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Hamster Names Beginning With H (200+ Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


Naming your hamster is a big deal; it’s like the cherry on top of the sundae of pet ownership. You want something unique but not too outlandish, something that captures their personality, and let’s be honest, you also want your friends to go, ‘Wow, that’s a cool name’ when you tell them.

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled an epic list of hamster names that all start with the letter ‘H.’ From the heroic ‘Hercules’ to the hilarious ‘Hamsterfart,’ we’ve got something for every type of hamster personality.

So, let’s dive in and find that perfect ‘H’ name that makes you and your tiny furball happy.

Hamster Names Beginning With H Favorite List

Hamster Names Beginning With H (with Meaning)

Ready to name your hamster something that starts with an ‘H’? We’ve got a list that’s hotter than a hamster on a wheel! Dive in to find the perfect name that not only sounds cool but also tells a story about your little fur buddy.

1. Hamlet 

A hamster who enjoys exploring and going on adventures would love this name. Hamlet is a nod to the famous Shakespearean play, which is all about exploring the unknown. Your little one will love Hamlet if they are always on the go and always discovering new things.

2. Hazel

If your hamster has beautiful golden-brown fur, then Hazel is the perfect name for them. This name not only describes their coloring but also gives them a sweet and gentle vibe. It is a calming and soothing name, which is suitable for a hamster who loves to snuggle up in their little hideaway.

3. Hercules 

Is your hamster a little powerhouse? Do they love to run on their wheel and climb all over their cage? Their name should be Hercules if that is the case. Strong, fearless, and always ready for a challenge, this name suits a strong, fearless hamster.

4. Honey 

Are you a honey lover? If so, you will love this name for your hamster! Honey is another one of those names that describe so much about a hamsters personality, from their sweetness to their hardiness. They are sweet and friendly and are sure to make a wonderful hamster pet.

5. Harry 

You can name your hamster Harry if you’re a fan of Harry Potter books. Not only is it a nod to the famous wizard, but it’s also a cute and playful name for a hamster. Hamsters like Harry are always game for a little bit of mischief and play tricks when they are with their owners.

6. Houdini

Use Houdini’s code name if you want some creative inspiration for your hamster’s name. He was so named because of his genius at escaping from tight places and he has been known to escape right out of his cage! His owner gave him this amazing name and Houdini has made it his own.

7. Hank

Hank the hamster may be small in size, but he is big on personality. He enjoys nothing more than being chased around his cage by his owner. Hamsters who are as happy as Hank have an incredible way of making their owners smile.

8. Hugo

A fun-loving hamster named Hugo enjoys playing hide and seek with his owner. He also likes to use his favorite toy to entertain himself. If you call your hamster Hugo, he will be sure to return the favor and entertain you with his own special brand of hamster tricks.

9. Harley

If you wanted a funny pet then Harley would be perfect. Hamsters are generally pretty funny animals and Harley is definitely one of them. He is playful and likes to have fun, which is good because his owners keep things interesting for him.

 10. Humphrey 

For hamsters who are a little bit more on the regal side, Humphrey is a name that exudes sophistication and class. This name is a great way to give your hamster a sense of elegance and refinement, and it’s a name that’s sure to impress all of your friends.

Funny Hamster Names Beginning With H Ideas List

Hamster Names Beginning With H Ideas List

Who says naming your hamster has to be a serious affair? If you’re looking for names that will make you chuckle every time you call your pet, you’ve hit the jackpot! Get ready to LOL with our list of hilarious hamster names that start with ‘H.

  1. Hamsterdam
  2. HamSolo
  3. Hamborghini
  4. Hambo
  5. Hamchovy
  6. Hamtastic
  7. Hambone
  8. Hamwise Gamgee
  9. Hamuel L. Jackson
  10. Hamlock Holmes
  11. Hammy Potter
  12. Hamakin Skywalker
  13. Ham Solo
  14. Hamuel Adams
  15. Hamnibal Lecter
  16. Hamtaro
  17. Hamalot
  18. Hamageddon
  19. Hamtilda
  20. Hamlet Omelette
  21. Hamurai
  22. Hamnesia
  23. Hamnado
  24. Hamalicious
  25. Hamerica
  26. Hamtropolis
  27. Hamnesia
  28. Hamnivore
  29. Hamtastrophe
  30. Hamnesia
  31. Hamnibal
  32. Hamletto
  33. Hamnado
  34. Hamurai Jack
  35. Hamnado
  36. Ham Solo
  37. Hamwise
  38. Hamageddon
  39. Ham Solo
  40. Hamnado
  41. Hamurai
  42. Ham Solo
  43. Hamwise
  44. Hamageddon
  45. Ham Solo
  46. Hamnado
  47. Hamurai
  48. Ham Solo
  49. Hamwise
  50. Hamageddon
  51. Ham Solo
  52. Hamnado
  53. Hamurai

Male Hamster Names Beginning With H 

Hey, macho hamster dads! Want a name that’s as manly as your tiny furball? Look no further! We’ve got a list of male hamster names that are so cool, they’ll make your hamster strut.

1. Henry

2. Husky

3. Hector

4. Harvey

5. Hunter

6. Horace

7. Harrison

8. Hayden

9. Heath

10. Hamilton

11. Hagrid

12. Huxley

13. Howie

14. Hanky

15. Hansel

16. Ham

17. Hagrid

18. Hamlet

19. Hermie

20. Hendrix

21. Hobbes

22. Hotch

23. Hoppy

24. Hopper

25. Hooper

26. Helsinki

27. Harlow

28. Haze

29. Hanzo

30. Hobson

31. Hullo

32. Hugh

33. Harlan

34. Harbor

35. Hayes

36. Harpo

37. Hero

38. Halo

39. Hamish

40. Huckleberry

41. Huckle

42. Hobbit

43. Harrier

44. Harvy

45. Harlequin

46. Huxtable

47. Helix

48. Handle

49. Hemi

50. Hux

Female Hamster Names Beginning With H

Calling all the sassy hamster moms out there! Want a name that’s as fabulous as your female hamster? We’ve got a list that’s so chic, it’s the ‘haute couture’ of hamster names.

1. Hanivel

2. Hattie

3. Hanika

4. Hannah

5. Hannal

6. Hansie

7. Heidi

8. Harmony

9. Hilda

10. Harriet

11. Hania

12. Halley

13. Haven

14. Hera

15. Henna

16. Hanes

17. Hamal

18. Hamsterfart

19. Holly

20. Hope

21. Hoshi

22. Heather

23. Hedy

24. Handbag

25. Hermione

26. Hikaru

27. Hila

28. Hilda

29. Hina

30. Hinda

31. Hipsy

32. Hanoi

33. Hitomi

34. Hiyori

35. Hoku

36. Holly

37. Honesty

38. Hamish

39. Helga

40. Hedwig

41. Hebe

42. Hula

43. Huntress

44. Hurricane

45. Hallie

46. Hydra

47. Hyper

48. Hypnotic

49. Hypatia

50. Hypo

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