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Star Wars Dog Names – Energetic And Fiery Ideas


by Emily Wolfe


Choosing the perfect name for your new furry friend can be as challenging as a Jedi mastering the Force. You’re a Star Wars fan, right? 

It is possible to find a name that evokes that galaxy far, far away, yet fits your dog’s unique personality at the same time. 

It’s a bit like trying to hit a womp rat in a T-16 – possible, but tricky. You want something memorable, maybe a bit quirky, that rolls off the tongue during your park adventures. 

Favorite Star Wars Dog Names

Best Star Wars Dog Names (with Meanings)

Galactic adventures await with these Star Wars-themed dog names, each carrying a unique flair and story, perfect for your canine companion.

1. Vader Paws 

Reflecting the commanding presence and strong character of Darth Vader, ideal for a dog with a bold personality.

2. Barktrooper  

Inspired by the loyal Stormtroopers, this name suits a disciplined and obedient dog who’s always ready for action.

3. Wookee 

A playful take on Wookiee, perfect for a furry and affectionate dog who loves to make noise.

4. Lukeskybarker 

For the brave and adventurous dog, embodying Luke Skywalker’s spirit of heroism and exploration.

5. Pawpatine 

Suited for a dog with a regal demeanor, reminiscent of Emperor Palpatine’s commanding and mysterious nature.

6. Ruff Tano 

Inspired by Ahsoka Tano, this name is perfect for a spirited and loyal dog with a strong sense of justice.

7. Jedi Pupwalker 

Ideal for a dog who shows great potential and intelligence, much like a young Jedi in training.

8. Sith Snuggler 

A playful twist for a loving yet mischievous dog, combining the dark allure of the Sith with a cuddly nature.

9. Bark Sidious 

For a dog with a complex personality, echoing the cunning and power of Darth Sidious.

10. Solo Paws 

Capturing Han Solo’s independence and adventurous spirit, this name is great for a dog who loves exploring and has a free spirit.

Male Star Wars Dog Names

Dive into the Star Wars universe to find the perfect name for your male dog, where each name carries the essence of a galaxy far, far away.

  1. Obi-Bark Kenobi
  2. Chewie Chewer
  3. Darth Barker
  4. Luke Skybarker
  5. Han Solo Sniffer
  6. Boba Pet
  7. Jedi Master Paws
  8. Anakin Skywoof
  9. Pup Finn
  10. Kylo Ren Rover
  11. Lando Fur-rissian
  12. Mace Woofdu
  13. Poe Dameruff
  14. Admiral Snackbar
  15. Bark Vader
  16. Jabba the Mutt
  17. Qui-Gon Jim
  18. Rex Skywalker
  19. Snoke Sniffer
  20. Trooper Barker
  21. Wedge Antillpaws
  22. Yoda Leashmaster
  23. Zeb Orrebark
  24. Cassian Andogor
  25. Greedo Growler
  26. Hux Hound
  27. Kit Fisto Fetch
  28. Plo Koonie
  29. Salacious Crumbone
  30. Wicket W. Warruff
Star Wars Dog Names List

Female Star Wars Dog Names

Explore a universe of names for your female dog, each inspired by the strong and memorable female characters of Star Wars.

  1. Leia Organa Bark
  2. Padmé Amibarka
  3. Rey Skywalker Sniff
  4. Ahsoka Tanoodle
  5. Jyn Ersooof
  6. Rose Tico Tail
  7. Mara Jade Paws
  8. Mon Mothma Mutt
  9. Phasma Fido
  10. Sabine Wren Wag
  11. Asajj Ventbark
  12. Hera Syndullapup
  13. Qi’ra Quirky
  14. Luminara Unduli Licks
  15. Barriss Offleash
  16. Aayla Secura Snuggle
  17. Sabe Sniffles
  18. Jocasta Nu Nose
  19. Depa Billabark
  20. Shaak Ti Shaggy
  21. Bo-Katan Kryze Canine
  22. Ursa Wren Whiskers
  23. Satine Kryze Cuddle
  24. Aurra Sing Snarl
  25. Zorii Bliss Barks
  26. Tallie Lintra Leash
  27. Sy Snootles Sniff
  28. Oola Oodles
  29. Korr Sella Scratch
  30. Latts Razzi Ruff

Star Wars Dog Names Inspired by Creatures

Unleash the spirit of Star Wars fascinating creatures in your dog’s name, capturing the essence of the galaxy’s most intriguing beings.

  1. Wampa Whiskers
  2. Bantha Bark
  3. Tauntaun Tails
  4. Rancor Rover
  5. Dewback Drooler
  6. Sarlacc Sniffer
  7. Porg Paws
  8. Acklay Antics
  9. Nexu Nuzzler
  10. Reek Romper
  11. Gundark Growler
  12. Krayt Kuddler
  13. Mynock Mischief
  14. Vulptex Vagabond
  15. Rathtar Romp
  16. Fathier Frolic
  17. Convor Cuddles
  18. Loth-cat Loper
  19. Blurrg Buddy
  20. Boga Barks
  21. Zillo Beast Zoom
  22. Opee Sea Pup
  23. Kowakian Kisser
  24. Varactyl Vroom
  25. Tuk’ata Trotter
  26. Nuna Nibbler
  27. Aiwha Awoo
  28. Orbak Outrunner
  29. Corellian Hound Howl
  30. Dianoga Dipper

Star Wars Dog Names Inspired by Planets and Moons

Journey through the Star Wars galaxy with your dog, naming them after the epic planets and moons that form the backdrop of this legendary saga.

