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Native American Cat Names


by Emily Wolfe


Choosing the perfect name for your new cat can be a real head-scratcher, especially when you’re drawn to the rich cultural tapestry of Native American heritage. 

It’s like trying to pick just one favorite song from an entire playlist of classics – tough, right? 

These names aren’t just unique; they carry deep meanings and stories from a diverse array of tribes and languages.

You know, it’s kind of like unearthing hidden treasures, each name holding its special history and significance. 

Favourite Native American Cat Names

Best Native American Cat Names (with Meanings)

Embarking on the quest for the perfect Native American cat name is like opening a book of ancient tales and legends. 

Here are ten names that not only sound beautiful but also carry profound meanings:

1. Ahyoka 

“She brought happiness”; a name that’s perfect for a cat whose mere presence lights up the room.

2. Chayton 

“Falcon”; is ideal for a cat with keen instincts and a majestic demeanor.

3. Dyami 

“Eagle”; suits a cat with a regal and powerful presence, soaring above all.

4. Kai  

“Willow tree”; for a cat that is both graceful and resilient, bending but never breaking.

5. Nina  

“Strong”; is a fitting name for a cat with a robust and indomitable spirit.

6. Onacona 

“White owl”; is perfect for a cat with a mysterious aura and wise gaze.

7. Sahale  

“Above”; for a cat that holds a high place in your heart, reigning supreme.

8. Takoda  

“Friend to everyone”; is a name for the cat who’s the life of the party, loved by all.

9. Waya  

“Wolf”; for a cat with a fierce and adventurous spirit, a true explorer at heart.

10. Yansa 

“Buffalo”; suits a cat with a strong build and a gentle, nurturing nature.

Male Native American Cat Names

Diving into the world of Native American culture offers a treasure trove of male cat names, each echoing the spirit of nature and ancient wisdom. Here’s a list that captures the essence of this rich heritage:

  1. Hakan
  2. Kitchi
  3. Makwa
  4. Nodin
  5. Paytah
  6. Sikya
  7. Takhi
  8. Wapi
  9. Yuma
  10. Zaltana
  11. Bidziil
  12. Chogan
  13. Elan
  14. Goyathlay
  15. Hotah
  16. Inola
  17. Kele
  18. Lonato
  19. Misu
  20. Nitis
  21. Ohanko
  22. Pakwa
  23. Quanah
  24. Rowtag
  25. Sikyatavo
  26. Tahkeome
  27. Uzumati
  28. Vipponah
  29. Wahkan
  30. Yanisin

Female Native American Cat Names

Exploring Native American culture unveils a palette of female cat names, each resonating with the beauty and strength of nature. 

These 30 names are like whispers of ancient lore, perfect for your feline companion:

  1. Adsila
  2. Catori
  3. Dyani
  4. Halona
  5. Istas
  6. Kaya
  7. Lulu
  8. Mika
  9. Nova
  10. Ominotago
  11. Pavati
  12. Quetzal
  13. Rayen
  14. Sakari
  15. Tallulah
  16. Una
  17. Vega
  18. Wenona
  19. Xochitl
  20. Yanaba
  21. Zihna
  22. Alawa
  23. Bena
  24. Chenoa
  25. Doli
  26. Enola
  27. Fala
  28. Gaho
  29. Huyana
  30. Inola
Native American Cat Names List

Mythological Native American Cat Names

Delving into the mystical world of Native American mythology, we find names that echo the tales of gods, spirits, and legendary creatures. 

These 30 mythological names are imbued with the magic and mystery of ancient stories, perfect for your enigmatic feline:

  1. Ahanu
  2. Chumani
  3. Etania
  4. Hotah
  5. Iktomi
  6. Kokopelli
  7. Manaba
  8. Nanook
  9. Ohiyesa
  10. Pules
  11. Quirauk
  12. Raweno
  13. Shilah
  14. Taima
  15. Unega
  16. Vibiana
  17. Wakanda
  18. Xipil
  19. Yelena
  20. Ziracuny
  21. Aiyana
  22. Bidaban
  23. Ciqala
  24. Delsin
  25. Etu
  26. Gaho
  27. Hassun
  28. Inyan
  29. Jolon
  30. Kachina

Native American Cat Names Based on Colors

The vibrant tapestry of Native American culture offers a spectrum of colors, each holding significant meaning. These 30 cat names, inspired by colors, reflect the vivid hues of nature and tradition, perfect for your colorful feline friend:

  1. Sik’is (Yellow)
  2. Luta (Red)
  3. Saphera (Blue)
  4. Zyanya (Forever)
  5. Tadita (Runner)
  6. Koko (Night)
  7. Nita (Bear)
  8. Yansa (Buffalo)
  9. Huyana (Rain Falling)
  10. Kanti (Sings)
  11. Mika (Intelligent Racoon)
  12. Nokosi (Bear)
  13. Pavati (Clear Water)
  14. Takoda (Friend to Everyone)
  15. Wapi (Lucky)
  16. Yuma (Son of the Chief)
  17. Zaltana (High Mountain)
  18. Alo (Spiritual Guide)
  19. Bly (Tall)
  20. Chayton (Falcon)
  21. Dyami (Eagle)
  22. Elu (Full of Grace)
  23. Fala (Crow)
  24. Gaho (Mother)
  25. Halona (Of Happy Fortune)
  26. Istas (Snow)
  27. Jacy (Moon)
  28. Kaya (Elder Sister)
  29. Lulu (Rabbit)
  30. Nova (Chases Butterfly)

Funny Native American Cat names

Who says tradition can’t have a twist of humor? These 30 funny Native American cat names blend cultural richness with a playful spirit, perfect for your mischievous and quirky feline companion:

  1. Purr-son
  2. Meow-hem
  3. Cat-chi
  4. Whisker Warrior
  5. Furry Feather
  6. Paw-tawatomi
  7. Claw-yen
  8. Mew-squaw
  9. Pounce-a-lot
  10. Furball Fox
  11. Tail Dancer
  12. Purr-simmon
  13. Meowtain Climber
  14. Whisker Wampum
  15. Pawnee Purr
  16. Sioux-per Cat
  17. Cherokee Chaser
  18. Apache Paws
  19. Navajo Napper
  20. Comanche Comet
  21. Pawhatan Prowler
  22. Mewami
  23. Purr-okee
  24. Sioux-sayer
  25. Paw-jibwe
  26. Mew-tant
  27. Purr-lahoma
  28. Paw-lute
  29. Cheyenne Chaser
  30. Pawnee Pouncer

Unisex Native American Cat Names

Blending the spirit of Native American culture with modern versatility, these 30 unisex cat names are perfect for any feline, regardless of their gender. Each name carries a unique flair, embodying the rich heritage and timeless beauty of Native American traditions:

  1. Skyler
  2. River
  3. Sage
  4. Aspen
  5. Cedar
  6. Dakota
  7. Phoenix
  8. Raven
  9. Storm
  10. Winter
  11. Aurora
  12. Brook
  13. Canyon
  14. Denver
  15. Echo
  16. Forest
  17. Haven
  18. Indigo
  19. Journey
  20. Kai

Tips for Naming Native American Cat Names

Take into account the names’ rich cultural and historical importance when naming your cat a Native American. The following advice will assist you in choosing the ideal name:

1. Digging into Meaning and Significance

What’s in a Name? Just like a rose smells sweet, a name with a deep meaning can be special. Native American names are like a treasure chest of meanings, often linked to nature, like a river or a brave eagle. Does your cat love climbing or is as swift as the wind? Pick a name that matches their spirit!

2. Gender-Neutral Names: A World of Choices

Why Limit to Boy or Girl Names? Many Native American names aren’t just for boys or girls; they fit everyone! It’s like choosing a cozy sweater that anyone can wear. Whether your cat is a fierce female or a mellow male, there’s a name that fits just right.

3. Mythology and Culture: A Touch of Magic

Stories in a Name: Ever heard a tale that stays with you? Native American myths are full of amazing stories. Names from these tales are like secret keys to a world of legends. Does your cat have the wisdom of a mythic hero or the playfulness of a trickster? Let their name tell their story.

4. Personal Connections: A Name with Heart

Your Story, Their Name: Do you feel a special bond with a Native American culture or tribe? It’s like having a favorite song that reminds you of home. Choosing a name from this culture can be a way to show respect and love. It’s like giving your cat a piece of your heart.

5. The Sound and Rhythm of Language

Music to Your Ears: Ever noticed how some words sound like music? Native American languages have their melody. When you say a name, it should feel like a song that fits your cat’s personality. Is it soft and gentle or bold and lively? The right name will just sound perfect.

6. Inspired by Color, Nature, and Traits

Nature’s Palette: Nature is full of colors and wonders, just like Native American names. Is your cat as black as the night sky or as white as winter snow? Maybe they’re as playful as a bubbling brook. Choose a name that’s like a painting of their looks and personality.

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