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Egyptian Cat Names – Mystique For Your Pet


by Emily Wolfe


When it comes to naming your Egyptian cat, it can be like trying to read hieroglyphs without a Rosetta Stone! These majestic felines, with their royal lineage and enigmatic aura, deserve names that echo their grandeur. 

When you consider that these cats are descended from the sacred creatures of ancient Egypt, you realize that they are not just any cats. You might find yourself going down a rabbit hole of history and mythology, trying to find that one name that just clicks. 

It’s a mix of fun and frustration, like trying to solve a puzzle with a piece missing. But when you land on the right name, it’s like striking gold in a pharaoh’s tomb – utterly satisfying.

Favourite Egyptian Cat Names

Best Egyptian Cat Names (with Meanings)

1. Bastet 

Named after the Egyptian goddess of home, fertility, and cats. Fancy your cat as a tiny deity, charming and regaling over your house.

2. Ra

This name is short and sweet, just like the sun god it’s named after. It’s perfect for a cat who loves basking in sunny spots.

3. Cleocatra

A playful twist on Cleopatra, for a cat with a regal attitude and maybe a bit of drama.

4. Mau

It means ‘cat’ in Egyptian. Simple. It’s like calling your cat ‘cat’ but in a cooler, ancient language.

5. Anubis

A cat with a mysterious, watchful nature, named after the god of mummification and the afterlife.

6. Sphinx

For the cat who enjoys lounging around, akin to the well-known statue with the human head and the lion’s body.

7. Nefertiti

Means ‘the beautiful one has come’. Perfect for a cat with stunning looks that leave everyone in awe.

8. Osiris 

Named for the underworld deity, this name suits a cat with a commanding presence and a bit of a mysterious side.

9. Sekhmet 

A fierce and powerful cat, named after the warrior goddess who was also a protector.

10. Tut 

Short for Tutankhamun, it’s great for a cat who acts like a little king in your home.

Ancient Egyptian Cat Names

Delve into history with our collection of “Ancient Cat Names”, offering a timeless charm for your feline friend, inspired by historical eras and figures.

  1. Amun
  2. Horus
  3. Isis
  4. Seti
  5. Hathor
  6. Ptah
  7. Sobek
  8. Thoth
  9. Aten
  10. Khepri
  11. Serqet
  12. Ramses
  13. Khufu
  14. Merit
  15. Akhenaten
  16. Djoser
  17. Seshat
  18. Hapi
  19. Nut
  20. Geb
  21. Tawaret
  22. Montu
  23. Neith
  24. Wadjet
  25. Shu
Egyptian Cat Names List

Male Egyptian Cat Names

These “Male Egyptian Cat Names” will take you on a historical journey through the rich mythology and history of ancient Egypt.

  1. Amasis
  2. Zoser
  3. Mentuhotep
  4. Pepi
  5. Khafra
  6. Setnakhte
  7. Thutmose
  8. Amenhotep
  9. Horemheb
  10. Seqenenre
  11. Ahmose
  12. Merenptah
  13. Siptah
  14. Ay
  15. Bakenkhonsu
  16. Djehuty
  17. Hekaib
  18. Imhotep
  19. Kagemni
  20. Meketre
  21. Nakht
  22. Paser
  23. Ramose
  24. Senusret
  25. Userkaf

Female Egyptian Cat Names 

With our carefully chosen “Female Egyptian Cat Names”, you can delve into the mystery of ancient Egypt and find the ideal name for your sophisticated and mysterious feline friend.

