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Japanese Cat Names – Funny And Cute Ideas


by Emily Wolfe


If you’re attracted to the allure of Japanese cat names, picking the ideal name for your new pet might be somewhat difficult. These names aren’t just unique; they carry deep meanings and cultural significance. 

Consider this: you’re shouting out ‘Yuki,’ which means snow, for a fluffy white cat – it’s more than just a name, it’s a tale!

Japanese cat names often reflect nature, characteristics, or even wishes for the pet. It’s like giving your cat a little piece of a rich and ancient culture. 

Favourite Japanese Cat Names

Popular Japanese Cat Names (with Meanings)

1. Sakura

This name means ‘cherry blossom’, a beloved flower in Japan that symbolizes renewal and hope. It’s perfect for a cat that brought a fresh start to your life.

2. Hiro

‘Generous’ by meaning, it’s a wonderful choice for a feline with a huge heart. Hiro can be compared to the cat who shares his toys with everyone.

3. Yuki

Translates to ‘snow’. It’s ideal for a cat with a cool, calm demeanor or a fluffy white coat, just like a serene winter landscape.

4. Kai

This name means ‘sea’. It suits a cat with a deep, mysterious personality, or one who loves gazing out the window as if looking at the ocean.

5. Nori 

It means ‘belief’ or ‘doctrine’. A cat that appears knowledgeable beyond their years and is usually seen sitting thoughtfully in their favorite area could be named Nori.

6. Ren

Signifying ‘lotus’, it’s a name that fits a cat who has overcome challenges, blooming beautifully against the odds, just like a lotus flower in a pond.

7. Tora

This one means ‘tiger’. For a striped cat or one with a bold, adventurous attitude, it’s ideal.

8. Hana 

Meaning ‘flower’, this name suits a sweet, gentle cat who brightens up every room, just like a bouquet of fresh flowers.

9. Kiko 

Translates to ‘hope’. Kiko is a fitting name for a cat who came into your life during a time of change and brought hope along with them.

10. Kenji 

Its meaning, “strong, healthy,” makes it an excellent option for a healthy, active cat who is constantly eager to play and explore.

Female Japanese Names For Cats 

When selecting a name for your feline friend, it’s delightful to explore names from different cultures. Here are some female Japanese names perfect for cats:

  1. Akira
  2. Asami
  3. Chiyo
  4. Emiko
  5. Fumiko
  6. Haru
  7. Izumi
  8. Jun
  9. Keiko
  10. Kumi
  11. Mai
  12. Mariko
  13. Nana
  14. Naomi
  15. Noriko
  16. Reiko
  17. Saki
  18. Sumiko
  19. Takara
  20. Tomomi
  21. Umeko
  22. Yoko
  23. Yuri
  24. Yuriko
  25. Aiko
Japanese Cat Names List

Male Japanese Names For Cats 

Choosing a unique name for your male cat can be a fun and creative process. Consider these male Japanese names that are ideal for cats:

  1. Akio
  2. Daichi
  3. Eiji
  4. Fumihiro
  5. Goro
  6. Hideo
  7. Isamu
  8. Jiro
  9. Kenzo
  10. Makoto
  11. Nobu
  12. Osamu
  13. Ryo
  14. Tadashi
  15. Takeshi
  16. Umeo
  17. Yasu
  18. Yoshi
  19. Yuji
  20. Zen

Japanese Anime Cat Names

When naming their feline friends, fans of Japanese animation have a plethora of endearing and distinctive possibilities to choose from. Several Japanese anime cat names are as follows:

