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Studio Ghibli Cat Names – Funny And Cute Ideas


by Emily Wolfe


In the enchanting world of Studio Ghibli, cats aren’t just pets; they’re captivating characters with personalities as rich and varied as our own. 

The witty banter of Jiji in “Kiki’s Delivery Service” or the mystery of the Catbus in “My Neighbor Totoro.” 

These feline figures have leaped from the screen into our hearts, inspiring not just admiration but a sense of wonder. 

For fans and cat lovers alike, naming a furry friend after a Ghibli cat is like bringing a piece of that magic into our everyday lives. 

Favourite Studio Ghibli Cat Names

Best Studio Ghibli Cat Names

Embarking on a journey through Studio Ghibli’s magical realms, we find inspiration for naming our beloved cats. These names, infused with the essence of Ghibli’s storytelling, offer more than just a title; they embody the spirit of adventure, whimsy, and wonder. Let’s explore ten uniquely crafted names, each a homage to the studio’s cinematic genius:

1. MiyazakiWhisk 

Named after Hayao Miyazaki, it captured the creative spirit of Ghibli’s mastermind. Ideal for a cat with a bold, imaginative personality.

2. SpiritedPurr 

Inspired by “Spirited Away,” perfect for a cat with a mysterious, enchanting aura.

3. Howl’sMeow 

From “Howl’s Moving Castle,” suited for a charismatic, enigmatic feline.

4. PonyoPaws 

Reflecting the playful, curious nature of “Ponyo,” ideal for an adventurous, water-loving cat.

5. KikiFur 

For a cat with a friendly, outgoing personality, mirroring Kiki’s adventurous spirit in “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”

6. TotoroTail 

Capturing the gentle, comforting presence of Totoro, perfect for a big, fluffy, and friendly cat.

7. CalciferClaws 

From the fiery spirit Calcifer in “Howl’s Moving Castle,” suited for a cat with a feisty, spirited demeanor.

8. MononokeWhisper 

Named after “Princess Mononoke,” ideal for a noble, fearless feline with a strong presence.

9. ArriettyLeap 

Inspired by the tiny yet brave Arrietty, perfect for a small, courageous, and curious cat.

10. JijiCharm 

After the witty and loyal Jiji in “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” suited for a smart, loyal, and talkative cat.

Male Studio Ghibli Cat Names

As we delve into the captivating world of Studio Ghibli, each character and story offers a unique spark for naming our male feline companions. These names, drawn from the studio’s rich tapestry of tales, resonate with the charm and depth of Ghibli’s creations. 

Here are thirty imaginative names for male cats, each echoing the spirit of Studio Ghibli’s unforgettable characters and worlds:

  1. HakuWhisker
  2. TotoroMane
  3. HowlPurr
  4. JijiSpirit
  5. CalciferFur
  6. AshitakaPaw
  7. SeijiTail
  8. FujimotoWhisper
  9. SootyMiyazaki
  10. MarcoClaw
  11. KantaLeap
  12. ShunStride
  13. KoichiRoar
  14. PorcoRosso
  15. Zeniba’sCharm
  16. TurnipHead
  17. NekobasuDash
  18. KamajiWhisk
  19. NoFaceMew
  20. BaronPounce
  21. ForestSpirit
  22. LaputaSky
  23. GhibliGlide
  24. SpiritedRoam
  25. OceanSong
  26. WindRider
  27. CastleBound
  28. SkyBrush
  29. WhisperWind
  30. MoonGhibli

Female Studio Ghibli Cat Names

Venturing through the mystical landscapes of Studio Ghibli, we encounter a myriad of strong, enchanting female characters, each offering a unique essence for naming our female feline friends. These names, woven from the fabric of Ghibli’s rich narratives, capture the elegance, bravery, and whimsy of its heroines. 

