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200+ Goldfish Names – From Cute to Quirky Choices


by Emily Wolfe


You’ve got a new goldfish, and now you’re stumped on what to call it, right? Trust me, you’re not alone. Naming a goldfish can be a surprisingly tough gig. Why? Because names carry weight; they’re the first brushstrokes on the canvas of your pet’s personality.

What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, it’s like a first impression but for your fish. Go too cutesy, and you’re the person who named their fish “Bubbles.” Too serious, and you’ve got a goldfish named “Sir Finley of the Bowl.” Tricky, huh?

The key is balance. You want a name that’s memorable but not too outlandish. It’s a bit like naming a rock band; it has to be catchy but not cringeworthily. And let’s be real, your goldfish won’t mind if you take a minute to decide. After all, they’ve got nowhere to be!

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What Your Goldfish’s Name Reveals About You

The Classic Namer: Sticking to the Basics

  • What it says about you: If you’ve named your goldfish something traditional like “Goldie,” you’re likely a straightforward, no-nonsense individual. You appreciate the classics and see no reason to complicate things.
  • Why it matters: Ever wonder why some people stick to the classics? It’s often because they value stability and tradition. Just like a classic car or a timeless piece of art, a traditional goldfish name has its own charm.

The Trendsetter: Modern and Quirky Choices

  • What it says about you: Names like “Finley” or “AquaStar” suggest you’re a trendsetter, always on the lookout for the next big thing.
  • Why it matters: Trendsetters often bring fresh energy into any setting. Your choice of a modern name for your fancy goldfish could indicate your openness to new experiences.

The Creative Spirit: Unique and Artistic Flair

  • What it says about you: If you’ve gone for something out-of-the-box like “PicassoFin,” you’re likely a creative soul who thinks outside the fishbowl.
  • Why it matters: Creative names often reflect a rich inner world. Could your unique name choice be a window into your artistic tendencies?

The Cultural Enthusiast: Names with Global Influence

  • What it says about you: Names like “Sakura” or “Nereus” suggest a love for different cultures or mythology.
  • Why it matters: A culturally influenced name for your black goldfish might indicate a well-traveled individual or someone deeply interested in global traditions.

The Sentimentalist: Names with Personal Meaning

  • What it says about you: If you’ve named your goldfish after a beloved family member or a childhood pet, you’re likely sentimental and value emotional connections.
  • Why it matters: Sentimental names often carry stories. Isn’t it fascinating how a name can encapsulate a whole narrative or set of emotions?
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Unique Goldfish Names

Ready to step up your goldfish-naming game? Whether you’ve got one of the many types of goldfish, a majestic king koi goldfish, or a large goldfish that’s practically a mini-whale, a unique name can make all the difference. Let’s dive into a treasure trove of names that are as one-of-a-kind as your finned friend.

Here’s a curated list of names that are not just names; they’re identities. Each one is designed to capture the essence of your aquatic companion in a splashy, unforgettable way.

So, without further ado, let’s get those creative juices flowing and explore some names that are anything but ordinary.

  • AquaZen
  • Sir Bubblesworth
  • Finstagram
  • PoseiFin
  • GlubGlub McSwim
  • SushiRoll
  • Captain Splash
  • Goldsby
  • Neptune’s Gem
  • Swishy McTail
  • CoralReef
  • MoonGlow
  • Tangerine Dream
  • WaterWaltz
  • Finny McFinFace
  • SunKiss
  • Gillyweed
  • Atlantis Prince
  • StarFin
  • BubbleGum
  • SeaSorcerer
  • MysticWave
  • OceanOrchid
  • Finny the Pooh
  • AquaDoodle
  • GlitterGill
  • Nemo’s Cousin
  • ZenithFin
  • TwilightSwim
  • CosmicGlow

Best Goldfish Names

Looking to crown your finned friend with a name that’s as majestic as a king koi goldfish? You’re in the right place! From the tiniest types of goldfish to those large goldfish that command attention, a standout name can elevate your pet’s status in the fishbowl hierarchy.

These names aren’t just labels; they’re badges of honor, each one carefully crafted to resonate with your pet’s unique personality. Trust us, these names are the crème de la crème of the aquatic world.

So, let’s cut to the chase and unveil a list of names that are the gold standard in goldfish nomenclature.

