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Evil Horse Names [The Dark and Mischievous List]


by Emily Wolfe


While some people prefer to choose classic and elegant names, others look for something more unique and edgy. That’s where evil horse names come in. These names can reflect the darker side of a horse’s personality, or simply be a playful nod to their mischievous nature.

Whether you want to give your horse a name that is both charming and sinister or simply something that stands out, there are plenty of ideas to choose from.

Some examples of evil horse names include “Nightmare”, “Darkness”, “Shadow”, “Raven”, and “Demon”. Whether you’re looking for something that is outright evil or just a little bit wicked, there’s sure to be a name on this list that’s perfect for your horse.

Popular Evil Horse Names

1. Shadowfax

Shadowfax is a great evil horse name because it evokes images of a dark and powerful steed. The name itself is derived from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, where Shadowfax was Gandalf’s horse. It is a majestic and powerful name, and it immediately conveys to people that the horse is a fearsome being.

2. Nightmare

It is a classic evil horse name that has been used for centuries. It conveys the idea of a dark and terrifying beast, as well as the horror and terror that it could bring to its victims. It is an apt name for any horse that is known for its dark and intimidating demeanor.

3. Black Beauty

In addition to being beautiful and powerful, Black Beauty is a good name for evil horses. The name is derived from the novel of the same name by Anna Sewell, which tells the story of a black horse who suffers terribly due to the mistreatment of its owners. It is a powerful and heartbreaking name, and it is sure to convey to people that the horse is a force to be reckoned with.

4. Hades

Because of its association with the Greek underworld god Hades, Hades is a great name for an evil horse. This name is sure to convey to people that the horse is a powerful and intimidating creature that should not be taken lightly. It is a great name for a horse with a dark and dangerous reputation.

5. Diablo

This name is sure to evoke images of a powerful and terrifying horse that is capable of wreaking havoc and destruction. For horses whose behaviors are known to be malevolent or sinister, this is a great name.

6. Shadowmane

It refers to a shadowy figure or an evil spirit. This is a great name for a horse that brings terror and fear into the lives of those around it.

7. Destroyer

An intimidating name like destroyer comes from the verb “destroy,” which means to destroy or ruin something. This name invokes thoughts of destruction and chaos and is perfect for a vicious and powerful horse.

8. Blackheart

Another ominous-sounding horse’s name is Blackheart. It evokes images of a dead horse that leaves no one unscathed.

9. Nightstalker – Nightstalker is a very eerie name that suggests that this horse is always lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce. It also implies that the horse is capable of stealth and cunning, which makes it a perfect name for an evil horse.

10. Fiery

This horse’s name is very fiery in nature, meaning that it is extremely passionate and emotional. It is a perfect name for a spirited horse that does not take criticism well.

11. Shadow

Shadow is a great name for an evil horse, it evokes a feeling of mystery and darkness, suggesting a horse that is able to lurk in the shadows and cause mischief. What a great name for a horse that can’t seem to stay out of trouble and loves to play tricks!

12. Demon

Demon is one of the most classic evil horse names. With its connotation of fear and unease, it’s the perfect name for horses that are unpredictable and wild. It’s the kind of name that can make your hair stand on end and your heart starts racing!

13. Strife

Chaos and destruction are the characteristics that make Strife an excellent evil horse name. Conflict and discord are the core characteristics, which come from the Old English word strip. This dark and menacing name fits any horse that is looking to cause disruption in the barn or out in the fields.

14. Thunderbolt

They strike fear into their enemies with their ability to deliver devastating blows. Thunderbolts can easily cause havoc in the barn or around the farm. If you’re looking for a horse with a sharp, strong temperament, then look no further than a Thunderbolt!

15. Doom

You can never tell what kind of trouble you might be walking into if you choose this name for your horse. Doom has a sinister, foreboding air about it. It can make a great name for a powerful warhorse or a dangerous steed that will not hesitate to get into a fight.

16. Maleficent

Usually, this name conjures up images of a wicked and sinister fairy. She is the epitome of all things bad and will only bring trouble to your farm and the horses that live on it.

17. Blackjack

Blackjack comes from a name that originated in France. It means “badger” and was given to horses that were difficult to catch. That could work well for some of today’s hard-to-catch Thoroughbreds!

