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Arabian Horse Names (200+ Unique Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


The Arabian horse is one of the oldest and most iconic breeds of horses in the world. Known for their beauty, intelligence, and loyalty, these majestic animals have been praised and celebrated for centuries.

One of the hallmarks of the Arabian horse is its unique and often exotic-sounding name. Arabian horse names often evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue, and there are a variety of naming styles from which to choose.

From poetic and romantic to noble and powerful, each name has its special meaning and connection to a rich heritage. In this article, we will explore the history and meaning behind some of the most popular Arabian horse names, as well as provide some helpful tips on how to pick the perfect name for your horse.

Arabian Horse Names Favorite List

What is the Cultural Significance of Big Horse Names?

Understanding the Tradition: Big horse names often carry a rich cultural heritage. For instance, Sabino horse names reflect a specific coat pattern and are deeply rooted in equine history. How do these names connect us to our past? They serve as a link to traditions, breeding practices, and even mythologies.

A Connection to Identity: Ever wondered why the name “Arabian horse Aisha” sounds so elegant? Arabian horse names like Aisha often carry meanings that resonate with the horse’s characteristics or owner’s aspirations.

These names are more than mere labels; they embody the horse’s identity and symbolize the bond between the horse and its owner.

Historical Perspective: Delving into Arabian horse history, one can find fascinating stories behind the names. What’s in a name? In the case of Arabian horses, names often narrate tales of battles, love, and honor. They preserve the legacy of a breed that has influenced many others.

Cultural Reflection: Big horse names are not just random selections; they mirror the culture and values of a society.

Why do some cultures prefer certain names over others? Names like Sabino or Aisha reflect cultural aesthetics, religious beliefs, or societal norms, making them a fascinating study in anthropology.

Influence on Literature and Arts: From ancient epics to modern novels, big horse names have been a source of inspiration. How have these names shaped our literature and arts? They symbolize various themes such as strength, freedom, and grace, and have been immortalized in paintings, sculptures, and literary works.

Practical Implications in Training: Believe it or not, a big horse’s name can influence its training. How does a name affect a horse’s behavior?

Certain names might resonate with commands or cues used in training, making the process smoother. It’s a subtle yet intriguing aspect of equine psychology.

A Global Phenomenon: The practice of naming big horses is not confined to one region or culture. From Sabino horse names in the West to unique Arabian names in the East, this tradition transcends geographical boundaries.

What does this tell us about humanity? It reflects a universal appreciation for beauty, strength, and grace that big horses symbolize.

Arabian Horse Names With Meaning

1. Sadeem (Gentle Breeze): This name was inspired by the cooling breeze of the desert, which is a great representation of the agility and speed of the Arabian horse. This name is associated with grace, agility, and power, as well as a strong connection to the elements.

This name reflects the horse’s ability to move swiftly and gracefully, like a gentle breeze. Arabian horses are known for their strength, endurance, and intelligence, and the name Sadeem reflects these traits. 

2. Al-Hadi (The Guide): A horse with this identification is usually considered as signifying with the guidance and leadership of the Arabian horse. It is thought to be a symbol of guidance and protection and is believed to help the horse lead its riders and owners in the right direction. 

3. Ryshana (Sweet Song): It is the connotation of the beautiful sound of the Arabian horse’s trot. The name refers to the sweet and calming song of birds, which can be soothing. It is a great name for a horse that is gentle, light on its feet and has a pleasing personality. The history of this name is rooted in Arabian culture, where horses were seen as a symbol of beauty and harmony. 

4. Shahir (Famous): Shahir is an Arabian horse name meaning “famous”. It reflects the horse’s ability to draw attention and admiration from those around them. Arabian horses are known for their beauty and strength, and the name Shahir reflects these traits. 

5. Naazir (Protector): The name characterizes the protection and loyalty of the Arabian horse. It is thought to represent the horse’s ability to protect its riders and owners in times of need. 

6. Almubarak (The Blessed): Comprehended with luck and prosperity. It is believed to represent the horse’s ability to bring good luck and fortune to its riders and owners. It is a great name for a horse that is sure-footed and reliable, and that brings luck and good fortune to its owner. 

7. Fazil (Excellence): This name is the enlightenment of the excellence and quality of the Arabian horse. It is believed to represent the horse’s ability to perform and excel in any situation. It reflects the horse’s ability to perform exceptionally well in any situation.

8. Omaar (Life): This name portrays the vitality and energy of the Arabian horse. It is thought to represent the horse’s ability to bring life and joy to its riders and owners. 

