Horse Names

Funny Horse Names (200+ Creative Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


Naming a horse is a significant part of the bond that forms between a horse and its rider. A good name can express the personality of the horse and reflect its character. 

Naming a horse can also be a creative experience that allows the rider to customize the horse’s identity. It is an exciting process but also comes with many considerations. It is important to choose a name that is meaningful, memorable, and respectful of your horse’s personality. 

This article will explore the importance of naming a horse and provide tips for choosing an appropriate name.

Funny Horse Names Favorite List

How Can You Create Your Own Funny Horse Names?

Creating funny horse names can be a delightful and imaginative task. Whether you’re naming a pet, a racehorse, or writing a fictional story, injecting humor into horse names can add a unique and memorable touch. Here’s a guide to help you craft your own funny horse names, filled with Horse name jokes and Tongue twister horse names.

1. Play with Puns and Wordplay:

Horse Name Jokes: Who doesn’t love a good pun? Combine horse-related terms with everyday phrases to create names like “Hoof Hearted” or “Neigh Sayer.”

Example: How about “Mane Attraction” for a show horse with a stunning mane? It’s playful and memorable!

2. Experiment with Tongue Twisters:

Tongue Twister Horse Names: Want to challenge your friends? Create names that are a mouthful but hilarious to say.

Example: What about “Six Slippery Snails Slid Slowly Seaward on the Slick Snail Trail” for a racehorse? Try saying that fast!

3. Use Pop Culture References:

Combine famous characters, movies, or songs with horse-related terms.

Example: “Harry Trotter” or “Lord of the Reins” can be a hit among fans.

4. Create Character-Based Names:

Think about the horse’s personality, appearance, or quirks.

Example: Is your horse always hungry? “Sir Eats-a-Lot” might be the perfect fit!

5. Explore Alliteration and Rhyme:

Alliteration and rhyme can add a catchy and whimsical touch.

Example: “Dashing Daisy” or “Galloping Gary” can be fun and appealing.

6. Mix and Match Different Languages:

Use words from different languages to create a unique and funny name.

Example: How about “El Neighvo” for a friendly neighborly horse?

7. Think Outside the Box:

Don’t be afraid to be unconventional and think creatively.

Example: Ever thought of naming a horse “Unicorn’s Cousin”? Why not?

8. Keep It Light and Appropriate:

Ensure that the names are in good taste and suitable for all audiences.

Example: “Silly Sally” is a name that’s fun without being offensive.

Funny Horse Names With Meaning

1. Snickerdoodle: This is a fun name for a horse, suggesting a playful, friendly animal. It could also be a reference to the popular cookie of the same name.

The name “Snickerdoodle” is an appropriate fit for this horse because it reflects his playful, friendly, and food-seeking personality. The name can be seen as being fun and light-hearted, just like the horse himself. 

Additionally, the word “snicker” has a playful connotation, which is fitting for this horse’s personality. The word “doodle” adds to the light-heartedness of the name, making it a great fit for this horse.

2. Mr. Ed: A comical and classic reference to a past star. Mr. Ed is a talking horse, who was originally portrayed by a palomino gelding called Bamboo Harvester in the 1960s American television series Mr. 

He is portrayed as a polite, well-mannered gentleman, often offering sage advice and wisdom to his owners and others.

Demonstrating these traits, one should opt for this name enjoying the iconic nature of the horse in the surroundings.

3. Marshmallow: As he is a docile and gentle horse, has an easygoing attitude, much like the sweet and fluffy treat. His friendly and laid-back nature makes him a great companion for riders of all levels. He loves to be petted and groomed and is very trusting and loyal to his owners. He is incredibly sensitive and loves to be given treats and special attention.

The white coat of the horse is so soft that it looks almost like a marshmallow. The mane and tail of the horse also have a light and fluffy feel, just like a marshmallow. Following all these traits, marshmallow describes him perfectly and reflects his sweet and tolerant disposition.

4. Blaze of Glory: This is a dramatic name that suggests a horse with speed and stamina, capable of winning races. It could also be a reference to the Bon Jovi song of the same name. It implies that the horse is a champion and is proud of its achievements.

The Blaze of Glory name perfectly encapsulates the fire and passion in it. So this is an incredibly spirited horse, who loves to run and jump, and is always eager to take on a new challenge, will fit this name. 

5. Butterscotch: He is a chestnut-colored horse with a white blaze, white stockings, and flaxen mane and tail. His coat is a light golden color, giving it a creamy and buttery feel, while his chestnut undertones add a hint of caramel-like sweetness.

