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Scottish Dog Names – Cute And Classic Picks


by Emily Wolfe


It might be really difficult to come up with the ideal name for your new pet. At the park, you want something distinctive, significant, and simple to point out. 

This is where the names of Scottish dogs come in. These names have a lot of cultural and historical significance and evoke the allure of the Highlands. 

You can select from names that convey power, grace, and even a hint of mystery. They’re not your typical names, however. Have you considered naming your dog Isla or Angus? 

Let’s examine why Scottish dog names can be the best choice for your canine companion.

Best Scottish Dog Names (With Meanings)

Exploring the rich culture and history of Scotland, these dog names capture the unique spirit and charm of the Highlands, providing you with truly exceptional choices for your furry friend.

1. Brody 

Meaning “muddy place,” this name is perfect for a playful and adventurous dog who loves the outdoors.

2. Lassie 

Derived from the Scots word for “girl,” it’s ideal for a loyal and affectionate female dog.

3. Hamish 

A Scottish form of James, meaning “supplanter,” suited for a strong and determined dog.

4. Fergus 

Meaning “man of strength,” this name fits a brave and resilient canine companion.

5. Eilidh 

Pronounced “AY-lee,” this name means “sun” and is great for a dog with a sunny disposition.

6. Angus 

Meaning “one strength,” it’s a fitting name for a powerful and dependable dog.

7. Morag 

A traditional Scottish name meaning “great,” ideal for a dog with a big personality.

8. Dougal 

Meaning “dark stranger,” this name is ideal for a mysterious and unique-looking dog.

9. Isla 

Inspired by the Scottish island, it signifies a peaceful and beautiful dog.

10. Nessie 

Named after the famous Loch Ness Monster, it’s perfect for a dog with a bit of mystery and intrigue.

Scottish Dog Names

Scottish Dog Names From Clans And Surnames

Explore the intriguing Scottish history with these canine names derived from surnames and clans, each of which represents a unique aspect of the nation’s illustrious past.

  1. MacLeod
  2. Stewart
  3. Campbell
  4. Fraser
  5. Gordon
  6. Cameron
  7. Grant
  8. Sinclair
  9. Mackenzie
  10. Douglas
  11. MacGregor
  12. Munro
  13. MacDonald
  14. Buchanan
  15. Lamont
  16. Drummond
  17. Morrison
  18. Leslie
  19. Forbes
  20. Murray
  21. Keith
  22. Ross
  23. Scott
  24. Urquhart
  25. Gunn

Male Scottish Dog Names

Discover the perfect Scottish-inspired names for your male dog, reflecting the rugged charm and historical depth of Scotland’s rich heritage and culture.

  1. Alastair
  2. Brodie
  3. Clyde
  4. Duncan
  5. Ewan
  6. Finlay
  7. Gregor
  8. Hugh
  9. Iain
  10. Jock
  11. Keir
  12. Lennox
  13. Malcolm
  14. Niall
  15. Ossian
  16. Paden
  17. Quinn
  18. Ramsay
  19. Struan
  20. Tavish
  21. Uilleam
  22. Vaughn
  23. Wallace
  24. Yardley
  25. Zephyr

Female Scottish Dog Names

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Scotland with these female dog names, influenced by the beauty, culture, and legends of the Scottish Highlands.

  1. Ailsa
  2. Bonnie
  3. Catriona
  4. Davina
  5. Elspeth
  6. Fiona
  7. Greer
  8. Heather
  9. Isobel
  10. Jinty
  11. Kenna
  12. Leslie
  13. Moira
  14. Nessa
  15. Orla
  16. Paisley
  17. Quinlan
  18. Rhona
  19. Sorcha
  20. Tamsin
  21. Una
  22. Vaila
  23. Wynne
  24. Yvaine
  25. Zara
Scottish Dog Names 1

Historic Scottish Dog Names

Transport your imagination to Scotland’s past with these historic dog names, each one echoing the legends, warriors, and iconic figures that shaped the rich tapestry of Scottish history.

  1. Wallace
  2. Bruce
  3. Lachlan
  4. Argyle
  5. Bannock
  6. Flora
  7. Macbeth
  8. Fingal
  9. Marjorie
  10. Albion
  11. Darnley
  12. Kelso
  13. Leith
  14. Seonaid
  15. Torridon
  16. Culross
  17. Dornoch
  18. Iona
  19. Jura
  20. Kirkwall
  21. Lorn
  22. Montrose
  23. Nevis
  24. Oban
  25. Rona

Dog Names From Scotch Whisky

Celebrate the rich tradition of Scotch whisky with these unique dog names, each inspired by famous distilleries, blends, and single malts that embody the spirit of Scotland.

  1. Glenlivet
  2. Macallan
  3. Laphroaig
  4. Balvenie
  5. Oban
  6. Ardbeg
  7. Lagavulin
  8. Glenfiddich
  9. Talisker
  10. Glenmorangie
  11. Aberlour
  12. Bruichladdich
  13. Caol Ila
  14. Dalmore
  15. Glenkinchie
  16. Highland
  17. Islay
  18. Jura
  19. Speyside
  20. Tomatin
  21. Cardhu
  22. Edradour
  23. Scapa
  24. Springbank
  25. Tullibardine

How to Pick the Perfect Scottish Dog Name?

Choosing the perfect Scottish name for your dog can be an exciting and meaningful process. Whether you’re drawn to the rich history, unique sounds, or cultural significance of Scottish names, there are several factors to consider to ensure the name is a great fit for your furry friend.

1. Consider Your Dog’s Personality

Consider the characteristics of your dog’s personality and behavior. Is your dog playful and energetic, calm and regal, or brave and protective? Names like “Fergus” (meaning strong) might suit a robust dog, while “Bonnie” (meaning pretty) could be perfect for a gentle and beautiful dog.

2. Reflect on Your Dog’s Appearance

Your dog’s physical attributes can also guide your choice. Names like “Bran” (meaning raven) can suit a black dog, while “Ailsa” (inspired by Ailsa Craig) might be fitting for a dog with a rugged appearance.

3. Ease of Pronunciation

Ensure the name is easy to pronounce and can be easily called out in a park or during training. Names that are too complex may confuse your dog or be difficult to say consistently.

4. Historical and Cultural Significance

Consider names with historical or cultural significance that resonate with you. This adds a layer of meaning and connection to the name you choose.

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