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Cat Names That Start With R – Stunning Cat Names


by Emily Wolfe


Finding a name that starts with ‘R’ for your cat can feel like a mini adventure, can’t it? You want something that captures their personality, yet every name you come across either seems too bland or just doesn’t fit.

How often have you found yourself deep in a list of names, only to realize none of them match the unique character of your furry companion?

It’s a common dilemma for cat owners. You’re looking for that special name that stands out, but where do you begin? What’s the secret sauce in a name that makes it feel just right?

Sometimes, the perfect name pops up when you least expect it. It could be hidden in a favorite song lyric, a character from a book, or even a fond memory.

Remember, the most memorable names often come from the least expected places.

Fvourite Cat Names That Start With R

Cat Names that Start with R (with meaning)

1. Romeo 

This name is steeped in romance and drama, originating from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” It’s ideal for a cat who is not just affectionate but also has a flair for the dramatic, capturing hearts with just a purr.

2. Ruby 

Ruby is a name that connotes value and beauty, and it is named after the valuable red gemstone. It’s perfect if your cat has a striking appearance or a warm, vibrant personality that shines brightly in your life.

3. Rascal 

This name is for the mischievous adventurer. Take a look at a cat who enjoys exploring, gets into playful trouble, and makes you laugh with their antics. Rascal embodies a spirited and cheeky character.

4. Rosie 

Evoking images of delicate roses, this name is fitting for cats with gentle, loving nature. Rosie suggests sweetness and a friendly demeanor, perfect for a cat who loves cuddles and exudes warmth.

5. Rex 

Latin for ‘king’, Rex is a name that carries a sense of nobility and strength. It’s well-suited for a cat with a majestic presence, one who commands the room with dignity and grace.

6. Rain 

This name is for a cat who brings a sense of calm and serenity, much like a soft, soothing rain. It’s ideal for a peaceful, tranquil cat whose presence feels as refreshing and renewing as a rainy day.

7. Raven 

Inspired by the dark, mysterious bird, Raven is a name that suits a cat with a sleek, black coat or a mysterious, enigmatic personality. For a cat who glides stealthily and radiates mystery, it’s perfect.

8. Rocket 

For the cat that never seems to run out of energy, Rocket is an apt name. It reflects speed and dynamism, ideal for a cat who dashes around the house with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

9. Rumi 

Named after the 13th-century poet, Rumi is a name that suggests depth and introspection. It’s fitting for a contemplative cat, one who seems to ponder life’s mysteries or enjoys their quiet, reflective moments.

10. Rizzo 

This name, possibly inspired by the character from the musical ‘Grease’, suggests a cat with a bold, confident personality. Rizzo is perfect for a cat who’s a bit of a rebel, walking with swagger and a spunky attitude.

Popular Cat Names that Start with R

  1. Rosie
  2. Ruby
  3. Ralph
  4. Rex
  5. Remy
  6. Roxy
  7. Rocky
  8. Romeo
  9. Rascal
  10. Raven
  11. Ringo
  12. Rocco
  13. Roger
  14. Roscoe
  15. Rose
  16. Rowan
  17. Rudy
  18. Rufus
  19. Russell
  20. Rusty
  21. Ryan
  22. Ryder
  23. Rylan
  24. Ramona
  25. Regina
  26. Reuben
  27. Rhett
  28. Ricardo
  29. Richard
  30. Ricky
Cat Names That Start With R List

Male Cat Names That Start With R

  1. Ralph
  2. Raymond
  3. Reggie
  4. Remington
  5. Rhett
  6. Ricardo
  7. Richard
  8. Ricky
  9. Riley
  10. Ringo
  11. Ritz
  12. River
  13. Robert
  14. Robin
  15. Rocky
  16. Roger
  17. Roland
  18. Romeo
  19. Ron
  20. Ronnie
  21. Rory
  22. Roscoe
  23. Ross
  24. Rowan
  25. Roy
  26. Royce
  27. Ruben
  28. Rudy
  29. Rufus
  30. Russell
  31. Rusty
  32. Ryan
  33. Ryder
  34. Rylan

Female Cat Names Starting With R

  1. Rachel
  2. Raina
  3. Ramona
  4. Rebecca
  5. Reese
  6. Regina
  7. Remi
  8. Remy
  9. Renee
  10. Rhea
  11. Rhonda
  12. Ria
  13. Rihanna
  14. Rita
  15. Roanne
  16. Robin
  17. Rochelle
  18. Romy
  19. Rosa
  20. Rosalie
  21. Rosalind
  22. Rosanna
  23. Rose
  24. Roxanne
  25. Ruth
  26. Ruthie
  27. Rylee
  28. Rylie
  29. Ryoko

Funny Cat Names that Start with R

  1. Razzle
  2. Ribbit
  3. Rumpus
  4. Ravioli
  5. Rumple
  6. Razzamatazz
  7. Rhubarb
  8. Ricochet
  9. Razzleberry
  10. Ramboozle
  11. Rumpelstiltskin
  12. Rigatoni
  13. Razzle-Dazzle
  14. Roly-Poly
  15. Rumpus Room
  16. Riffraff
  17. Razzberry
  18. Rodeo
  19. Razzlepop
  20. Ruckus
  21. Razzmatazz
  22. Rascalini
  23. Razzletoes
  24. Rumpshaker
  25. Razzlefluff
  26. Ragamuffin
  27. Razzlemeow
  28. Razzlebelle
  29. Razzleclaws
  30. Razzlepaws
  31. Razzlewhisker
  32. Razzlepurrs
  33. Razzlefluff
  34. Razzlecat
  35. Razzlewiggle

What are some of the tips for Choosing the Right ‘R’ Cat Name?

Take into account the following tips while selecting the ideal ‘R’ cat name:

Match the Name to Your Cat’s Personality:

Just like people, every cat has its unique personality. A playful cat might suit ‘Rascal’, while a more serene cat could be a ‘River’. It’s like picking a nickname for a friend based on their quirks.

Consider Physical Traits:

Some names just fit certain looks. Got an orange tabby? ‘Rusty’ could be a perfect match. A sleek black cat? ‘Raven’ might be the name you’re looking for. 

Go for Unique Names:

Want your cat to be the only ‘Rhubarb’ or ‘Razzle’ at the vet? Picking an uncommon name makes your pet stand out.

Reflect Their Likes and Dislikes:

Does your cat have a favorite toy or habit? Names like ‘Red’ for a cat who loves red toys, or ‘Rocket’ for a speedy kitty, can be fun. It’s like naming a basketball player ‘Swish’.

Keep It Simple:

Short and sweet names like ‘Rex’ or ‘Rose’ are easy for your cat to recognize and for you to call out. It’s like using a simple, catchy chorus in a song.

Avoid Human Names:

Instead of calling your cat ‘Robert’ or ‘Rachel’, try more cat-centric names like ‘Ruffles’ or ‘Ribbon’. This keeps your cat’s name distinct and special, just for them. 

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