Horse Names

Big Horse Names (300+ Cool Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


Calling all horse whisperers, stallion specialists, and mare mavens! Saddle up for a galloping ride through our world of big, bold, and downright hilarious horse names.

Whether your new horse is a fiery stallion the size of a titan or a gentle mare with a heart as white as snow, we’ve got a name for them.

Even if your horse has the humor of a stand-up comedian, we’ve got that covered too. So, hold onto your reins because these horse names are going to make you neigh with laughter!

Big Horse Names Favorite List

Role of Big Horse Names in Bonding and Training

Choosing a name for your big horse is more than just a fun exercise. It plays a significant role in bonding and training. Let’s delve into why this is so important.

Creating a Connection: A horse’s name is often the first step in establishing a bond. When you ask, What are good horse names?”, you’re not just looking for something that sounds nice. You’re seeking a name that resonates with your horse’s personality and spirit. This connection can help foster a deeper relationship between you and your horse.

Training Aid: Believe it or not, the name you choose can also aid in training. Horses respond better to certain sounds and syllables. So, when you’re considering unique horse names, think about how they’ll sound when you’re out in the field calling for your horse. Will it be easy for your horse to distinguish and respond to?

Size Matters: The size of your horse can also influence the name you choose. For example, bay horse names might be different for a small pony compared to a large thoroughbred. The name can reflect the horse’s stature and presence, and this can impact how you and others perceive and interact with the horse.

A Training Tool: Ever wondered “how to size a horse bit”? Well, the name you choose for your horse can be a helpful mnemonic device in remembering details like this. For instance, a horse named “Big Bit Bailey” could remind you of the larger bit size required for this particular horse.

Identity and Recognition: Finally, a horse’s name gives it an identity. It’s a way for other people and horses to recognize your horse. This can be particularly important in a training or stable environment where there are many horses.

How to Size a Horse Bit: A Comprehensive Guide for Big Horses

Choosing the right bit for your horse is as important as picking a unique horse name. It’s not just about aesthetics or tradition, but about communication and comfort. So, how do you size a horse bit correctly, especially for big horses? Let’s dive in.

Understanding the Basics: A horse bit is a device placed in a horse’s mouth, used in conjunction with the bridle and the reins to guide the horse. But do you know what makes a good horse bit? It’s not about the price or the brand, but the fit. A well-fitted bit ensures comfort and effective communication with your horse.

Measure, Measure, Measure: The first step in sizing a horse bit is to measure your horse’s mouth. You can use a bit measuring tool or a piece of string. The measurement should be from corner to corner of the horse’s mouth. Add half an inch to this measurement for big horses to ensure comfort.

Choosing the Right Bit: There are various types of bits available, each serving a different purpose. Snaffle bits are commonly used and are ideal for training and everyday riding. Curb bits, on the other hand, are used for more advanced training and riding. The right bit depends on your horse’s training, your riding style, and of course, the size of your horse’s mouth.

Trial and Error: Just like choosing bay horse names or any other unique horse name, finding the perfect bit may require some trial and error. It’s important to monitor your horse’s reaction to the new bit. Signs of discomfort can include excessive mouth movements, head shaking, or resistance to the bit.

Regular Checks: Regularly check the bit for signs of wear and tear. Also, as your horse ages or changes in weight, the bit size may need to be adjusted.

Big Horse Names (With Meaning)

From mythological creatures to ancient kings, these names embody the true might of your beast! Got a horse that makes the ground tremble beneath your feet? Or maybe one that walks with an air of royalty.

1. Thunder

Thunder is a powerful and majestic name for a horse. It conjures up images of a horse racing across the prairie, its hooves thundering against the ground and its mane flowing in the wind. It also suggests a horse with a spirit of adventure and fearlessness, a horse that isn’t afraid to take on any challenge.

2. Zeus

A name as strong as Zeus is always going to be good news. It suggests that the owner will enjoy being around this horse and will be able to keep it safe at all times. It’s a simple name to spell for new owners. Further, it also hints at a horse with a noble and courageous spirit, a horse that will stand up for what it believes in.

3. Odin

If you’re a fan of fantasy, then Odin is a great horse name. It’s often considered an ancestral horse name as it was the favorite steed of the Nordic gods. It can be used for show jumping, eventing, dressage or reining horses. Odin is sometimes also referred to as an ancestral horse name.

4. Titan

Titan is a grandiose and powerful name for a horse, inspired by the Titans of Greek mythology. In this sense, the horse has a larger-than-life presence, one capable of handling any challenge. It also hints at a horse with immense strength and determination, a horse that never gives up.

5. Pegasus

The name Pegasus is inspired by a legendary winged horse in Greek mythology, the mount of the messenger god, Poseidon. If you want to choose for a more literary horse name, try combining Pegasus with one of your own names to make a truly prestigious horse name. For instance, if your name is Charlotte, you could choose Charlotte Pègasque.

6. Apollo

This is an iconic name that has been used to describe horses since ancient times. It is a fitting name for a horse that is strong, athletic and powerful. With a name like Apollo, you can be sure the horse will have an impressive presence and will be admired by all.

7. Balor

In Irish mythology, Balor was a king who had a terrible temper and a big ego. He had a massive mane that would fill the sky, but his ego was so big he couldn’t see himself standing on his own feet. It is thus a name for a horse that describes a horse that is as large as its owner. This makes Balor the appropriate horse name for a horse that wants to dominate everyone around it every day.