  • EmperorFin
  • AquaRoyale
  • Sunburst Majesty
  • Sir Swims-a-Lot
  • Queen Glimmer
  • Poseidon’s Heir
  • Lady Bubbleton
  • TsarSplash
  • GoldaFishtro
  • Finneus Maximus
  • SirenSong
  • Duke of Waves
  • Countess Coral
  • Admiral Aqua
  • Lord Finnington
  • Princess Scales
  • Baron von Guppy
  • Duchess Dewdrop
  • Sir Finwick
  • Lady Lagoon
  • Marquis de Swim
  • Viscount Splash
  • Earl of Tide
  • Dame Dewfin
  • Knight of the Pond
  • Count Bubblestein
  • Lady of the Lake
  • Archduke Swish
  • Viscountess Ripple
  • Baroness Finley

Cute goldfish names

Who says cuteness can’t make waves? If you’ve just picked up a darling goldfish for sale, or you’re the proud owner of an adorable bubble eye or a cuddly fat goldfish, you’ll want a name that’s as endearing as your pet.

These names are the epitome of cute, each one designed to make you go “aww” every time you glance at your fish tank. They’re like the pet names you’d give to a lovable stuffed animal, but for your swimming sidekick.

Let’s get right to it and unveil a list of names that are as cute as a button and twice as charming.

  • CuddleFin
  • SnuggleGill
  • PuffyPond
  • SweetSplash
  • LoveBubbles
  • HoneyFin
  • CozyWave
  • FluffyScales
  • SugarSwim
  • BabyGlow
  • CuddleTail
  • AngelFins
  • TinyTide
  • DaintyDroplet
  • SnuggleFish
  • SoftSwirl
  • CutesyCurl
  • HugMeFin
  • SweetiePie
  • LovableLagoon
  • CuddleCove
  • PlushPond
  • TickleTail
  • SnuggleSpray
  • LoveyDovey
  • CuddleCreek
  • SnuggleStream
  • HuggyHarbor
  • CutesyCurrent
  • LoveyLake

Badass Goldfish Names

Who says goldfish can’t be fierce? If you’ve got a lionhead fish, found the perfect goldfish near me, or are setting up a new goldfish aquarium, you’ll want a name that packs a punch.

These names are the epitome of cool, each one designed to make your goldfish the undisputed ruler of its watery realm. They’re the names that make you think, “Yeah, that fish means business.”

So, let’s get down to it and unveil a list of names that are as badass as they are unforgettable.

  • ThunderFin
  • BlazeGill
  • VortexTail
  • StormSplash
  • IronScales
  • TitanWave
  • FuryFins
  • PhantomSwim
  • DiabloDive
  • RogueRipple
  • TempestTide
  • VenomGlow
  • RavenReef
  • ShadowSurge
  • ViperVibe
  • OnyxOrbit
  • SaberSwish
  • TalonTwirl
  • SpikeStream
  • RaptorRush
  • FangFlow
  • ScorpionSway
  • CobraCurl
  • DragonDroplet
  • KrakenKoi
  • WolverineWave
  • ThorTide
  • LokiLagoon
  • ValkyrieVortex
  • SpartanSplash

Funny Goldfish Names

Diving into the world of pet goldfish, one can’t help but be charmed by their playful antics. Especially when you have a unique breed like the panda oranda, it’s essential to find a name that captures its spirit. For those with a small goldfish or a grand one, here’s a list of whimsical names to tickle your fancy.

  • Glitter Gills
  • Sir Bubblesworth
  • Finny McFinFace
  • Goldie Locks
  • Swim Shady
  • Gigglescale
  • Pouty Pescado
  • Aqua Comedian
  • Sushi Sundae
  • Captain Splash
  • Bloop Bloop
  • Glimmerfin
  • Chucklefin
  • Sir Swimsalot
  • Gilded Jester
  • Puddle Prankster
  • Aqua Joker
  • Goggle-Eyed Guppy
  • Bling Blub
  • Golden Guffaw
  • Swim Sinatra
  • Gillbert
  • Fin-tastic Fred
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Bubbly Bob
  • Laughing Luna
  • Gilly Wonka
  • Pescado Punchline
  • Chuckle Chub
  • Glint & Glee
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