9. Al-Barr (The Good): This title is ordinarily interpreted as denoting the benevolence and kindness of the Arabian horse. It is thought to represent the horse’s ability to bring joy and happiness to its riders and owners. 

10. Zamaal (Success): This alias is normally comprehended as illustrating the success and triumph of the Arabian horse. It is believed to represent the horse’s ability to bring success and glory to its riders and owners.

11. Jamil (Beautiful): This Arabic word is derived from the root word Jamala which means to be beautiful. Jamil is commonly used to describe horses that have attractive physical characteristics and a regal temperament. A horse with a Jamil name is often associated with grace and strength. It is also often seen as a sign of good luck, as Jamil’s name is often associated with good fortune.

12. Ghassan (Graceful): This name translates to “graceful” and is associated with horses that are graceful, strong, and elegant. This designation is habitually thought of as epitomizing the ideal noble and majestic steed. This name is also used to refer to a horse that is well-mannered and obedient.

13. Al-Faris  (The Knight): This is a common Arabic name for a horse that translates to “the knight”. It is associated with courage, honor, and strength. This nomenclature for a horse is ordinarily construed as implying a noble steed, one that will faithfully serve its master.

14. Akilah (Wise): A horse with this sobriquet is commonly seen as denoting intelligence and good judgment. It is also associated with having an understanding of the world around it and being able to make sound decisions.

15. Jazirah (Island):  A horse with this cognomen is usually regarded as connoting the spirit of exploration and adventure. It characterizes an eagerness to discover new places and experience new things.

16. Rashid (Righteous): A steed with this appellation is frequently perceived to epitomize equity and objectivity. It equates with having an understanding of right and wrong and being willing to stand up for what is right.

17. Jannah (Heavenly): This is a common Arabic name for a horse that translates to “heavenly”. Enduring this moniker as a horse is regularly viewed as beautiful and graceful in its movements. A horse with this name is often seen as embodying the divine and having an air of mystery and nobility.

18. Amal (Hope): A horse bearing this appellation is frequently perceived as representing buoyancy and trust in what lies ahead. It personifies the courage to take risks and belief in the power of positive thinking.

19. Asil (Pure): As embodying purity and innocence, Asil is one of the names that is being referred to as Arabic horses so as to maintain their dignity. It is also implied by having an unspoiled nature and a gentle temper.

20. Ghazal (Lovely Poem): Originating from the Arabic term Ghazal, translated as”lovely poem”.”. This named horse is often seen as embodying grace, beauty, and elegance. It is an allocation of having a strong sense of style and an appreciation of the finer things in life.

