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Cat Halloween Names – Spooky & Fun Ideas


by Emily Wolfe


Choosing the perfect Halloween name for your cat can be a real head-scratcher, right? You want something that captures their personality but also has that spooky, Halloween vibe. 

It’s like trying to pick the best costume at a party – you want to stand out, but not for the wrong reasons. I remember once naming my cat ‘Boo’ and the chuckles it got at the vet’s office. 

Short, catchy names often do the trick, but sometimes, you might want to go for something more elaborate, like ‘PumpkinWhiskers’. It’s all about striking that balance between fun and fitting. 

Favourite Cat Halloween Names

Creative Cat Halloween Names (with Meanings)

Halloween is the perfect time to sprinkle a little magic on your cat’s identity. These creative names, steeped in the spirit of the season, offer a unique twist for your feline friend:

1. ShadowMyst 

Evoking the eerie beauty of a foggy, moonlit night.

2. WhisperWraith 

For a cat as silent and mysterious as a ghostly apparition.

3. PumpkinSpell 

A charming choice, reminiscent of enchantments and autumnal festivities.

4. TwilightTales  

Ideal for a cat with stories hidden in its twilight-colored fur.

5. BroomstickBard 

For the adventurous cat, always ready to ‘fly’ into action.

6. CobwebCharm  

Suits a cat with a knack for weaving its way into your heart.

7. FangFrolic  

Perfect for a playful cat with a mischievous bite.

8. SpectralWhisker  

A name for the cat that appears and vanishes like a friendly spirit.

9. MoonbeamMischief  

For a cat that loves to play under the light of the full moon.

10. CauldronCuddles 

A warm, affectionate name for a cat that loves snuggling as much as brewing up fun.

Cat Halloween Names List

Black Cat Halloween Names

Black cats, with their mysterious aura, are Halloween icons. These 30 imaginative names celebrate their enigmatic charm, perfect for your midnight-hued companion:

  1. Nightshade
  2. Eclipse
  3. OnyxWhisper
  4. RavenMyst
  5. MidnightSable
  6. ShadowFang
  7. ObsidianDream
  8. PhantomPurr
  9. WitchingHour
  10. SootSprite
  11. GloomBloom
  12. VelvetDusk
  13. MoonlitMaven
  14. CharcoalCharm
  15. BansheeWhiskers
  16. GothicGlimmer
  17. SpookySilhouette
  18. TwilightTempter
  19. NoirNimbus
  20. SpectralSoot
  21. HocusPocus
  22. BewitchedBristle
  23. VoodooVelour
  24. EnigmaEcho
  25. DarknessDancer
  26. MysticMauve
  27. CrescentCroon
  28. AbyssAmulet
  29. ZephyrZodiac
  30. NocturneNuzzle

Warrior Cat Halloween Names

Warrior cats, with their fierce spirits and brave hearts, deserve names that echo their valor and Halloween mystique. Here are 30 names that blend the spirit of warriors with the enchantment of Halloween:

  1. BlazeGhost
  2. FrostFang
  3. ThornSpecter
  4. RuneClaw
  5. StormHex
  6. CinderShade
  7. TalonEclipse
  8. WildfireWraith
  9. MysticMaul
  10. RavenStrike
  11. ShadowFury
  12. IronWhisper
  13. BrambleReaper
  14. FlameSpirit
  15. ThunderCurse
  16. NightmareProwl
  17. SaberMystic
  18. ViperVenom
  19. WolfbaneBrave
  20. GriffinGale
  21. SpectralSaber
  22. DragonFrost
  23. LunarLynx
  24. PhoenixPlague
  25. TigerTerror
  26. HawkHallow
  27. BoulderBrew
  28. SerpentScare
  29. GargoyleGrit
  30. ZephyrZest

Unique Halloween Cat Names

Halloween is a time for uniqueness and creativity, especially when it comes to naming your cat. These 30 names offer a blend of whimsy, spookiness, and originality, perfect for your one-of-a-kind feline friend:

