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Korean Cat Names – From Traditional To Trendy


by Emily Wolfe


The process of naming your Korean cat can be a real headache. You want something that captures their unique personality and perhaps pays homage to their Korean heritage. 

It’s like trying to pick the perfect outfit for a special occasion – you know it’s out there, but where do you start? Korean cat names often blend melodious sounds with deep meanings, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of Korea. 

Ever found yourself lost in the beauty of a K-drama and thought, “Hey, that name sounds lovely for my cat!”? That’s the kind of inspiration we’re talking about. It’s a mix of tradition and modern flair like a well-aged kimchi meets a trendy Seoul cafe. 

Favourite Korean Cat Names

Best Korean Cat Names With English Translation

1. Miso (미소) – “Smile”

Just like a cat’s purr can bring a smile to your face, Miso is a cheerful name for a happy feline.

2. Baram (바람) – “Wind”

For cats as swift and free as a gentle breeze.

3. Chingu (친구) – “Friend” 

Perfect for a cat who’s your loyal companion.

4. Haneul (하늘) – “Sky” 

For a stargazing, dreamy kind of cat.

5. Jinju (진주) – “Pearl”

Ideal for a precious and elegant cat.

6. Nabi (나비) – “Butterfly” 

For a flying, light-hearted cat.

7. Bori (보리) – “Barley”

A down-to-earth name for a grounded, comforting cat.

8. Dongsaeng (동생) – “Younger Sibling”

A cute name for your furry little ‘brother’ or ‘sister’.

9. Haengbok (행복) – “Happiness” 

For a cat that brings joy into your life.

10. Sarang (사랑) – “Love” 

Because your cat is the embodiment of love.

11. Yeppi (예삐) – “Pretty” 

For a strikingly beautiful cat.

12. Byeol (별) – “Star” 

For a cat that shines bright in your life.

13. Kkoma (꼬마) – “Little One” 

Perfect for a small, playful kitten.

14. Noon (눈) – “Snow” 

For a cat with a pure, snowy coat.

15. Dasom (다솜) – “Love” 

Another sweet name for a beloved pet.

16. Haru (하루) – “Day” 

For a cat that brightens every day.

17. Jagi (자기) – “Honey” 

A term of endearment, like calling your cat ‘sweetie’.

18. Bichi (빛이) – “Light” 

For a cat that lights up your life.

19. Gureum (구름) – “Cloud” 

For a soft, fluffy cat.

20. Sori (소리) – “Sound” 

For a feline possessing a unique meow or purr.

Cute Korean Cat Names

Looking for the perfect name for your adorable feline friend? Consider these charming and unique “Cute Korean Cat Names”:

  1. Kkochi (꽃이)
  2. Dalkom (달콤)
  3. Podo (포도)
  4. Jelly (젤리)
  5. Choco (초코)
  6. Bbo Bbo (뽀뽀)
  7. Dubi (두비)
  8. Norang (노랑)
  9. Pangpang (빵빵)
  10. Ttoli (똘이)
  11. Hodu (호두)
  12. Mongmong (몽몽)
  13. Jjanggu (짱구)
  14. Chingu (친구)
  15. Dori (도리)
  16. Nurung (누렁)
  17. Pingki (핑키)
  18. Sunny (써니)
  19. Toto (토토)
  20. Yumi (유미)
  21. Kong (콩)
  22. Lala (라라)
  23. Momo (모모)
  24. Nana (나나)
  25. Bori (보리)
Korean Cat Names List

Male Korean Cat Names 

Discover the perfect name for your male kitty with this list of stylish and meaningful “Male Korean Cat Names”:

  1. Junseo (준서)
  2. Minho (민호)
  3. Taeyang (태양)
  4. Hyunwoo (현우)
  5. Jihoon (지훈)
  6. Seojun (서준)
  7. Donghyun (동현)
  8. Hojin (호진)
  9. Sangwoo (상우)
  10. Yeonwoo (연우)
  11. Joon (준)
  12. Kyungmin (경민)
  13. Seungmin (승민)
  14. Haneul (하늘)
  15. Jaehee (재희)
  16. Kwang (광)
  17. Suk (석)
  18. Hwan (환)
  19. Jinho (진호)
  20. Seokjin (석진)
  21. Yong (용)
  22. Dae (대)
  23. Hyuk (혁)
  24. Jungkook (정국)
  25. Wonbin (원빈)

