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Black And White Bunny Names (200+ Unique Names)


by Emily Wolfe


Naming your black and white furball is turning out to be harder than you thought. You can’t just call it “Bunny,” can you? I mean, that’s like naming a child “Kid.”

Plus, every time you look into those round eyes framed in that yin-yang fur coat, you feel the pressure. The name needs to be as perfect as they are! If this sounds like you, exhale that sigh of relief because you’ve just hopped into the right rabbit hole.

Our list of “Black And White Bunny Names” isn’t just a bunch of words; it’s a handpicked collection of names as unique as your little hopster, complete with meanings that resonate. Ready to find that perfect name?

Black And White Bunny Names

How Do Cultural Influences Affect Black And White Bunny Naming?

Symbolism of Black and White Across Cultures

Have you ever wondered why black and white are so universally recognized? In Chinese culture, the concept of Yin and Yang represents the balance of opposites—black and white included. In your naming journey, considering the symbolism can add a layer of meaning to your bunny’s moniker. Imagine naming your bunny “YinYang” to honor this balance! Neat, right?

Influence of Folklore and Mythology

Picture this: A bunny named “Luna” or “Selene” after the moon goddess in various mythologies. Why the moon, you ask? Because it often appears as both black and white, just like your adorable bunny. Wouldn’t you love for your pet’s name to have such a celestial touch?

Pop Culture and Media References

Why do names like “Oreo” or “Snoopy” resonate with us? Because we grew up with these icons! Black and white characters from cartoons or brand names can significantly influence our naming choices. If a name can make us relive a bit of our childhood, why not go for it?

Religious and Spiritual Contexts

Ever thought of naming your bunny “Panda” after the symbol of peace in some spiritual circles? Some people might opt for names that have a certain religious reverence or convey spiritual traits, like “Zen” for a chilled-out bunny. Could there be a more divine name for your fur baby?

Regional and Family Traditions

Do you have a family name that’s been passed down through generations, like “Whiskers” or “Pebbles”? Or perhaps a regional favorite that aligns with your bunny’s appearance? Sometimes, the best names are the ones that feel like home.

Trending Names

Names like “Bandit” or “Zorro” are all the rage right now. But why? Social trends, often driven by viral internet moments or celebrity pets, can also dictate what names are ‘cool.’ Are you ready to jump on the trendy name train?

Black And White Bunny Names (with Meaning)

Why settle for any bunny name when you can pick one that’s truly a carrot above the rest? Our list of black and white bunny names not only sound adorable but also carry charming meanings that will make your bunny the star of the hutch.

1. Oreo

Black and white bunnies look like delicious cookies, so Oreo is the perfect name! Picture this little fluff ball hopping around with its black and white fur resembling those classic chocolatey treats. Moreover, just like the biscuit, Oreo bunnies are known for being sweet and irresistible. Get ready to fall in love with this adorable bunny who will steal your heart, just like the cookies steal the show at snack time!

2. Domino

Meet Domino, the black and white bunny with a cool and sophisticated vibe. Just like the game, this bunny has a striking appearance with its contrasting black and white markings. Imagine watching Domino hop around, leaving a trail of joy wherever it goes, just like the excitement of playing a game of dominoes. This little bunny will bring a touch of elegance and fun to your life, making every day feel like a playful adventure!

3. Tuxedo

Introducing Tuxedo, the dapper bunny with a black and white coat that’s reminiscent of a classy suit. This charming little bunny is always dressed to impress and ready to steal the spotlight at any gathering. Just like a tuxedo symbolizes sophistication and style, Tuxedo the bunny will leave everyone in awe with its sleek and fashionable appearance. Get ready for compliments galore when you introduce this bunny to your friends!

4. Patches

Oh, say hello to Patches, the black and white bunny with a unique and adorable look. Patches got its name because its fur is adorned with cute little patches of black and white, making it look like a living work of art. This bunny is like a walking canvas, bringing a splash of creativity and whimsy into your life. Its playful personality makes you smile every day, and Patches is sure to spark a conversation!

5. Checkers

Meet Checkers, the black and white bunny that brings the spirit of competition and fun wherever it goes. Just like the classic board game, this bunny is full of energy and loves to play. Its black and white fur reflects the contrasting squares on a checkerboard, making it an eye-catching companion. Get ready for endless hours of entertainment and laughter as you engage in playful games and adventures with Checkers, the cutest competitor in town!

6. Puffin

While puffins are usually associated with birds, this name is too cute to pass up for a black and white bunny. You can imagine your bunny hopping around with fluffy fur, resembling the adorable puffins you have seen in pictures. Puffins are known for their distinctive black and white markings, making this name a perfect fit. Your Puffin bunny will bring joy and laughter into your life, just like these charming seabirds do in the wild.

7. Salt & Pepper

This classic duo is not only found in the kitchen but can also be the perfect name for a pair of black and white bunnies. Just like these essential seasonings, your bunnies will add flavor and spice to your life! Whether they’re hopping around or cuddling together, Salt and Pepper capture the timeless charm of these contrasting colors.