  1. PumpkinSpice
  2. BooBerry
  3. CandyCorn
  4. SpookyBoots
  5. TricksterTail
  6. GoblinGiggles
  7. WitchyWhiskers
  8. GhostlyGlow
  9. VampireVanish
  10. MummyMeows
  11. BattyBlink
  12. CreepyCuddles
  13. FrightfulFur
  14. ZombieZoom
  15. SpectralSpots
  16. JackOLantern
  17. SpellboundSneak
  18. HauntingHiss
  19. EnchantedEars
  20. ToilNTrouble
  21. MoonlightMischief
  22. CharmCaster
  23. BewitchingBlink
  24. EerieEcho
  25. FangFiesta
  26. GhoulieGaze
  27. HocusHairball
  28. MysticMew
  29. PoltergeistPaws
  30. SpiritStalker

Halloween Calico Cat Names

Calico cats, with their patchwork of colors, are like walking embodiments of the autumn season. These 30 Halloween-themed names are as unique and vibrant as your calico cat’s fur, perfect for celebrating their spirited personality:

  1. AutumnAlchemy
  2. PumpkinPatchwork
  3. HarvestHocus
  4. MapleMystique
  5. CrimsonCurse
  6. AmberAbyss
  7. SaffronSpell
  8. TawnyTwilight
  9. MarigoldMagic
  10. RusticRune
  11. CiderSorcery
  12. OctoberOpal
  13. SpiceSpirit
  14. BonfireBewitch
  15. ChaiCharm
  16. FoliageFable
  17. GingerGhoul
  18. HazelHex
  19. JasperJinx
  20. KaleidoscopeKarma
  21. LeafLore
  22. MosaicMoon
  23. NutmegNecromancy
  24. OrchardOracle
  25. PatchworkPhantom
  26. QuiltedQuest
  27. RustlingRitual
  28. SiennaSpecter
  29. TerraTalisman
  30. UmberUndertow

Spooky Cat Names

Embrace the eerie essence of Halloween with these 30 spooky cat names. Each one is a nod to the chilling charm of the season, perfect for a cat with a penchant for the mysterious and the macabre:

  1. GraveWhisper
  2. BansheeBlink
  3. CryptKeeper
  4. DoomDancer
  5. EchoEclipse
  6. FrostPhantom
  7. GhastlyGlimmer
  8. HauntHaze
  9. IvyInferno
  10. JinxJester
  11. KrakenKiss
  12. LurkingLuna
  13. MortisMurmur
  14. NetherNimbus
  15. OmenOrbit
  16. PhobiaProwler
  17. QuiverQuest
  18. RavenRiddle
  19. SableSpecter
  20. TombTrekker
  21. UmbraUsher
  22. VexVortex
  23. WraithWhirl
  24. XenonXylo
  25. YawningYurei
  26. ZephyrZombie
  27. AbyssalAura
  28. BlightBreeze
  29. ChillChaser
  30. DreadDrifter

How Cat Names are linked with Halloween?

Halloween and cat names share a unique connection, weaving together the spooky and the playful. Let’s explore how this link comes to life:

Movie Magic 

Ever noticed how many Halloween movies feature cats? They’re often key characters. Take ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ or ‘American Horror Story’. Names like Sabrina or Salem aren’t just cool; they’re nods to these iconic shows. It’s like naming your cat after a movie star!

Colorful and Flavorful 

Halloween’s all about oranges, blacks, and eerie vibes. Names like Pumpkin or Midnight aren’t just cute; they capture the essence of Halloween. Pumpkins bring to mind jack-o’-lanterns and pies, don’t they? And Midnight? It’s the witching hour!

Tradition Talks 

Halloween’s roots go deep, with traditions galore. Names like Trickster or Ghost aren’t just spooky; they’re a hat-tip to these age-old customs. It’s like your cat is part of the Halloween history!

Safety First 

Halloween’s fun, but safety’s key, especially for our feline friends. Names can be a reminder. For instance, a name like Blaze could remind you to keep your cat visible during trick-or-treating. It’s practical and playful.

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