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Irish Cat Names – Funny And Cool Ideas


by Emily Wolfe


It can be difficult to come up with the ideal name for your new cat friend, especially if you want something with a hint of Irish charm. 

Selecting the ideal shade of green for St. Patrick’s Day is akin to trying to find the perfect shade of green. 

Irish cat names have a poetic feel to them, combining whimsical elements with tradition. 

Have you ever been in a naming rut? You’re not by yourself. A lot of cat owners wish their furry friend had a name as distinctive and lively as theirs. 

Favourite Irish Cat Names

Best Irish Cat Names (with Meanings)

Diving into the heart of Irish culture, these cat names are not just labels, but stories woven into melodious syllables. Each one reflects Ireland’s rich heritage, offering a unique identity for your feline companion.

1. Finnegan 

Inspired by the legendary figure Finn MacCool, this name suits a cat with a larger-than-life personality and a brave heart.

2. Aisling  

Meaning ‘dream’ or ‘vision’, perfect for a cat with a mystical, dreamy demeanor.

3. Tadhg  

Pronounced ‘Tige’, it means ‘poet’ or ‘philosopher’, ideal for a thoughtful, observant cat.

4. Niamh 

A name from Irish mythology meaning ‘bright’ or ‘radiant’, fitting for a cat with a shining coat or personality.

5. Caoimhe  

Pronounced ‘Kwee-va’, it means ‘gentle’ or ‘beautiful’, suitable for a graceful, elegant feline.

6. Oisin  

Meaning ‘little deer’, this name is perfect for a nimble, agile cat.

7. Siobhan 

Pronounced ‘Shi-vawn’, it means ‘God is gracious’, ideal for a cat that brings unexpected joy into your life.

8. Darragh  

Meaning ‘oak tree’, it’s great for a strong, steadfast cat.

9. Sorcha 

Meaning ‘brightness’ or ‘light’, it’s perfect for a cat that lights up your life.

10. Eamon 

Meaning ‘wealthy protector’, suitable for a cat that watches over your home.

Irish Cat Names Inspired By Famous Irish People

Embrace the spirit of Ireland’s most iconic figures with these cat names. Each one is a tribute to a famous Irish person, blending history and personality to give your cat a name with a story.

  1. Bono – After the charismatic U2 frontman, perfect for a cat with a commanding presence.
  2. Enya – For a serene, melodious cat, inspired by the ethereal singer.
  3. Yeats – Ideal for a contemplative, poetic feline, named after the poet W.B. Yeats.
  4. Beckett – After Samuel Beckett, fitting for a cat with a mysterious, introspective nature.
  5. Heaney – For a cat with a grounded, earthy character, inspired by poet Seamus Heaney.
  6. Joyce – Perfect for a curious, adventurous cat, named after the novelist James Joyce.
  7. Swift – After Jonathan Swift, suitable for a witty, sharp-minded cat.
  8. Oscar – Inspired by Oscar Wilde, for a cat with a flamboyant, charismatic personality.
  9. Collins – After Michael Collins, fitting for a brave, leader-like cat.
  10. Ronan – For a cat with a strong, clear voice, inspired by actress Saoirse Ronan.
  11. Hozier – Ideal for a soulful, deep cat, named after the singer-songwriter.
  12. Liam – After actor Liam Neeson, suitable for a protective, strong-willed cat.
  13. Morrison – For a cat with a mystical aura, inspired by Van Morrison.
  14. Cillian – After Cillian Murphy, perfect for a cat with striking features.
  15. Bram – For a mysterious, nocturnal cat, inspired by ‘Dracula’ author Bram Stoker.
  16. Gabriel – After actor Gabriel Byrne, suitable for a cat with a commanding, yet gentle demeanor.
  17. Sinead – For a bold, outspoken cat, inspired by singer Sinead O’Connor.
  18. Kennedy – After President John F. Kennedy, fitting for a charismatic, leader-like cat.
  19. Mary – Inspired by Mary Robinson, the first female President of Ireland, for a dignified, graceful cat.
  20. Brendan – After Brendan Behan, suitable for a cat with a lively, spirited character.
  21. Niall – For a charming, friendly cat, inspired by singer Niall Horan.
  22. Eoin – After author Eoin Colfer, perfect for a clever, imaginative cat.
  23. Christy – For a cat with a strong, enduring spirit, inspired by musician Christy Moore.
  24. Maeve – After writer Maeve Binchy, suitable for a warm, nurturing cat.
  25. Fionn – For a brave, heroic cat, inspired by the mythical warrior Fionn MacCumhaill.
  26. Rosie – After activist Rosie Hackett, fitting for a determined, resilient cat.
  27. Brenda – For a cat with a strong, independent character, inspired by actress Brenda Fricker.
  28. Pierce – After actor Pierce Brosnan, suitable for a suave, charming cat.
  29. Damien – For a passionate, committed cat, inspired by musician Damien Rice.
  30. Grafton – After the famous Grafton Street, perfect for a cat that loves to explore and socialize.