Famous Arabian Horse Names Ideas

Arabian Horse Names Ideas List

1. Aasim: ascribed as  ‘blessed’ in Arabic.

2. Adham: credits as  ‘black’ in Arabic.

3. Ahmad: Meaning ‘praiseworthy’ in Arabic.

4. Aliyy: confers ‘exalted’ in Arabic.

5. Amal: attributed to ‘hope’ in Arabic.

6. Aqeel: allocated as ‘intelligent’ in Arabic.

7. Asad: meaning ‘lion’ in Arabic.

8. Ateeb: emphasizes ‘noble’ in Arabic.

9. Badr:  refering ‘full moon’ in Arabic.

10. Bahir: endowing  ‘shining’ in Arabic.

11. Farooq: applying  ‘redeemer’ in Arabic.

12. Hayyam: associating ‘vigilant’ in Arabic.

13. Israar: relating ‘power’ in Arabic.

14. Jaleel: describing ‘glorious’ in Arabic.

15. Kaamil: designating ‘perfect’ in Arabic.

16. Malik: denoting ‘king’ in Arabic.

17. Nasir: signifying ‘protector’ in Arabic.

18. Raad: regarding ‘thunder’ in Arabic.

19. Saadiq: expressing ‘honest’ in Arabic.

20. Zahir: exemplifying ‘prominent’ in Arabic.

White Arabian Horse Names

1. Alghazal (The Gazelle): Symbol of grace and beauty.

2. Sahra (The Desert): Demonstrates a wild, untamed spirit.

3. Alatlas (The Atlas): Depicts strength, courage, and resilience.

4. Azzam (The Resolute): Symbolizing determination and courage.

5. Alshahin (The Falcon): An emblem of speed and agility.

6. Aqmaar (The Brave): Signifying bravery and courage.

7. Alhamra (The Red): Denoting beauty and elegance.

8. Aljawz (The Jaw): Embodiment of power and strength.

9. Almarad (The Rebel): It stands for rebellion and strength.

10. Alsultan (The Sultan): Representative of leadership and power.

11. Alwafi (The Loyal): Showing loyalty and faithfulness.

12. Alnasser (The Victor): An image of success and victory.

13. Al-Mansur: Goes for “The Victorious” symbolization.

14. Alrubay (The Star): Invoking brilliance and magnificence.

15. Alwazir (The Adviser): Conveying wisdom and guidance.

16. Alshazaf (The Courageous): Characterized by courage and bravery.

17. Alhilal (The Crescent): Dedicated to the crescent moon and its beauty

18. Alhana (The Joyful): Joyous and happy.

19. Almazin (The Majestic): Exuding grandeur and majesty.

20. Alsabah (The Dawn): Foretelling the beauty of a new start.

Arabian Horse Female Names 

1. Aaliyah (High, Sublime): This name symbolizes the high and sublime beauty of an Arabian horse. 

2. Aaralyn (Noble Song): This name reflects the beauty and grace of an Arabian horse, likened to a noble song. 

3. Amal (Hope): This name is associated with the hope of success and glory associated with an Arabian horse. 

4. Ayesha (Life): This name is symbolic of the new life and adventure that an Arabian horse can bring. 

5. Binta (Daughter): This name reflects the delicate and innocent nature of an Arabian horse, likened to a daughter. 

6. Dina (Judged): This name symbolizes the skill and judgment that is associated with handling an Arabian horse. 

7. Farah (Joy): This name reflects the joy that one can experience when riding an Arabian horse. 

8. Hana (Flower): This name evokes the image of a graceful, beautiful Arabian horse, likened to a flower. 

9. Layana (Tenderness): This name represents the tenderness and gentleness of an Arabian horse. 

10. Jazmin (Fragrant Flower): This name is symbolic of the delicate and fragrant beauty of an Arabian horse. 

11. Sultana (Sovereign): This name reflects the regal power and majesty associated with an Arabian horse. 

12. Layla (Night): This name is associated with the darkness of night and the beauty of an Arabian horse. 

13. Leila (Dark Beauty): This name is a reflection of the dark beauty of an Arabian horse. 

14. Maha (Magnificent): This name represents the magnificence of an Arabian horse. 

15. Mina (Fish): This name symbolizes the speed and agility of an Arabian horse, likened to a fish. 

16. Nadia (Hope): This name is associated with the hope of success while riding an Arabian horse. 

17. Noor (Light): This name reflects the light and grace of an Arabian horse. 

18. Rabia (Spring): This name is associated with the beauty of springtime and an Arabian horse. 

19. Safiya (Honest): This name reflects the honesty and trustworthiness of an Arabian horse. 

20. Zahra (Flowering): This name symbolizes the beauty of an Arabian horse in full bloom.

Black Arabian Horse Names Male 

Black Arabian Horse Names Male 

1. Aqib (Leading; Intelligent) such as the horse being a leader in its herd. 

2. Habib (Loved; Darling) synthesizes the bond between the horse and its owner.

3. Faysal (Decisive; Persuading) describes the horse’s ability to influence its surroundings.

4. Malik (King; Sovereign) with the understanding of the horse’s status and stature.

5. Dawud (Beloved; Precious) in the identification of  the horse being cherished

6. Sulaiman (Peaceful; Calm) empathizes with the horse being gentle and serene

7. Yasir (Prosperous; Wealthy) is linked to the horse bringing luck and fortune.

8. Rafi (Highly Exalted; Sublime) In pursuit of the horse’s majestic beauty. 

9. Marwan. It means “Strong” and “Resolute” as it relates to the horse’s dependability and reliability

10. Adil (Just; Fair) pertains to the horse’s even-tempered nature.

11. Kareem (Generous; Noble) emphasizes the horse’s willingness to share and help. 

12. Ibrahim (Father of Nations; Patriotic) connotes towards horse’s importance in its community.

13. Mustafa (Chosen; Elected) such as the horse being selected for a special purpose

14. Nasir (Protector; Champion) associates the horse’s role as a guardian.

15. Tariq (Star; Celestial) manifestation of the horse’s grandeur and magnificence.

16. Hamza (Powerful; Courageous) concerns the horse’s strength and determination.

17. Samir (Companion; Friend) symbolizes a loyal and comforting presence.

18. Bilal (Radiant; Glowing) refers to the horse’s beauty and grace.

19. Salim (Untroubled; Serene) due to the horse’s serenity and peacefulness.

20. Haroon (Noble; Illustrious) signifies regal bearing and stateliness.

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