His coat is a golden, chestnut brown color, similar to the color of butterscotch. He also has a sweet, gentle disposition, which is fitting for the name Butterscotch.

6. Cheval de Frise: This is a French phrase that translates to “horse of the fencing.”  The Cheval de Frise is a type of horse that is characterized by its strong and muscular build. It is a very powerful and athletic breed that is known for its agility and speed.

The name “Cheval de Frise” is derived from the French words for “frisé” (curly) and “cheval” (horse), which is fitting considering the breed’s distinctive curly mane and tail. This breed is believed to have originated in the 15th century in the region of Frise, near the Netherlands. The name is ideal for a horse that has a disposition of this breed or ant similar to these traits.

7. Muffin Top: This is a fun name for a horse, suggesting that it is well-rounded and pudgy in the best ways. The name “Muffin Top” was chosen because of the horse’s distinctive ‘muffin-like’ look around its neck. This part of the horse is called the crest and is a natural feature of the breed.

The crest is created by the horse’s neck muscles, which are strong and well-defined due to his training.  He is a very cheerful horse, with a large, round stomach and a comical look.

The horse has such a muffin physical shape, due to its high-fat diet, consisting of a mixture of high-energy oats, alfalfa, and a special blend of herbs resulting in a muffin look. So, the name fits such a feature and is called so often.

8. Sir Prance-A-Lot: This is a humorous name for a horse that suggests it is always energetic and ready to show off its best moves. Reflecting his lively, energetic, and playful personality. He is a horse that loves to run, gallop, and show off his jumping ability.

His prancing and showmanship are something that truly stands out and is memorable. The name suggests his enthusiasm and spirit, and it fits perfectly with the horse’s traits.

9. Kelvinator: This is a clever pun, suggesting a horse with a cool and calm demeanor. Kelvinator is a suitable name for a horse that is known for its dependability, reliability, and strength. The name implies that the horse is a reliable partner, and can be counted on to perform at its best, no matter the circumstances.

Additionally, the name implies that the horse is strong and has a long lifespan, it could also be a reference to the popular refrigerator brand of the same name known for its longevity. 

10. Peanut Butter Cup: This is a fun name for a horse that suggests it has a sweet, lovable personality. It could also be related to the popular candy of the same name.

Like the combination of the two ingredients, the horse is a blend of playful sweetness and strength. The horse is ever-eager to please and loves to be around people, but also shows strength and power when riding. The name “Peanut Butter Cup” is also suitable for the horse’s color.

The horse is a lovely golden brown, similar to the golden-brown color of a peanut butter cup. The name reflects the warmth and beauty of the horse’s coat and adds to the overall sweetness of the horse’s personality.

11. Hot Tamale: The term ‘hot tamale’ is often used to describe something exciting or thrilling, which is an apt description for this horse. This horse is a very spirited and energetic horse, full of life and enthusiasm.

He loves to run and is often seen running and playing in the meadow. He has a very bold, outgoing, and confident personality, and is always eager to try new things and explore. So, the name Hot Tamale follows the horse’s fiery, passionate nature. 

12. Sir Gallop-a-Lot: As his name implies, Sir Gallop-a-Lot loves to gallop and run around, and he is always eager to do so. Sir Gallop-a-Lot is very passionate about running and loves to show off his speed and agility.

He is a joy to watch when he is running across a field or through a course. He is also very loyal and affectionate with his owner, always coming to greet them with enthusiasm. Sir Gallop-a-Lot name perfectly captures his personality and describes his love for running and his adventurous spirit. 

13. Oreo: The Oreo is a fun, whimsical name that perfectly suits the horse’s playful, friendly personality. The name also reflects the horse’s color, usually black and white.

Oreo is also a name that is easy to remember, which makes it easy to call out when the horse is far away. Oreo is also an appropriate name for a horse because it reflects the horse’s color.

Many horses have black and white coats, and Oreo is a name that expresses this unique pattern. Oreo is a name that is both cute and stylish, which makes it a great name for any horse.

14. Golden Delicious: The horse is known to be quite active and energetic, which fits in with the notion of a delicious treat that is particularly tantalizing and appealing.

This energy is also reflected in the horse’s name, which implies that the horse is something special and should be enjoyed for its vibrant and exciting nature.

The golden hue of the horse’s coat and the sweet, succulent flavor of the apple symbolize courage, intelligence, and loyalty – all of which are traits that this horse embodies. Golden Delicious is a fitting name for this majestic and beautiful horse, and it reflects his traits perfectly.

