
  31. Beethoven
  32. Churchill
  33. Lincoln
  34. Kennedy
  35. Monroe
  36. Houdini
  37. Spartacus
  38. Caesar
  39. Napoleon
  40. Cleo (short for Cleopatra)
  41. Athena
  42. Zeus
  43. Thor
  44. Odin
  45. Hercules
  46. Venus
  47. Apollo
  48. Diana
  49. Coco (as in Chanel)
  50. Banksy
  51. Warhol
  52. Freud
  53. Darwin
  54. Hawking
  55. Curie

Unique Disney Inspired Hamster Names

We’ve curated a list of over 50 unique Disney-inspired hamster names that will make your little furball the talk of the hamster world. From classic characters to modern heroes, we’ve got a name that will add a sprinkle of Disney magic to your hamster’s life.

  1. SimbaPaws
  2. CinderFluff
  3. DumboEars
  4. MickeySqueak
  5. TinkerFur
  6. BuzzPaws
  7. PrinceWhiskers
  8. TangoTail
  9. OlafFluff
  10. StitchMischief
  11. MinnieMunch
  12. DaisyDash
  13. DonaldDrift
  14. GoofyGlide
  15. ChipChomp
  16. DaleDash
  17. ScroogeSniff
  18. HueyHopper
  19. DeweyDart
  20. FlikFlicker
  21. ClarabelleCuddle
  22. HoraceHustle
  23. MortimerMunch
  24. OswaldOgle
  25. FigaroFidget
  26. JaqJog
  27. GusGlide
  28. LuciferLurk
  29. ShrekShuffle
  30. PeterPounce
  31. WendyWhisker
  32. JohnJolt
  33. MichaelMosey
  34. NanaNibble
  35. CaptainClimb
  36. SmeeScurry
  37. Tick-TockTwitch
  38. LadyLounge
  39. TrampTrot
  40. JockJump
  41. TrustyTumble
  42. SiSprint
  43. AmAmble
  44. DopeyDawdle
  45. PoohPaddle
  46. GrumpyGrouch
  47. BashfulBounce
  48. DocDash
  49. SneezySniff
  50. SleepySnooze
  51. EeyoreEase
  52. PigletPitterPatter
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