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Yellow Fish Names (400+ Unique ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


Choosing the perfect name for a vibrant yellow fish can be quite the conundrum. Ever glanced at your fish tank, watched that sunny swimmer dart around, and thought.

“What name would truly capture its essence?” Why does something seemingly so simple become a point of indecision? 

Picture this: Your friend mentions their pet cat, Whiskers, and you immediately think, “Typical.” But then, they bring up their yellow fish named ‘Sundrop’. 

Suddenly, there’s a spark of curiosity! Isn’t it fascinating how the right name can make all the difference, turning an ordinary pet story into an enchanting tale? So, how does one navigate this sea of possibilities? 

Why not embark on a journey with me to explore names that resonate with that sun-kissed hue? Let’s dive in, shall we? After all, every fish deserves a name as radiant as its color.

Our Favorite yellow fish names

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Yellow Fish Varieties

Inspired by Nature

Let’s face it, nature is teeming with golden hues. Why not name your fish after a favorite yellow flower or fruit? Ever considered “Daisy” or “Lemon”?

For those with a yellow tail fish for sale, highlighting its natural beauty can be a selling point. A name like “Sunrise” captures its vibrant tail perfectly.

Dive Deep into Origins

Are you aware that the name “Tang” in yellow tang fish has origins in the Swahili word for sail? Delve into the history or native names. It offers a touch of authenticity and can be a conversation starter.

Culinary Inspirations

Have you ever thought that food names can be utterly delightful for fish? Names like “Butter”, inspired by yellow fin tuna’s buttery texture, can be both fun and fitting. Or how about “Cheddar” for its cheesy hue?

Location-based Names

Do you have a yellowtail near me vibe? Opting for names inspired by locations known for their yellowtail populations can be a unique angle. Think “Malibu” or “Baja”.

The Allure of Popular Media

Draw inspiration from popular characters or movies. “Simba”, influenced by the golden hues of the Lion King, or “Midas” for his legendary golden touch can be apt for your vibrant fish.

Angling Adventures

If you’re an angler, you’d know that certain fish, like the yellow walleye, are a prize catch. Naming your fish “Trophy” or “Champion” can be a nod to your fishing expeditions.

Metaphoric Marvels

Sometimes, drawing metaphors can be the trick. Just like the yellow fish tuna, known for its speed, names like “Bolt” or “Flash” resonate with swift movements.

Yellow Fish Names (With Meaning)

Selecting a name for your yellow fish isn’t just about the hue; it’s also about capturing the essence and personality of your aquatic friend. Dive into this list of curated names, each woven with a vivid tapestry of imagery and sentiment:

1: Goldfin

Inspired by the luminous quality of gold, this name captures a fish’s radiant scales that gleam and glisten, much like a treasure unearthed from a sunken ship.

2: Sunlit

This name paints a picture of a fish bathed in the warm embrace of the morning sun, its yellow scales reflecting light as if kissed by dawn itself.

3: Canary

Drawing parallels with the cheerful canary bird known for its vibrant yellow plumage, this name is a nod to nature’s ability to replicate its vibrant shades across species.

4: Lemonade

Conjuring images of refreshing summer days, a fish named Lemonade evokes feelings of zest, tang, and the refreshing splash of citrus on a warm day.

5: Goldeneye

For a fish with captivating eyes, this name speaks of mysteries hidden within their gaze, reminiscent of the glint of gold being discovered for the first time.

6: Butter

Silky, smooth, and rich – this name mirrors both the texture and the color of butter, epitomizing a fish that glides effortlessly, leaving a trail of golden ripples.

7: Twinkling Sun

Going beyond the ordinary, this name is for a fish that doesn’t just shine but twinkles, much like the sun’s reflection on a rippling water surface.

8: Honeydrop

Evoking the sweetness and golden hue of honey, this name is perfect for a fish that’s both delightful to watch and precious in its demeanor.