Funny Korean Cat Names

Discover a world of charming and whimsical names for your furry friend with our carefully curated list of 25 Cute Korean Cat Names:

  1. Kkochi (꽃이) 
  2. Dalkom (달콤) 
  3. Podo (포도) 
  4. Jelly (젤리) 
  5. Choco (초코) 
  6. Bbo Bbo (뽀뽀) 
  7. Dubi (두비) 
  8. Norang (노랑) 
  9. Pangpang (빵빵) 
  10. Ttoli (똘이) 
  11. Hodu (호두) 
  12. Mongmong (몽몽) 
  13. Jjanggu (짱구) 
  14. Chingu (친구) 
  15. Dori (도리) 
  16. Nurung (누렁) 
  17. Pingki (핑키) 
  18. Sunny (써니) 
  19. Toto (토토) 
  20. Yumi (유미) 
  21. Kong (콩) 
  22. Lala (라라) 
  23. Momo (모모) 
  24. Nana (나나)
  25. Bori (보리) 

Female Korean Cat Names 

Explore these delightful and distinctive options in our curated list of “Female Korean Cat Names”, perfect for your furry companion.

  1. Eunji (은지)
  2. Hyeri (혜리)
  3. Minji (민지)
  4. Soojin (수진)
  5. Yuna (유나)
  6. Jiyeon (지연)
  7. Hana (하나)
  8. Seoyeon (서연)
  9. Nari (나리)
  10. Kyunghee (경희)
  11. Soomi (수미)
  12. Yejin (예진)
  13. Dahyun (다현)
  14. Jiwoo (지우)
  15. Sunhee (선희)
  16. Boram (보람)
  17. Heejin (희진)
  18. Minah (민아)
  19. Seunghee (승희)
  20. Yoori (유리)
  21. Jungah (정아)
  22. Hyunji (현지)
  23. Sena (세나)
  24. Yebin (예빈)
  25. Gayeon (가연)

Unisex Korean Cat Names 

Whether you have a boy or girl cat, find the ideal name in our collection of “Unisex Korean Cat Names”:

  1. Sang (상)
  2. Jae (재)
  3. Hyun (현)
  4. Ki (기)
  5. Seo (서)
  6. Rin (린)
  7. Min (민)
  8. Joo (주)
  9. Tae (태)
  10. Hoon (훈)
  11. Young (영)
  12. Jin (진)
  13. Soo (수)
  14. Won (원)
  15. Joong (중)
  16. Kyu (규)
  17. Shin (신)
  18. Chan (찬)
  19. Hae (해)
  20. Sung (성)
  21. Yul (율)
  22. Dae (대)
  23. Gil (길)
  24. Nam (남)
  25. Bae (배)

How popular is Cat in Korean Culture and what is the significance of naming Cat names in Korean Culture?

In Korea, cats aren’t just pets; they’re a cherished part of the family with a deep cultural significance. Let’s dive into how cats have woven their way into the heart of Korean culture and the meaningful tradition behind their names.

Growing Popularity of Cats 

In Korea, cats are becoming more and more popular as household pets. It’s like cats are the new favorite friends in many Korean homes.

Favorite Breed – Korean Shorthair 

The Korean Shorthair, or Koshot, is the star of the show. It’s like the most popular kid in school, with 45.2% of Korean cat owners choosing this breed.

Meaningful Names

Giving a cat a Korean name is a big deal. It’s not just a name; it’s a reflection of hopes, dreams, and beliefs. Consider it like giving a star in the sky a name; it has significance and is unique.

Influence of Traditions 

Traditional Korean beliefs and myths also shape how cats are named. Names that bring luck or symbolize beauty are like picking a lucky charm for your pet.

Names Reflecting Characteristics

Korean cat names can be inspired by a cat’s looks, personality, or even someone’s favorite things. It’s like picking a nickname for a friend based on what makes them unique.

Popular Names

Some common names for male cats are Dong-Ee, Suk, and Roo-Da. For female cats, names like No-rang-i, Ya-oong-i, and Kkoch are popular. These names are like badges of honor, each telling a story or highlighting a trait.

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