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Viking Dog Names – Bold And Strong Picks


by Emily Wolfe


Struggling to find the perfect name for your new furry friend? It’s a common dilemma for pet owners. You want something unique, meaningful, and reflective of your dog’s spirit. 

Have you thought about Viking dog names? These names aren’t just cool—they’re packed with history and character.

See yourself addressing your dog with a name that evokes the bravery and exploration of legendary Norsemen. It’s like giving them a piece of that legendary strength. 

From Ragnar to Freya, Viking names offer a mix of power and elegance that can perfectly suit your dog’s personality. Ready to explore some epic choices?

Best Viking Dog Names (With Meanings)

Viking dog names exude strength, courage, and history. This list offers creative, unique names inspired by Viking lore, perfect for your loyal and brave canine companion.

1. Ragnar 

Meaning “warrior,” this name is inspired by the legendary Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok, known for his bravery and leadership.

2. Freya

Named after the Norse goddess of love and beauty, Freya symbolizes a dog with a loving and graceful nature.

3. Thor 

Meaning “thunder,” this name is perfect for a strong and powerful dog, inspired by the Norse god of thunder.

4. Loki 

Named after the trickster god of Norse mythology, Loki is a playful and mischievous dog.

5. Odin 

Inspired by the chief god of Norse mythology, Odin represents wisdom and power, ideal for a wise and noble dog.

6. Sif 

Meaning “bride,” this name is derived from the goddess Sif, known for her golden hair and beauty.

7. Fenrir 

Named after the giant wolf in Norse mythology, Fenrir is perfect for a fierce and strong dog.

8. Baldur 

Meaning “prince,” Baldur is inspired by the beloved Norse god of beauty and light, fitting for a handsome and cherished dog.

9. Astrid 

Meaning “divine strength,” this name is perfect for a dog with a strong and resilient spirit.

10. Valkyrie 

Named after the warrior maidens who chose those who may die and those who may live in battle, Valkyrie is ideal for a brave dog.

Viking Dog Names

Viking God Dog Names

Check out these Viking god-inspired dog names inspired by Norse mythology. Each name carries the power, mystery, and grandeur of ancient Viking deities, making it perfect for your furry companion.

  1. Frigg
  2. Heimdall
  3. Tyr
  4. Vidar
  5. Forseti
  6. Njord
  7. Ullr
  8. Eir
  9. Idunn
  10. Ran
  11. Skadi
  12. Bragi
  13. Var
  14. Saga
  15. Syn
  16. Nanna
  17. Gullveig
  18. Hermod
  19. Mimir
  20. Vili
  21. Ve
  22. Hel
  23. Hodr
  24. Kvasir
  25. Hoenir

Famous Viking Names for Dogs

Suppose your dog was the soul of one of the mythological Vikings. These names for your faithful companion encapsulate the spirit of adventure, bravery, and history, drawing inspiration from well-known Vikings.

  1. Bjorn
  2. Ivar
  3. Harald
  4. Leif
  5. Eric
  6. Rollo
  7. Sigurd
  8. Halfdan
  9. Hastein
  10. Eirik
  11. Gunnar
  12. Thorkell
  13. Ketil
  14. Ubbe
  15. Gorm
  16. Knut
  17. Snorri
  18. Styrbjorn
  19. Olaf
  20. Svein
  21. Freydis
  22. Gudrun
  23. Astrid
  24. Vagn
  25. Harbard

Badass Viking Names for Dogs

Unleash the fierce and fearless spirit of your dog with these badass Viking names. Each name is inspired by the raw power and indomitable courage of legendary Norse warriors.

  1. Bjarke
  2. Dagrun
  3. Hildr
  4. Eirikr
  5. Sigmund
  6. Ragna
  7. Torfinn
  8. Vali
  9. Sigrun
  10. Hrothgar
  11. Gunnolf
  12. Yrsa
  13. Frode
  14. Solveig
  15. Ketil
  16. Skeggi
  17. Gisli
  18. Ingimund
  19. Hakon
  20. Alfgeir
  21. Brynjar
  22. Hallvard
  23. Steinarr
  24. Vebjorn
  25. Asvald
Viking Dog Names 1

Girl Viking Names for Dogs

Envision your female dog with a name that honors the power and grace of Viking ladies. These are the ideal names for your courageous and honorable companion, drawn from the myths of renowned Norse heroines.

  1. Astrid
  2. Eira
  3. Gudrid
  4. Hildegard
  5. Ingrid
  6. Kari
  7. Lagertha
  8. Solveig
  9. Thyra
  10. Sigrid
  11. Embla
  12. Frida
  13. Alfhild
  14. Brynhild
  15. Gunnhild
  16. Ida
  17. Runa
  18. Svanhild
  19. Toril
  20. Yrsa
  21. Vigdis
  22. Dagmar
  23. Halla
  24. Ragnhild
  25. Bodil

Boy Viking Names For Dogs

Transform your male dog into a symbol of Viking strength and valor with these names. Inspired by legendary Norse heroes, each name is perfect for a brave and powerful companion.

  1. Alrik
  2. Bjorn
  3. Einar
  4. Frode
  5. Gunnar
  6. Harald
  7. Ivar
  8. Jarl
  9. Ketil
  10. Leif
  11. Magnus
  12. Njord
  13. Olaf
  14. Ragnar
  15. Sigurd
  16. Thorstein
  17. Ulf
  18. Vidar
  19. Wiglaf
  20. Yngvar
  21. Arvid
  22. Bard
  23. Dag
  24. Egil
  25. Sten

The Significance of Naming Viking Dogs

Naming your dog with a Viking name goes beyond mere labeling; it encompasses a deeper meaning rooted in history, culture, and character. 

Viking names carry a legacy of strength, courage, and adventure, making them an exceptional choice for your canine companion. Here’s why selecting a Viking name for your dog holds significant value.

1. Connection to History and Heritage

Naming your dog with a Viking name creates a meaningful link to the rich history and heritage of the Norse people. 

These names often carry deep historical significance, reflecting the strength, bravery, and adventures of the legendary Vikings. By choosing a Viking name, you honor the past and instill a sense of timelessness in your pet’s identity.

2. Reflecting Strength and Courage

Viking names are synonymous with strength, valor, and resilience. These qualities are often sought after in dogs, especially those with protective or working roles. 

A name inspired by a Viking hero or deity can symbolize the robust and fearless nature of your canine companion, making it more than just a name but a representation of their character.

3. Unique and Memorable

Viking names stand out due to their uniqueness and distinctiveness. Unlike more common pet names, Viking names are memorable and have a powerful sound that commands attention. 

In addition to making your dog’s name memorable, it also distinguishes them and gives them a unique identity.

4. Cultural Appreciation

Choosing a Viking name for your dog can also reflect an appreciation for Norse mythology and culture. It shows an interest in and respect for the ancient Scandinavian way of life, their gods, and their epic sagas. 

This cultural nod can be a great conversation starter and can showcase your knowledge and enthusiasm for Viking lore.

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