9: Sunset Glow

Envision a horizon painted in gold; this name pays tribute to fish whose hue reminds us of the sun’s final bow, casting a golden spell before dusk.

10: Golden Wave

This title conjures the majesty of a gold-tinted ocean wave, capturing the essence of a fish whose movements echo the rhythmic dance of the seas.

11: Dayshine

Embodying the relentless energy of the sun at its zenith, Dayshine is for fish that shimmer and shine with undiminished fervor.

12: Solar Flare

Named after the sun’s dramatic burst, this name speaks volumes about a fish’s vivacity, lighting up its surroundings with flair and flamboyance.

13: Sundancer

Eliciting images of joyous celebrations under the sun, Sundancer is befitting a fish that flits and frolics, echoing the dance of sunbeams on water.

14: Golden Muse

For fish that are more than just pets, ones that inspire and captivate, serving as a muse for daydreams filled with golden fantasies.

15: Midas Touch

Rooted in the legend of King Midas, this name is for a fish that seems to turn everything it touches into moments of golden wonder.

16: Sun Kissed

Capturing the gentle caress of the sun, Sun Kissed is for fish that gleam as if they’ve been lovingly brushed by the morning sun’s first light.

17: Golden Dream

Alluding to ethereal visions painted in gold, this name is apt for fish that move in ways that seem dreamlike, tranquil, and serene.

18: Yellow Star

A tribute to the brilliance of stars, this name is for the standout fish, whose presence in an aquarium is as commanding as a star in the night.

19: Glimmer Gold

Speaking of subtlety and elegance, Glimmer Gold is for those fish that don’t just shine outright but have a nuanced, soft sparkle.

20: Golden Mist

Evoking mystery and allure, this name is for fish that possess a gossamer-like quality, making them seem as if they’ve emerged from a mist spun from gold.

Unique Yellow Fish Names Ideas list 

Unique Yellow Fish Names Ideas list 

Unique Yellow fish have a radiance that mirrors nature’s most golden moments – from sun-kissed mornings to amber-tinted evenings. Naming them should encapsulate not just their hue but their spirit, too. Dive into a collection of unique names.

  1. Solstice
  2. Zenith
  3. Nimbus
  4. Eclat
  5. Glintshade
  6. Sunrift
  7. Daybeam
  8. Lucent
  9. Sunshard
  10. Dawnspark
  11. Luminary
  12. Goldvein
  13. Halcyon
  14. Elysium
  15. Candescent
  16. Orphic
  17. Daydream
  18. Sunspell
  19. Twilight
  20. Equinox
  21. Glittergleam
  22. Sundrift
  23. Noonshine
  24. Daystar
  25. Sunmark
  26. Duskgold
  27. Sunshadow
  28. Dawnbreak
  29. Glimmershade
  30. Daygleam
  31. Sunweave
  32. Radiantdream
  33. Echolight
  34. Sunstone
  35. Lighthaven
  36. Daywhisper
  37. Dusklit
  38. Noonspark
  39. Solardream
  40. Goldwhisper
  41. Sunthrive
  42. Dawnspell
  43. Sundance
  44. Dayshimmer
  45. Noonshard
  46. Sundrift
  47. Dawnspark
  48. Suntrace
  49. Goldbeam

Male Yellow Fish Names

For those gallant male yellow fish gracing aquariums with their luminescent presence, a name that embodies their vibrancy and spirit is vital. They’re not just pets, but companions that bring joy, serenity, and a touch of nature indoors. So, finding the right name is paramount:

  1. Sunburst
  2. Blaze
  3. Goldenrod
  4. Apollo
  5. Leo
  6. Orion
  7. Maximus
  8. Sunny
  9. Lumos
  10. Titan
  11. Phoenix
  12. Caesar
  13. Helio
  14. Midas
  15. Sol
  16. Gusto
  17. Lumen
  18. Ray
  19. Duke
  20. Baron
  21. Trove
  22. Radiant
  23. Zeus
  24. Scepter
  25. Sunspot
  26. Char
  27. Czar
  28. Pyro
  29. Glint
  30. Baronet
  31. Glisten
  32. Glaze
  33. Sunstone
  34. Glimmer
  35. Baron
  36. Goldbar
  37. Nugget
  38. Sheen
  39. Corona
  40. Dazzle
  41. Spark
  42. Nova
  43. Ember
  44. Solar
  45. Flash
  46. Luster
  47. Comet
  48. Flare
  49. Brill
  50. Luminar