  1. Alderaan Alfa
  2. Bespin Barker
  3. Coruscant Canine
  4. Dagobah Dasher
  5. Endor Explorer
  6. Felucia Fido
  7. Geonosis Growler
  8. Hoth Hound
  9. Illum Inquisitor
  10. Jakku Jumper
  11. Kamino K9
  12. Kashyyyk Kuddler
  13. Lothal Leaper
  14. Mustafar Mutt
  15. Naboo Nuzzler
  16. Onderon Outrunner
  17. Polis Pooch
  18. Ryloth Rover
  19. Scarif Scamper
  20. Sullust Sniffer
  21. Takodana Tail-Wagger
  22. Tatooine Trotter
  23. Utapau Urchin
  24. Vandor Vagabond
  25. Yavin Yelper
  26. Zeffo Zoomer
  27. Ahch-To Awoo
  28. Crait Canine
  29. Mandalore Mutt
  30. Exegol Explorer

Star Wars Dog Names Inspired by Space Ships & Vehicles

Let your dog’s name soar through the galaxy, inspired by the iconic spaceships and vehicles of Star Wars, reflecting adventure and excitement.

  1. X-Wing Rex
  2. Millennium Falcorg
  3. TIE Sniffer
  4. Star Destroyer Barker
  5. Speeder Beagle
  6. Slave I Spaniel
  7. A-Woof Wing
  8. B-Waggle Wing
  9. Yavin Yapper
  10. Imperial Shuttle Shih Tzu
  11. Death Star Dachshund
  12. AT-AT Amble
  13. AT-ST Stroller
  14. Podracer Poodle
  15. Naboo Fighter Nibbler
  16. Sith Speeder Spaniel
  17. Jedi Starfighter Jumper
  18. Republic Gunship Retriever
  19. Mon Calamari Cruiser Mutt
  20. Ebon Hawk Hound
  21. Tantive Terrier
  22. U-Wing Usher
  23. V-Wing Vizsla
  24. Lambda-class Lhasa
  25. Venator Vagabond
  26. Interdictor Inu
  27. Droid Tri-Fighter Dalmatian
  28. Sith Infiltrator Setter
  29. Turbo Tank Terrier
  30. Escape Pod Pooch

Funny Star Wars Dog Names

Inject a dose of humor into your dog’s name with these amusing Star Wars-inspired monikers, perfect for the pet who brings laughter and joy to your galaxy.

  1. Bark Vader
  2. Chewbarka
  3. Darth Maulover
  4. Obi-Wan Kenobark
  5. Yodapup
  6. Pawpatine
  7. Luke Skybarker
  8. Han Slobber
  9. Princess Leash-a
  10. Boba Fetch
  11. Jabba the Mutt
  12. Ruff Tano
  13. Kylo Ren’s Kibble
  14. Mutt Windu
  15. Puplo Ren
  16. Admiral Snackbar
  17. Lando Calruffian
  18. Qui-Gon Jinnius
  19. Rey of Bark
  20. Sith Sniffer
  21. Bark Sidious
  22. Solo Paws
  23. Stormpawper
  24. Tiefighter
  25. Wookiee Pawcket
  26. Moff Barkin
  27. Ewokker
  28. Han Soloof
  29. Padmé Amidogla
  30. C-3Paw

Tips For Naming Star Wars Dog Names

When it comes to naming your dog with a Star Wars theme, it’s all about blending your love for the franchise with your dog’s unique personality and characteristics. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect Star Wars-inspired name:

1. Consider Your Dog’s Personality 

Does your dog have the wisdom of Yoda, the loyalty of Chewbacca, or the mischievousness of a young Anakin? Match their personality traits with those of Star Wars characters.

2. Think About Appearance 

Sometimes a dog’s physical attributes can inspire a fitting name. For example, a fluffy dog might suit ‘Chewbarka’, while a speedy one could be named ‘Podracer’.

3. Keep it Pronounceable 

While it’s tempting to go for unique spellings or complex names, remember you’ll be using this name often. Choose something easy to call out and for others to understand.

4. Short and Sweet 

Longer names can be fun but be practical. Shorter names or ones that can be easily shortened to a nickname are often more convenient.

5. Movie References 

Consider memorable Star Wars lines or objects. Names like ‘Lightsaber’ or ‘Millennium Falcorg’ can be both unique and deeply connected to the saga.

6. Consider the Extended Universe 

Beyond the main films, the Star Wars universe is vast. Exploring characters and places from comics, novels, and TV shows can provide a wealth of unique names.

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