18. Dauntless

Dauntless is a name that means fearless. It is used for Thoroughbreds that never flinch in the face of danger. So, it is a fitting name for horse owners who have no problem with their animals being a little more daring.

19. Ebonics

For the most athletic and fastest horses, Ebonics is the language of choice. It means “the way of the horse.” Hence, it can be a good fit for Thoroughbreds who love to run fast.

20. Voluptuous

Having great beauty or being voluptuous is what it means. With a name like that, it might fit a beautiful Thoroughbred mare.

Evil horses in history 

10 Evil horses in history 

1. Surus

This evil horse was the favorite steed of the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, and was known for its ferocity in battle. It was said to have been born of a mare and a lion and was able to trample and bite its way through enemy soldiers with ease.

2. The White Horse of the Apocalypse

According to the Biblical Book of Revelation and the Bible, Death rode this white horse during the Apocalypse. It was known to have the power to trample and devour those who stood in its way, and it was a symbol of death and destruction.

3. Kelpie

There was a mythological horse called this evil horse in Scottish mythology. It was said to live in rivers and lakes, and to lure unsuspecting humans onto its back, only to drag them to a watery grave. It was known to have the power to shapeshift, and it was said to be an omen of bad luck for anyone who encountered it.

4. Horse of Famine

Throughout history, famine has been the most devastating plague. It is said to have been released upon the world by the gods to punish mortals for their hubris. The horse was said to have the power to bring down entire civilizations and cause the death of many people through its horrible power.

5. Horse of Pestilence

As a punishment for the transgressions of mortals, this horse symbolizes disease and pestilence. It was said to have the power to spread deadly diseases, bring down entire civilizations and cause the death of many people.

6. Pegasus

Another creature that once walked on the face of this earth was the winged horse, Pegasus. It was said to have been ridden by Poseidon. He used this horse to carry demigods like Bellerophon to their quests.

7. Unicorn

In mythology, the unicorn was a mythical animal, representing the purest form of innocence and uniqueness. In recent times, this mythical creature has become a legendary source of inspiration for many artists and musicians.

8. The Horse of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was a Macedonian king who conquered much of the known world in the 4th century BC. He was known to have ridden a white horse named Bucephalus during his campaigns, which was said to be so brave and fearless that it would rush into battle even when no other animal would.

9. Kiev

In the time of Ivan the Terrible, Kyiv was one of the most famous war horses. He was said to have been incredibly ferocious and was known to have killed many people in battle.

10. Apollyon

As described in the Bible, this horse was ridden by Abaddon, the demon king. Apollyon was said to be a terrifying creature with the head of a lion and the tail of a dragon and was said to be the embodiment of death and destruction.

Evil Male Horse Names

30 Evil Male Horse Names

1. Lucifer 

2. Dark Angel

3.  Abyssal Beast

4. Wrath 

5. Doomrider

6. Tempest

7. Beelzebub

8. Rogue

9. Mordred

10. Belial

11. Abaddon

12. Mephistopheles

13. Beelzebub

14. Satan

15. Bane

16. Asmodeus

17. Calamity

18. Spectre

19. Dracon

20. Jettison

21. Ravager

22. Malefic

23. Malevolent

24. Infernal

25. Cinder

26. Havoc

27. Darkthorn

28. Corruptor

29. Sinister

30.  Grim Reaper

Evil Female Horse Names

30 Evil Female Horse Names

1. Death Mare 

2. Dark Mistress 

3. Shadow Mare 

4. Midnight Rider 

5. Wicked Wind 

6. Blood Mare 

7. Venomous Vixen 

8. Nocturnal Nightmare 

9. Fury Witch

10. Screaming Sinner 

11. Demon Steed 

12. Ghostly Grin 

13. Wicked Witch 

14. Evil Enchantress 

15. She-Devil 

16. Hella

17. Necrobane

18. Corrupted Curse 

19. Banshee Bolt 

20. Blood Thorn 

21. Gorgon Mare 

22. Lethal Lady 

23. Wrathful Warrior 

24. Carnal Cruiser 

25. Infernal Impaler

26. Temptress

27. Cursed Mare

28. Draculina

29. Phantom Filly 

30. Evil Spirit

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