  1. Nefertari
  2. Hatshepsut
  3. Meritaten
  4. Kiya
  5. Sitamun
  6. Henutmire
  7. Ahhotep
  8. Tiaa
  9. Mutnodjmet
  10. Ankhesenamun
  11. Twosret
  12. Meryt-Neith
  13. Sobekneferu
  14. Nitocris
  15. Isetnofret
  16. Maathorneferure
  17. Satiah
  18. Henutsen
  19. Neferure
  20. Bintanath
  21. Meresankh
  22. Tawosret
  23. Nebettawy
  24. Mutemwiya
  25. Ahmose-Nefertari

Funny Egyptian Cat Names

Add a dash of humor to your cat-naming adventure with these amusing and whimsical Egyptian-themed names. Perfect for a cat with a playful spirit or a quirky personality, these names are sure to bring a smile to your face and a unique twist to your pet’s identity.

  1. Meowmhotep
  2. Purr-ooh
  3. Cleocattra
  4. Meowses
  5. Whisker Tut
  6. Felinephis
  7. Purr-a-mid
  8. Sphinxter
  9. Mewtenkhamun
  10. Hissyphus
  11. Tabbyankhamun
  12. Meowmut
  13. Catra
  14. Pawsiris
  15. Hisskheperre
  16. Furr-raoh
  17. Clawpatra
  18. Meowmenhotep
  19. Purrseus
  20. Mewkare
  21. Scarabcat
  22. Purrnakhte
  23. Meowphis
  24. Katmosis
  25. Furrowkhamun

Cute Egyptian Cat Names

Embrace the charm and elegance of ancient Egypt with these cute Egyptian-themed cat names. Ideal for your adorable and endearing feline, these names not only reflect the rich cultural heritage of Egypt but also highlight the irresistible cuteness of your kitty.

  1. Basti
  2. Nefurrtiti
  3. Mewnet
  4. Pawmet
  5. Tabbysis
  6. Purrses
  7. Mau-Mau
  8. Little Lotus
  9. Fluffet
  10. Sphinxy
  11. Kittenkhamen
  12. Meowet
  13. Purramses
  14. Tabbynubis
  15. Snuggleptah
  16. Purrmetis
  17. Cuddlecatra
  18. Mewra
  19. Fluffyphis
  20. Purrfectiti
  21. Meowkhet
  22. Snugglis
  23. Pawsititi
  24. Kittykhamun
  25. Fluffsis

Egyptian Black Cat Names

Celebrate the revered status of black cats in ancient Egypt with our curated list of “Egyptian Black Cat Names”, embodying elegance and mystery.

  1. Kemet
  2. Onyx
  3. Midnight
  4. Shadow
  5. Anubis
  6. Sable
  7. Eclipse
  8. Obsidian
  9. Panther
  10. Coal
  11. Raven
  12. Night
  13. Darkmoon
  14. Charcoal
  15. Jet
  16. Phantom
  17. Ink
  18. Nebula
  19. Ash
  20. Storm
  21. Vulcan
  22. Smokey
  23. Cosmos
  24. Zephyr
  25. Mystic

How diverse are Egyptian Cat Names?

Egyptian cat names are varied and fall under some categories, including:

Ancient Egyptian Deities and Mythological Creatures 

Egyptian cat names are steeped in history and mythology. Like naming your cat Osiris, after the god of the underworld, it’s like having a little piece of ancient legend at home.

Real Egyptian Names 

Some names are directly borrowed from real Egyptian names. For example, calling your cat Amun, just like an ancient Egyptian might have named their child, connects your pet to a rich cultural heritage.

Historical and Descriptive Egyptian Cat Names 

These names reflect the cat’s characteristics or historical figures. Naming a cat Cleopatra, for instance, combines the elegance of Cleopatra with the playfulness of a cat.

Food-Inspired Names 

Just for fun, some names come from Egyptian cuisine. Envision a feline called Falafel, embodying the spirit of the well-known street cuisine in Egypt.

Funny Egyptian Cat Names 

These names are a playful take on Egyptian culture. A cat named Sphinxter, for example, adds a humorous twist to the majestic Sphinx.

Royal Egyptian Cat Names 

These names are fit for feline royalty. Naming your cat Nefertiti or Ramses sets them up as the ruler of your household, much like the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

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