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Zelda Cat Names (200+ Amazing Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


Finding the perfect name for your new feline friend can be a tricky quest, especially if you’re a fan of the iconic Zelda series. Why settle for a common name when you can pay homage to a beloved game? 

Isn’t it exciting to think of your cat responding to a name steeped in fantasy and adventure? Picture this: calling out “Epona” or “Ganondorf” during feeding time! This isn’t just about a name; it’s about bringing a slice of Hyrule into your home.

All Time Favorite Zelda Cat Names

Zelda Male Cat Names 

Zelda Cat NameS Ideas List

The adventure of naming your male cat with a Zelda-inspired twist? It’s not just about picking a name; it’s about capturing the essence of a legendary world. 

Each name reflects a unique aspect of the Zelda universe, infusing your pet’s identity with a touch of fantasy and heroism.

  • Hylian Hero
  • Rupee Rogue
  • Deku Duke
  • Navi Navigator
  • Goron Guardian
  • Zora Zeal
  • Farore’s Fury
  • Nayru’s Noble
  • Din’s Dynamo
  • Sheikah Shadow
  • Skull Kid
  • Twinrova’s Trickster
  • Windwaker Whisper
  • Kokiri King
  • Ganon’s Ghost
  • Hylia’s Herald
  • Fierce Deity
  • Majora’s Mystic
  • Bombchu Bandit
  • Light Arrow
  • Gerudo Gem
  • Master Sword
  • Triforce Tamer
  • Bokoblin Brave
  • Moblin Mage
  • Volvagia Valor
  • Lynel Legend
  • King Rhoam’s Roar
  • Calamity’s Charm
  • Loftwing Lord

Zelda Female Cat Names 

A name for your female cat that echoes the enchanting world of Zelda can be a delightful journey. Imagine her embodying the grace, wisdom, and courage of the series’ most memorable characters.

  • Princess Purrlia
  • Midna’s Mystery
  • Saria’s Song
  • Fi’s Fantasy
  • Marin’s Melody
  • Ruto’s Ripple
  • Zelda’s Zephyr
  • Impa’s Illusion
  • Great Fairy’s Grace
  • Epona’s Echo
  • Nabooru’s Nudge
  • Farore’s Feline
  • Nayru’s Nymph
  • Din’s Delight
  • Sheikah’s Shimmer
  • Kokiri’s Kiss
  • Anju’s Angel
  • Twinrova’s Twinkle
  • Hylia’s Heart
  • Ganon’s Grace
  • Lynel’s Lullaby
  • Gerudo’s Glimmer
  • Korok’s Keeper
  • Deku’s Dancer
  • Volvagia’s Veil
  • Navi’s Nimbus
  • Triforce’s Treasure
  • Light Spirit’s Lure
  • Calamity’s Charm
  • Loftwing’s Light

Inspirational Zelda Cat Names

The mystical realm of Zelda for inspirational cat names that carry a touch of magic and heroism. 

These names are more than just labels; they’re a celebration of courage, wisdom, and power, echoing the timeless adventures of Link and his companions.

  • Hero’s Heart
  • Sage’s Whisper
  • Quest’s Companion
  • Hyrule’s Harmony
  • Courage’s Call
  • Wisdom’s Watcher
  • Power’s Paws
  • Legend’s Legacy
  • Elixir’s Essence
  • Oracle’s Omen
  • Time’s Traveler
  • Spirit’s Song
  • Guardian’s Gaze
  • Triforce’s Tail
  • Rupee’s Radiance
  • Sheikah’s Secret
  • Temple’s Treasure
  • Sacred Stone
  • Skyloft’s Sentinel
  • Twilight’s Touch
  • Moon’s Mystic
  • Sun’s Shimmer
  • Forest’s Friend
  • Water’s Whisper
  • Fire’s Flame
  • Shadow’s Stealth
  • Light’s Luminary
  • Wind’s Wanderer
  • Master’s Muse
  • Ganon’s Gambit

Cute Zelda Cat Names

Who says the world of Zelda can’t be utterly adorable when it comes to naming your cat? These cute Zelda-themed names are perfect for the fluffy, playful, and charmingly mischievous feline in your life.

  • Cucco Cuddles
  • Fairy Fuzzle
  • Purrloft
  • Tingle Tails
  • Mipha Meow
  • Rupee Ruffles
  • Deku Dandy
  • Kokiri Kuddle
  • Zora Zest
  • Goron Giggles
  • Hylian Hug
  • Navi Nuzzle
  • Epona’s Embrace
  • Lullaby’s Love
  • Triforce Tinkle
  • Sheikah Snuggle
  • Bokoblin Boop
  • Ganon’s Glee
  • Moblin Mirth
  • Rauru’s Rapture
  • Skull Snicker
  • Lanayru’s Lark
  • Hestu’s Happiness
  • Bombflower’s Bliss
  • Keese Kiss
  • Lynel’s Laugh
  • Octorok’s Ovation
  • Poe’s Purr
  • Wizzrobe Whimsy
  • Minish Mirth

Funny Zelda Cat Names

Bringing a twist of humor to the Zelda universe, these funny cat names are perfect for those who appreciate both the whimsy of cats and the charm of this beloved game series.

  • Link’s Litterbox
  • Princess Purrselda
  • Ganon’s Giggles
  • Meowster Sword
  • Purrloft Wing
  • Cucco Chaos
  • Trifurce Tumbler
  • Meowjora’s Mask
  • Epona’s Ears
  • Tingle’s Tuna
  • Sheikah Scratch
  • Deku Nutty
  • Ganonpaw
  • Hyrulian Hairball
  • Navi’s Naps
  • Clawlamity Ganon
  • Rupee Rascal
  • Bombpurr
  • Moblin Mischief
  • Lynel’s Lairughter

The Legend Behind Zelda Cat Names: Exploring Their Popularity

Cultural Impact of Zelda

Have you ever wondered why Zelda-themed cat names have captured the hearts of so many pet owners? It’s no secret that the Legend of Zelda series is a monumental part of gaming culture. Its influence stretches far beyond the console, weaving its way into our daily lives. 

Nostalgia and Personal Connection 

Think about the first time you played a Zelda game. Remember the sense of adventure, the characters you met, and the challenges you overcame? This nostalgia is a powerful force. I

Character Diversity and Personality Matching

Zelda’s universe is brimming with diverse characters, each with unique traits and stories. Is your cat as brave and adventurous as Link, or as wise and regal as Princess Zelda? Perhaps they’re a bit mischievous like Tingle or mysterious like Sheik.

Community and Shared Experiences

When you name your cat after a character from Zelda, you’re not just giving them a name; you’re initiating them into a widespread community of fans. It’s a conversation starter, a way to connect with fellow Zelda enthusiasts. 

Creative Expression and Playfulness

Zelda cat names are not just popular because of the game’s fame; they are a testament to the playful creativity of cat owners. Why settle for a common name when you can choose something that reflects a deeper part of your personality and interests? It’s about adding a little bit of fantasy and fun into everyday life.

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