Female Yellow Fish Names

The grace of female yellow fish is enchanting. They’re elegant, serene, and shimmer with an inner glow. The challenge lies in finding a name that captures their delicate beauty, whilst also paying homage to their radiant charm:

  1. Daffodil
  2. Goldie
  3. Amber
  4. Sunbeam
  5. Aurora
  6. Dawn
  7. Marigold
  8. Honey
  9. Belle
  10. Lila
  11. Sunflower
  12. Topaz
  13. Sunny Belle
  14. Mellow
  15. Sunmist
  16. Starlight
  17. Dewdrop
  18. Buttercup
  19. Caramel
  20. Peach
  21. Dahlia
  22. Gilda
  23. Sunkiss
  24. Twila
  25. Goldenette
  26. Dusk
  27. Melody
  28. Sunraya
  29. Lumina
  30. Petal
  31. Raylene
  32. Breeze
  33. Goldette
  34. Twinkle
  35. Luna
  36. Gleam
  37. Ciel
  38. Starlet
  39. Honeysuckle
  40. Sunlit
  41. Twilight
  42. Glintelle
  43. Sunny D
  44. Nectar
  45. Shimmera
  46. Glowelle
  47. Radielle
  48. Sunna
  49. Glimmara
  50. Dawnelle

Funny Yellow Fish Names

A chuckle, a grin, a full-hearted laugh – sometimes, our fishy companions deserve names that evoke these reactions. After all, isn’t it amusing to watch them swish around? Add a splash of humor to your tank with these names:

  1. Goldfish Cracker
  2. Sunburn
  3. Yolkster
  4. Mustard Dip
  5. Banana Fin
  6. Gold Nugget Nemo
  7. Sunkist Miss
  8. Fry-Day
  9. Sunny Side Swim
  10. Golden Giggles
  11. Fish ‘n’ Chips
  12. Omelet
  13. Goldilocks
  14. Tang-tastic
  15. Goldie Hawn
  16. Sunsplash
  17. Glow-trotter
  18. Butterswim
  19. Yella Fella
  20. Glimmer Gags
  21. Swimmy Fallon
  22. Waverider Waffle
  23. Twinkling Tuna
  24. Fizzle Fry
  25. Floaty McYolkface
  26. Sir Swims-a-lot
  27. Glitter Giggle
  28. Bubbling Butter
  29. Mellow Yellow Fellow
  30. Lemon Zest Best
  31. Chuckling Cheddar
  32. Sir Shine-a-lot
  33. Beaming Bloop
  34. Gilded Guppy Goofy
  35. Sunny D-Light
  36. Laughing Lemonade
  37. Butterball Bob
  38. Zippy Zest
  39. Chuckle Chub
  40. Lighthearted Luminary
  41. Ticklefin Tommy
  42. Glee Gold
  43. Mirthful Marigold
  44. Radiant Rascal
  45. Dazzling Doodle
  46. Sun-kidded
  47. Glim-glam
  48. Golden Chuck
  49. Twinkle Toes
  50. Sir Gleams-a-lot

Small Yellow Fish Names

Tiny, yet teeming with vibrancy, small yellow fish have an inherent charm that’s impossible to ignore. Their petite size requires names that beautifully encapsulate their minuscule magnificence:

  1. Nugget
  2. Pint
  3. Twinkle
  4. Mite
  5. Chip
  6. Tidbit
  7. Speck
  8. Morsel
  9. Dash
  10. Dinky
  11. Dot
  12. Nibble
  13. Pixie
  14. Button
  15. Bitsy
  16. Shorty
  17. PeeWee
  18. Thimble
  19. Fleck
  20. Smidge
  21. Bitty
  22. Pipsqueak
  23. Minnow
  24. Pinch
  25. Dainty
  26. Titch
  27. Sprout
  28. Fragment
  29. Littlet
  30. Tic
  31. Fragment
  32. Mini-Me
  33. Teeny
  34. Iota
  35. Snippet
  36. Elf
  37. Dotlet
  38. Byte
  39. Micro
  40. Shrimp
  41. Tad
  42. Bead
  43. Mote
  44. Midge
  45. Dab
  46. Littlest Limelight
  47. Skimp
  48. Nub
  49. Runt
  50. Speckle

Yellow Betta Fish Names

Betta fish, with their flamboyant fins and unique personalities, are a favorite among fish enthusiasts. When their color is a radiant yellow, the name must do justice to their beauty and grace:

  1. Sunfire Betta
  2. Apollo’s Flame
  3. Lemon Lace
  4. Solar Flare
  5. Golden Crown
  6. Betta Sunburst
  7. Marigold Majesty
  8. Sunlit Serenade
  9. Solar Dancer
  10. Lumina Luxe
  11. Gilded Grace
  12. Sunsprite
  13. Dawn’s Embrace
  14. Lemony Lush
  15. Goldweaver
  16. Sunflare
  17. Daydream Drift
  18. Betta Beam
  19. Golden Gala
  20. Sunlit Sashay
  21. Gleaming Gusto
  22. Luminary Lace
  23. Twilight Tint
  24. Goldfin Glitz
  25. Yellowtail Twist
  26. Lemon Lure
  27. Dazzling Drift
  28. Sunseeker
  29. Mellow Mirage
  30. Buttercream Betta
  31. Golden Glimmer
  32. Luminous Lunge
  33. Topaz Tassel
  34. Sunny Sway
  35. Bright Breeze Betta
  36. Amber Wave
  37. Golden Gaze
  38. Dayglow Dance
  39. Sunspot Spiral
  40. Solar Silk
  41. Daydream Dazzler
  42. Lustrous Leap
  43. Sunshine Silk
  44. Golden Glide
  45. Lemony Lux
  46. Gilded Groove
  47. Sunsplash Swing
  48. Dainty Dawn
  49. Golden Glisten
  50. Twilight Twirl

Cute Yellow Fish Names

Yellow fish have an innate cuteness factor that’s amplified when their names mirror this endearing nature. These names capture the cuteness overload that these vibrant swimmers offer:

  1. Butterbean
  2. Ducky
  3. Honeybun
  4. Sunpie
  5. Lemon Puff
  6. Sunnybunch
  7. Goldie Locks
  8. Puddle
  9. Dandelion
  10. Butterbloom
  11. Nectar Nugget
  12. Dewy
  13. Peach Puff
  14. Goldy Giggles
  15. Lemon Loaf
  16. Cuddlefin
  17. Sunnypop
  18. Golden Puddle
  19. Honeydew Hug
  20. Lemony Snicket
  21. Butterscotch Buddy
  22. Sunhug
  23. Dazzledrop
  24. Goldy Pie
  25. Lemon Curd Cutie
  26. Muffin
  27. Twinkie
  28. Sunsprite
  29. Puffball
  30. Goldilittle
  31. Lemon Drop
  32. Sunsmooch
  33. Toffee Twist
  34. Sunny Smooch
  35. Caramel Cuddle
  36. Glimmer Gem
  37. Tinker
  38. Pipsqueak Puddle
  39. Bumblebee Bliss
  40. Glowbug
  41. Lemon Zest Zing
  42. Goldie Gumdrops
  43. Glowy Gem
  44. Butterblush
  45. Lemon Lovebug
  46. Sunbeam Sweetie
  47. Tootsie
  48. Golden Grin
  49. Honeyhug
  50. Cuddlebeam
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