Male Irish Cat Names

Exploring the rich tapestry of Irish culture, these male cat names are steeped in tradition and charisma, perfect for your little gentleman with a touch of the Emerald Isle.

  1. Kieran
  2. Fergus
  3. Brendan
  4. Donal
  5. Eoghan
  6. Finn
  7. Gallagher
  8. Hugh
  9. Keegan
  10. Lorcan
  11. Murphy
  12. Nolan
  13. Oisin
  14. Phelan
  15. Quinn
  16. Rory
  17. Seamus
  18. Tiernan
  19. Uilliam
  20. Vaughan
  21. Wyatt
  22. Xavier
  23. Yates
  24. Zach
  25. Barry
  26. Conan
  27. Dermot
  28. Eamon
  29. Flannery
  30. Grady
Irish Cat Names List

Female Irish Cat Names

Delve into the charm of Ireland with these female cat names, each a nod to the enchanting and mystical allure of Irish heritage, perfect for your feline lady of the Emerald Isle.

  1. Ailis
  2. Branna
  3. Ciara
  4. Deirdre
  5. Eabha
  6. Fiona
  7. Grainne
  8. Honora
  9. Iona
  10. Juno
  11. Keeva
  12. Liadan
  13. Maeve
  14. Nessa
  15. Orlaith
  16. Pegeen
  17. Quinlan
  18. Riona
  19. Saoirse
  20. Talulla
  21. Una
  22. Vevila
  23. Winifred
  24. Xenia
  25. Yseult
  26. Zaira
  27. Aoibheann
  28. Blathnat
  29. Caitlin
  30. Dervla

Unisex Irish Cat Names

Venture into the world of Irish charm with these unisex cat names, each blending the mystique and allure of Ireland, perfect for your feline companion regardless of their gender.

  1. Aidan
  2. Blair
  3. Casey
  4. Darcy
  5. Emery
  6. Fallon
  7. Glenn
  8. Harper
  9. Jordan
  10. Kelly
  11. Leslie
  12. Morgan
  13. Niall
  14. Peyton
  15. Quincy
  16. Reagan
  17. Shannon
  18. Taylor
  19. Usher
  20. Val
  21. Wallis
  22. Xenon
  23. Yardley
  24. Zephyr
  25. Aubrey
  26. Brogan
  27. Cameron
  28. Devon
  29. Ellis
  30. Finley

Funny Irish Cat Names

Inject a bit of Irish humor into your cat’s name with these whimsically funny Irish-inspired monikers, perfect for the cat that brings a smile to your face and a chuckle to your heart.

  1. Purrseus
  2. Meowligan
  3. Whisker O’Flaherty
  4. Catrick
  5. Furr-gal
  6. Hiss-toria
  7. Meowreen
  8. Paddy Paws
  9. Clawdagh
  10. Fiddlesticks
  11. Kitty O’Shea
  12. Lepreclawn
  13. Mew-ra
  14. Purrtrick
  15. Shamrock Shuffler
  16. Tabby O’Neil
  17. Whiskey Purr
  18. Banshee Bouncer
  19. Celtic Catter
  20. Dublin Dasher
  21. Fur-gus
  22. Guinness Giggler
  23. Hooligan
  24. Jiggy Paws
  25. Lucky Charm
  26. Malarkey
  27. O’Meowley
  28. Purrsephone
  29. Shenanigan
  30. Tater Tot

What is the Significance of Cats and their Names in Irish Culture?

Explore the intriguing realm of Irish cat names and see how the rich mythology and culture of Ireland are reflected in them:

Mystical Felines in Folklore 

In Irish culture, cats are often seen as magical creatures. They’re like the wizards of the animal world, believed to have special powers. This makes them super interesting and a bit mysterious.

Sacred Status 

Some people in Ireland thought cats were sacred, kind of like how some people see lions as the kings of the jungle. This special status means that cats are more than just pets; they’re part of Ireland’s magical history.

Names with Deep Meanings 

When Irish people name their cats, they often choose names that mean something special. It’s like naming a cat ‘Thunder’ because he’s fast and loud. These names can be about nature, like rivers or mountains, or about famous Irish heroes.

Inspiration from Legends 

Many cat names come from old Irish stories and myths. It’s like naming your cat after a superhero because they’re brave or strong. These names connect cats to Ireland’s rich storytelling tradition.

Cultural Connections 

Choosing an Irish name for a cat is a way to celebrate Irish culture. It’s like wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day to show you love Ireland. These names help keep Irish traditions alive and kicking.

A Tribute to Heritage 

For people with Irish roots, giving their cat an Irish name is a way to remember where they came from. It’s like hanging a family picture on the wall to remember your grandparents.

Unique and Meaningful 

Irish cat names are special because they’re different and have stories behind them. It’s not just a random name; it’s a name with a secret story or meaning, which makes it super cool.

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