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Cat Names That Start With I – Unique and Cute Cat Names


by Emily Wolfe


Picking a cat name that starts with ‘I’ can be a surprisingly tough nut to crack, right? This letter, with its blend of uniqueness and charm, offers a palette of names that range from the traditional to the offbeat.

Ever caught yourself flipping through names, each more captivating than the last, yet none feeling quite ‘it’? It’s a bit like trying to catch a butterfly – beautiful but elusive.

Consider the persona that each of these “I” names could represent as we explore this realm. Is ‘Izzy’ too playful, or does ‘Ivan’ strike a more noble chord? It’s a captivating journey, finding a name that not only sounds right but feels right.

So, are you geared up to explore the intriguing options that ‘I’ has in store? Recall that the true excitement comes from finding the one name that appears to fit your cat perfectly as if it was meant to be from the beginning.

Favourite Cat Names That Start With I

Cat Names that Start with “I” with meanings

1. Isabella 

Envision a cat that is as graceful as a ballerina. Isabella captures that essence perfectly. It means “beautiful” in Italian, and it’s suitable for cats with a regal, charming presence.

2. Ivy 

Like the vibrant green plant it’s named after, Ivy represents growth and vitality. Choosing this name for your feline friend signifies their evergreen spirit and enduring beauty.

3. Icarus 

Just as Icarus soared toward the sun, this name suggests an adventurous and daring spirit. For a bold, ambitious cat who enjoys scaling new heights, this is the perfect option.

4. Iris 

With eyes as enticing as a rainbow, picture your cat. The name Iris, which means “rainbow” in Greek, is a perfect fit for a cat with mesmerizing and colorful eyes.

5. Inky

This name might remind you of a mischievous cat with a penchant for knocking over inkwells. Inky is ideal for a playful and cheeky feline who always keeps you on your toes.

6. Isla 

Derived from Spanish and Scottish origins, Isla brings to mind a serene and calming presence. It’s a great choice for a cat known for her peaceful demeanor.

7. Indigo 

The idea for this name can be found in the deepest shade of blue. Indigo represents depth, mystery, and a touch of elegance—an excellent choice for a cat with a soulful personality.

8. Igor 

Conjuring images of strength and resilience, Igor is a name that suits a robust and fearless cat. It’s a nod to their tenacity and determination.

9. India 

Just like the diverse country it’s named after, India is a name that symbolizes a world of possibilities. It’s perfect for a cat who’s an explorer at heart, and always ready for new adventures.

10. Izzy 

Short and sweet, Izzy is a name that exudes friendliness and approachability. It’s ideal for a cat who is everyone’s best buddy and brings joy to your life.

Inspiring Female Cat Names that Start with “I”

  1. Isolde
  2. Imani
  3. Ishtar
  4. Inara
  5. Ingrid
  6. Isabeau
  7. Ione
  8. Isolabella
  9. Izzie
  10. Icelyn
  11. Illyria
  12. Idalia
  13. Isolindra
  14. Ivory
  15. Ilene
  16. Iskra
  17. Ines
  18. Iolani
  19. Indie
  20. Ivette
  21. Indira
  22. Ismay
  23. Isra
  24. Iolanda
  25. Izzara
  26. Ixta
  27. Isolynn
  28. Idalina
  29. Ivria
  30. Inessa
  31. Idonia
  32. Isolene
  33. Itzel
  34. Iriel
  35. Ilexia

Unique Cat Names that Start with “I”

  1. Indigo
  2. Isotope
  3. Infinia
  4. Icarium
  5. Iridessa
  6. Inarae
  7. Idesia
  8. Incantara
  9. Iskandar
  10. Iclyn
  11. Ishtara
  12. Ironclad
  13. Illithia
  14. Illumina
  15. Ixora
  16. Imber
  17. Inverness
  18. Isera
  19. Ixion
  20. Isandro
  21. Indalay
  22. Izzarya
  23. Ignatia
  24. Ilyria
  25. Isidore
  26. Iceline
  27. Ishtaqa
  28. Indalyn
  29. Inzara
  30. Ithelian
  31. Isorith
  32. Ixionia
  33. Inazura
  34. Izmarelda
  35. Incendio
Cat Names That Start With I List

Cute Cat Names that Start with “I”

  1. Iggy
  2. Isla
  3. Inky
  4. Ivy
  5. Iris
  6. Ice Cream
  7. Isabella
  8. Itty Bitty
  9. Inkie
  10. Isadora
  11. Itsa
  12. Icing
  13. Icicle
  14. Izzy
  15. Irresistible
  16. Icy
  17. Ipanema
  18. Itchy
  19. Iffy
  20. Ichabod
  21. Icee
  22. Ilsa
  23. Ice Pop
  24. Iliad
  25. Ichigo

Ingenious Cat Names that Start with “I”

  1. Inventor
  2. Intrepid
  3. Ingenious
  4. Illuminati
  5. Intrigue
  6. Icarus
  7. Icebreaker
  8. Insomniac
  9. Itinerant
  10. Imitator
  11. Impersonator
  12. Iconoclast
  13. Inquisitor
  14. Impresario
  15. Ironclaw
  16. Inkwell
  17. Isosceles
  18. Infiltrator
  19. Illusionist
  20. Instigator
  21. Ironhide
  22. Impresora
  23. Incognito
  24. Incisor
  25. Infinitum
  26. Ignition
  27. Indenture
  28. Incantation
  29. Inscrutable
  30. Imagination
  31. Impresionante
  32. Infatuation
  33. Illustrious
  34. Intrinsical
  35. Innuendo

Unlocking the Enchantment of ‘I’: Why Cat Names Starting with ‘I’ are So Charming

When it comes to naming our feline friends, the letter ‘I’ holds a special place of charm and significance. Let’s unravel the magic behind ‘I’ cat names, from their meaningful origins to their unique appeal, and discover why they captivate cat owners across the globe.

Meaningful Beginnings

The letter “I” shines brightly when it comes to cat names, and there’s a good reason for it. Take, for instance, “Isabella,” a name that means “devoted to God.” It’s like choosing a name that reflects your cat’s pure and loving nature, just as they are devoted to being your furry companion.

Nature’s Embrace

Then there’s “Ivy,” a name that signifies “evergreen climber.” Just like the ivy plant that thrives through all seasons, your cat brings constant joy to your life.

Colors of Joy

Delve into the realm of color with “Iris,” meaning “rainbow.” Much like a rainbow gracing the sky with its vibrant hues, your cat’s presence adds color and happiness to your days.

A Spectrum of Choices

It’s not just about meanings. “I” names offer a vast spectrum of choices, spanning from classic Norse mythology to iconic figures in pop culture.

Gender-Neutral Appeal

The letter “I” is a treasure trove of gender-neutral names. Names like “Ib,” “Iggy,” and “Iman” don’t adhere to stereotypes, giving your cat a name as unique and free-spirited as they are.

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