8. Majesty

A suitable name for a horse that is majestic and regal. This name is associated with royalty, and it suggests that the horse is noble and dignified. With a name like Majesty, you can be sure the horse will always stand out in a crowd.

9. Jet

Horses that love to run fast have names like this. This name suggests that the horse is quick and agile, and that when it runs, it’s like a jet in the air. With a name like Jet, you can be sure the horse will always have an exciting presence and will be admired by all.

10. Chief

For a horse that commands attention and displays strength, Chief is a noble name. They are the leaders of the herd and always act with honor and courage. They are loyal and dependable, and always make sure their pack is safe.

Big horse names

Big Horse Names Ideas List

Big Horse Names Ideas List

If your horse is a behemoth with the spirit of Zeus or the courage of Apollo, you’ve trotted into the right pasture. Big isn’t just a size, it’s a statement!

1. Barbaro

2. Secretariat

3. Affirmed

4. War Admiral

5. Seabiscuit

6. Citation

7. Man o’ War

8. Seattle Slew

9. Zenyatta

10. Frankel

11. American Pharoah

12. Funny Cide

13. Cigar

14. Kelso

15. Ruffian

16. Swaps

17. Smarty Jones

18. California Chrome

19. Big Red

20. Nashua

21. Constellation

22. Whirlaway

23. Damascus

24. Spectacular Bid

25. John Henry

26. Real Quiet

27. Exterminator

28. Forego

29. Sunday Silence

30. Affirm

Big Black Horse Names

Does your horse have a dark and mysterious allure? Whether they’re as swift as a moonlit shadow or as striking as an ebony jewel, these names embrace their black beauty. No need for a moonless night to appreciate these majestic creatures, their names alone will make them stand out in the crowd.

1. Midnight

2. Coal

3. Shadow

4. Ebony

5. Raven

6. Black Hawk

7. Moon

8. Onyx

9. Black Pearl

10. Twilight

11. Ace

12. Darkwing

13. Black Storm

14. Coal Miner

15. Jetstream

16. Black Jack

17. Colossus

18. Jetfire

19. Diesel 

20. Dark Knight

21. Black Magic

22. Black Beauty

23. Hercules

24. Midnight Storm

25. Magnum

26. Bucephalus

27. Shadow Warrior

28. King of the Night

29. Darkmoon

30. Stallion of Midnight

Big White Horse Names

Roll out the white carpet for these snowy stallions and ivory mares! Our list of white horse names is as enchanting as a winter wonderland. If your horse shines brighter than a diamond or floats around like a fluffy cloud, then these names are meant for them. It’s time to let their inner purity gallop in the limelight.

1. Snowman 

2. Glory

3. Blizzard 

4. Cloudy 

5. Stardust 

6. Marshmallow 

7. Silver 

8. Princess 

9. Diamond 

10. Phantom 

11. Frosty 

12. Cotton 

13. Magnum 

14. Avalanche 

15. Windy 

16. Iceberg 

17. Whitefire 

18. Spirit 

19. Pegasus 

20. Ivory 

21. Blizzard 

22. Snowy 

23. Cloudburst 

24. Flurry 

25. Paladin 

26. Miracle 

27. Snowflake

28. Thor

29. Flamingo

30. Swan

Big Grey Horse Names 

For horses that exist in the twilight between the absolute black and the pristine white, we present our big grey horse names. If your horse’s coat mirrors the majestic grey sky or the stoic steel of a knight’s armor, these names are bound to suit them perfectly. They say grey is dull? Well, they’ve never seen your horse.

1. Grey Sky

2. Steel 

3. Gale

4. Steeler

5. Dust Devil

6. Avalanche 

7. Iron 

8. Frost

9. Smokey

10. Rogue

11. Blitz

12. Gunner

13. Swift

14. Riptide

15. Eager

16. Slate

17. Onyx

18. Zeus

19. Hawk

20. Fervent

21. Goliath

22. Grizzly

23. Bold

24. Perennial

25. Steeler

26. Silver Cloud

27. Greybeard

28. Greystone

29. Silver jet

30. Greyhawk

Funny Big Horse Names 

Who said horse naming is a serious business? It’s time to trot into the hilarious side of equestrian world! Whether you’ve got a “Thorough-Brute” or a “Major Mare”, these names will add a spoonful of humor to your horse-owning experience. Prepare to guffaw every time you call out to your horse.

1. Big Mac 

2. Thorough-Brute 

3. Major Mare 

4. Sir Snorts-A-Lot 

5. General Gallop 

6. Colossal Colt 

7. Captain Clydesdale 

8. Fjord Fury 

9. Maximus Mustang 

10. King Kong of the Corral 

11. Mighty Morgan 

12. Baron of the Bridle Path 

13. Grand Old Gangly 

14. Humongous Hoofs 

15. Big Brown Bomber 

16. Baroness of the Barnyard 

17. Great Big Guy 

18. Gigantic Gray 

19. The Colossus of the Stable 

20. Chubby Chompers 

21. General Grunter 

22. Major Munchkin 

23. Stupendous Stallion 

24. Count Clydesdale 

25. Titan of the Trails 

26. Admiral Appaloosa 

27. Major Motto 

28. Herculean Horse 

29. Gigantor Grey 

30. Jumbo Jack

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