15. Cotton Candy: Cotton Candy is an ideal name for this horse because it is a combination of two words that evoke feelings of comfort and joy. The word “cotton” is associated with softness, comfort, and a feeling of warmth.

The word “candy” brings to mind a pleasant, sweet taste, and a feeling of happiness. Together, these two words perfectly describe the nature of this horse.

16. Speedy Gonzales: Speedy Gonzales is a cartoon character created by Warner Brothers in the 1950s who is a small mouse of Mexican heritage who is known for his speed and agility.

Because this horse shares these qualities, it makes the name Speedy Gonzales an appropriate one for him. The name also serves to honor the Mexican heritage of the horse, giving him a unique and recognizable name that reflects his background. 

17. Fuzzy Wuzzy: The word “Fuzzy” is often used to refer to something soft and cuddly, which accurately describes the texture of the horse’s fur. Fuzzy Wuzzy has a very soft and smooth coat of fur which makes him highly enjoyable to pet and ride.

Additionally, the word “Wuzzy” is often used to describe something warm and comforting, which also accurately describes the personality of the horse. Fuzzy Wuzzy is a very warm and loving horse that is always willing to give its riders the love and affection they need. 

18. Pinto Bean: Pinto Bean’s unique coat color is a result of the horse’s genetics. The combination of white and colored hairs is known as a “pinto” pattern, which is often seen in horses of a variety of breeds.

Typically, the white and colored areas of the coat are well-defined and distinct, making the pattern stand out. Pinto Bean’s coat is no exception, with its bright white base and noticeable colored spots. The pattern follows its best name pinto bean.

19. Coco Pops: Coco Pops is also a proper name for this horse because it reflects its physical characteristics. Coco Pops is a bay mare with a white blaze and four white socks. This unique combination of colors is reminiscent of the many colorful pieces of Coco Pops cereal.

The name “Coco Pops” captures this unique combination of colors and is a fitting name for this horse. It is also a nod to his showjumping abilities, as it implies that Coco Pops can ‘pop’ over the jumps with ease. 

20. Prancing Pony:  Prancing implies that the horse can move quickly and elegantly, and its small size implies that it is both elegant and energetic.

The name also evokes the idea that the horse can move fluidly and without hesitation, which is a trait that is important for any horse to have. The name implies both the small size of the horse and its graceful movements, and it is a fitting name for this particular horse.

Funny Horse Names Female

1. Daisy Mae

2. April Showers

3. Countess Muffin

4. Kerfuffle

5. Belle Marie

6. Rainbow Dash

7. Petunia

8. Dixie Cup

9. Zsa Zsa

10. Cupcake

11. Miss Priss

12. Tinkerbelle

13. Ember

14. Chiquita

15. Sugar Plum

16. Coco

17. Missy Moo

18. Miss Marmalade

19. Matilda

20. Freckles

Funny Horse Names For Race Nights Ideas

Funny Horse Names For Race Nights Ideas

1. Raindance

2. Hay-Bale Sally

3. Pony Express

4. Thunder Hooves

5. Racing Rainbow

6. Saddle Up Sally

7. Prancer

8. Dandelion Dancer

9. Silver Shadow

10. The Winning Wonder 

11. Frolicking Filly

12. Ace of Spades

13. The Driven Diva

14.  Dash of Magic

15. Wild Stallion 

16. Flashy Fiesta

17. High Stepper

18. Wildfire

19. Misty Mare

20. High-Flying Hooves

Funny Horse Names Puns 

1. Hay-Zeus 

2. Horsin’ Around 

3. Neighsayer 

4. Hay-Curious 

5. Clip-Clop-in 

6. Prancercise 

7. Sir Oats-A-Lot 

8. Cantalou-Neigh 

9. Mare-velours

10. neighbors 

11. Hayride 

12. Trotting Mischief 

13. Stable Genius 

14. Lord of the Mane 

15. Whinny the Pooh 

16. Hayl Storm 

17. Pony Up 

18. Baled Out 

19. Mustang Sally 

20. Mare-action 

Funny Irish Horse Names 

1. Guinness

2. Shamrock

3. Lucky

4. Clover

5. Murphy

6. Seamus

7. Finnegan

8. Finn

9. Bally

10. Paddy

11. Rory

12. Colin

13. O’Malley

14. Quinn

15. Eamon

16. Oisin

17. Finbar

18. Darragh

19. Bridget

20. Darby

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