  1. KikiGlitter
  2. SophieSilk
  3. ChihiroCharm
  4. NausicaaBreeze
  5. SheetaShine
  6. PonyoPurr
  7. ArriettyAmble
  8. SanSpirit
  9. LinLuxe
  10. SatsukiStar
  11. MeiMeadow
  12. FioFancy
  13. TherruTwirl
  14. KaguyaGlimmer
  15. UrsulaUmbra
  16. YubabaYarn
  17. GranmamareGrace
  18. HaruHaven
  19. NaokoNestle
  20. MarnieMist
  21. LisaLullaby
  22. YukoYonder
  23. HanaHum
  24. TaekoTale
  25. ShizukuShimmer
  26. TokiTwinkle
  27. KiyokoKiss
  28. NorikoNectar
  29. SetsukoSway
  30. AsakoAura
Studio Ghibli Cat Names List

Funny Studio Ghibli Cat Names

Exploring the lighter side of Studio Ghibli’s universe, we find a playful canvas for naming our cats with a touch of humor. These names, inspired by Ghibli’s whimsical characters and quirky moments, are perfect for cats with a penchant for mischief or a personality that brings a smile. 

  1. TotoroTumbles
  2. PurrcoRosso
  3. MeowFace
  4. JijiJokes
  5. CatbusCapers
  6. HakuHairball
  7. SootySnicker
  8. Howl’sMeowler
  9. ChihiroChuckles
  10. FelineFio
  11. SpiritedSneak
  12. KikiKlutz
  13. WhiskerWhisper
  14. NekoNonsense
  15. PawsPonyo
  16. BaronBellyflop
  17. CalciferCackle
  18. MutaMischief
  19. DustBunnyDance
  20. LaputaLurker
  21. GhibliGiggles
  22. MeiMischief
  23. SatsukiSass
  24. SheetaShenanigans
  25. ArriettyAntics
  26. SanSnicker
  27. LinLaughs
  28. NausicaaNap
  29. YubabaYowl
  30. SpiritedScamp

Cute Studio Ghibli Cat Names

Delving into the heartwarming and adorable aspects of Studio Ghibli’s films, we find endless inspiration for naming our cutest feline companions. These names, infused with the charm and innocence of Ghibli’s most endearing characters, are perfect for cats who radiate sweetness and warmth. 

  1. FluffyTotoro
  2. SootyCuddle
  3. JijiJoy
  4. PurrPonyo
  5. MeiMuffin
  6. KikiKiss
  7. ChihiroCheeks
  8. NausicaaNuzzle
  9. SheetaSoft
  10. ArriettyApple
  11. WhisperWillow
  12. HakuHug
  13. CalciferCoo
  14. MarnieMeadow
  15. SpiritedSquish
  16. HowlHeart
  17. FioFluff
  18. SanSnuggle
  19. LinLullaby
  20. SatsukiSunbeam
  21. BaronBubbles
  22. LaputaLamb
  23. GhibliGleam
  24. YubabaYawn
  25. TatsuoTwinkle
  26. KantaCuddle
  27. ZenibaZest
  28. TurnipTreat
  29. GranmamareGlow
  30. OceanOasis

What is the significance of naming Cat names based on Studio Ghibli?

Choosing a name for your cat from Studio Ghibli films is special for several reasons:

Deep Connection with Favorite Films 

Just like wearing a t-shirt of your favorite band, naming your cat after a Studio Ghibli character is a way to show your love for these movies. It’s like having a piece of the film’s magic at home.

Embracing Whimsy and Charm 

Studio Ghibli’s characters, often linked to nature and folklore, are like a breath of fresh air. When you name your cat Totoro or Jiji, it’s like wrapping them in a cloak of fantasy and fun.

Celebrating Cultural Impact

These films are big in Japanese culture. Naming your cat after a Ghibli character is like a high-five to this rich cultural heritage.

Spark Conversations and Bonds 

Imagine meeting someone who recognizes your cat’s name as a Ghibli character. Instantly, you have something in common to talk about. It’s a great way to make new friends who share your interests.

Personal Joy and Tribute 

For many, Studio Ghibli movies are not just films; they’re a part of who they are. Naming your cat after these characters is a way to keep the joy and lessons of these films alive in your daily life. It’s like a constant reminder of the stories that have touched your heart.

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