8. Panda

With their contrasting black and white fur, some bunnies resemble miniature pandas! This name is a nod to these beloved bears, known for their cute and cuddly appearance. Your bunny will be the center of attention with a name like Panda, as it captures their striking resemblance and undeniable charm.

9. Chess

If you’re looking for a bunny with a name that reflects their black and white coat and their clever nature, then Chess is the suitable choice! Like a game of chess, this bunny is sure to keep you on your toes with their intelligence and strategic moves. Their contrasting colors make them stand out in any room, just like a chessboard. Prepare for hours of fun and mental stimulation with your very own Chess bunny!

10. Moo Moo

Who says cows are the only ones who can rock the black and white look? A bunny named Moo Moo breaks all stereotypes! This fun and playful name perfectly suits a black and white bunny that’s as cute as can be. With their floppy ears and adorable hopping, a bunny named Moo Moo brings a smile to your face and reminds you of all the joy and innocence in the world.

Male Black And White Bunny Names Ideas List

Black And White Bunny Names Ideas List

Hey, all you proud pawrents of boy bunnies, this one’s for you! Whether your furbaby is as mischievous as a bandit or as cuddly as a cookie, we’ve got a hopping list of male names that are just as special as your little whiskered wonder.

1. Stripes
2. Shaggy
3. Bandit
4. Daffy
5. Felix
6. Cookie
7. Bruno
8.  Riley
9. Shadow
10. Marbles
11. Smudge
12. Flash
13. Checkers
14. Wacky
15. Otis
16. Jax
17. Ace
18. Penguin
19. Mickey
20. Ollie
21. Zebra
22. Dash
23. Milo
24. Jigsaw
25. Snoopy
26. Bentley
27. Whiskers
28. Charlie
29. Dotty
30. Pixel
31. Spot
32. Zigzag
33. Unicorn
34. Sheep from Outer Space
35. A-L-L-Y-W-E-R-D
36. Zorro
37. Mosaic
38. Cooper
39. Doodle
40. Kobe
41. Splash
42. Pongo
43. Panda
44. Domino
45. Oreo
46. Ink
47. Rorschach
48. Racer
49. Bandit
50. Tux

Female Black And White Bunny Names 

Just brought home a fluffy doe? We’ve got a tail-twitchingly fantastic list of names that are so sweet, they give carrots a run for their money.

Find a name that matches your lady bunny’s personality, be it as playful as Taffy or as graceful as Symphony.

1. Daffy

2. Mimi

3. Minnie May

4. Sookie

5. Mitzi

6. Bambi

7. Pinkie

8. Candy

9. Coco

10. Luna

11. Ebony

12. Snowball

13. Skittles

14. Pippa

15. Pebbles

16. Bambi

17. Chessie

18. Blizzard

19. Bella

20. Daisy

21. Popcorn

22. Hazel

23. Penelope

24. Freckles

25. Inky

26. Zebby

27. Fido

28. Licorice

29. Cuddles

30. Dandelion

31. Totsy

32. Flossie

33. Speckles

34. Paisley

35. Midnight

36. Lark

37. Frosty

38. Fudge

39. Hershey

40. Stardust

41. Dalmatian

42. Cookie Dough

43. Polka Dot

44. Patchwork

45. Taffy

46. Oatmeal

47. Tippy

48. Callie

49. Harmony

50. Symphony

Creative Black And White Bunny Names

These names aren’t just cute—they’re teeming with personality and charm!

From celestial inspirations to poetic musings, there’s something for every bunny and every bunny owner.

So go ahead, choose a name that will make your black and white bunny the talk (or hop) of the town.

  1. Oreo Bliss
  2. Moonbeam
  3. YingYang
  4. Symphony
  5. Harmonica
  6. Snickers
  7. Starlight
  8. Razzle
  9. Dazzle
  10. Mochi
  11. Doodlebug
  12. Polkadot
  13. Nova
  14. Zephyr
  15. ZebraStripe
  16. Sonnet
  17. Haiku
  18. PianoKeys
  19. Cupcake
  20. Vortex
  21. Sundae
  22. MidnightSnow
  23. Freckle
  24. Splotch
  25. Tuxie
  26. Monocle
  27. Yinzer
  28. Sable
  29. Snowflake
  30. Nimbus
  31. SmudgeArt
  32. SootSprite
  33. Stargazer
  34. MilkyWay
  35. Quasar
  36. Twilight
  37. Zenith
  38. Badger
  39. Houdini
  40. Blackjack
  41. Caviar
  42. Puffball
  43. Inksplot
  44. Calligraphy
  45. Frostbite
  46. Onyx
  47. Silhouette
  48. Quartz
  49. Obsidian
  50. Ivory
  51. Tictac
  52. Marzipan
  53. Lollipop
  54. Galaxy
  55. Constellation
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