  1. Jiji (from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”)
  2. Luna (from “Sailor Moon”)
  3. Artemis (from “Sailor Moon”)
  4. Happy (from “Fairy Tail”)
  5. Kuro (from “Blue Exorcist”)
  6. Meowth (from “Pokémon”)
  7. Karupin (from “Prince of Tennis”)
  8. Sakamoto (from “Nichijou”)
  9. Blair (from “Soul Eater”)
  10. Yoruichi (from “Bleach”)
  11. Neko (from “K Project”)
  12. Bananya (from “Bananya”)
  13. Nyanko-sensei (from “Natsume’s Book of Friends”)
  14. Puar (from “Dragon Ball”)
  15. Shampoo (from “Ranma ½”)
  16. Tama (from “Sazae-san”)
  17. Chi (from “Chi’s Sweet Home”)
  18. Korin (from “Dragon Ball”)
  19. Mao (from “Darker than Black”)
  20. Shamisen (from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”)
  21. Kaya (from “Ghost Stories”)
  22. Anpu (from “Yu-Gi-Oh!”)
  23. Kuroneko-sama (from “Trigun”)
  24. Buyo (from “Inuyasha”)
  25. Muta (from “The Cat Returns”)

Funny Japanese Cat Names

Inject some humor into your cat’s identity with these whimsically funny Japanese names. These choices are sure to bring a smile every time you call your cat:

  1. Miso (like the soup)
  2. Sushi
  3. Tempura
  4. Boba (after the popular drink)
  5. Wasabi
  6. Ramen
  7. Nori (also a type of seaweed)
  8. Pocky (after the snack)
  9. Tako (octopus)
  10. Fugu (a type of fish)
  11. Matcha (a green tea)
  12. Goma (sesame)
  13. Kabuki (traditional theatre)
  14. Sumo (after the wrestler)
  15. Fuji (like the mountain)
  16. Dango (a sweet dumpling)
  17. Bento (lunch box)
  18. Onigiri (rice ball)
  19. Karaoke
  20. Manga
  21. Neko (cat in Japanese, for a bit of irony)
  22. Emoji
  23. Kawaii (meaning cute)
  24. Senpai (used in schools)
  25. Otaku (a term for a fan of anime and manga)

Badass Japanese Cat Names

Embrace the spirit and strength of Japanese culture by choosing a badass name for your cat.

  1. Raiden
  2. Hanzo
  3. Ryu
  4. Kazuki
  5. Kurogane
  6. Akuma
  7. Yakuza
  8. Shogun
  9. Ninja
  10. Ronin
  11. Satsuki
  12. Kaito
  13. Oni
  14. Kenshin
  15. Ryuko
  16. Shinobi
  17. Samurai
  18. Haruka
  19. Yurei
  20. Yaku
  21. Judo
  22. Katana
  23. Kiyoshi
  24. Seiji
  25. Kitsune

Kawaii Cat Names

If you’re seeking a name as adorable as your furry friend, “kawaii” (cute in Japanese) cat names are a perfect choice. Here are some kawaii cat names:

  1. Mochi
  2. Sora
  3. Pika
  4. Tofu
  5. Mimi
  6. Koko
  7. Taro
  8. Piko
  9. Hana
  10. Miko
  11. Kiki
  12. Momo
  13. Suki
  14. Chibi
  15. Kuma
  16. Neko-chan
  17. Yumi
  18. Choco
  19. Maru
  20. Hoshi

How popular are Cats in Japan and what is the importance of giving them names in Japan?

In the Land of the Rising Sun, cats reign supreme, holding a unique and cherished place in Japanese culture. From their role as bringers of good fortune to their meaningful names, let’s explore just how popular cats are in Japan and why bestowing names upon them is a time-honored tradition.

Cat Craze in Japan 

Cats have stolen the hearts of many in Japan. In 2022, there were a whopping 8.8 million pet cats in the country. That’s like having a cat for every person in New York City!

Feline Fortune

In Japanese culture, cats are considered lucky charms. Just like a rabbit’s foot in Western culture, cats are thought to ward off bad vibes. They’re also considered excellent mouse hunters, which makes them valuable in agricultural settings.

Royal Entertainment 

In the past, cats were entertainers in the courts of Japan. They’d prance around, making the royal court laugh and smile. 

The Name Game 

When it comes to naming cats in Japan, it’s more than just picking a sound. Names often have deep and beautiful meanings. They’re like poems in themselves, reflecting a cat’s gender, color, markings, and personality.

A Token of Affection 

Naming a cat is like giving it a warm hug. It’s a way for the Japanese to show their love and appreciation for these furry companions. It’s a bit like giving your best friend a special nickname that only you two understand

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