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Game Of Thrones Dog Names – Epic And Iconic Picks


by Emily Wolfe


A dog name can be difficult to come up with, particularly if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones and want to discover the ideal moniker. 

You want a name that stands out, one that reflects your dog’s unique personality and connects to the epic tales of Westeros. 

But how do you pick from such a vast world of characters? It’s like trying to choose your favorite moment from the series—impossible, right? 

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you navigate this challenge. Whether your pup is fierce like Arya or loyal like Jon Snow, there’s a Game of Thrones name that’s just right for them.

Best Game Of Thrones Dog Names (With Meanings)

Looking for the best Game of Thrones-inspired dog names? These unique names, infused with the essence of Westeros, capture the spirit and personality of your furry friend.

1. Ghost 

Named after Jon Snow’s direwolf, perfect for a loyal and silent companion.

2. Arya 

Inspired by Arya Stark, great for a brave and adventurous dog.

3. Bran 

Based on Bran Stark, suitable for a wise and thoughtful pet.

4. Cersei 

For a dog with a regal and commanding presence, named after Queen Cersei.

5. Drogo 

Named after Khal Drogo, ideal for a strong and fearless pup.

6. Sansa 

Inspired by Sansa Stark, fitting for a graceful and elegant dog.

7. Tyrion 

Suitable for a dog named Tyrion Lannister, who is intelligent and smart.

8. Nymeria 

Named after Arya Stark’s direwolf, great for an independent and spirited dog.

9. Hodor 

For a gentle giant of a dog, inspired by the beloved character Hodor.

10. Khaleesi 

Ideal for a dog with a strong and noble personality, named after Daenerys Targaryen.

Game Of Thrones Dog Names

Male Game of Thrones Dog Names

For fans of the epic Game of Thrones series, finding an ideal male dog name inspired by Westeros can add a touch of fantasy and adventure to your pup’s personality.

  1. Jaime
  2. Eddard
  3. Robb
  4. Jorah
  5. Theon
  6. Sandor
  7. Gendry
  8. Ramsay
  9. Stannis
  10. Tormund
  11. Podrick
  12. Jaqen
  13. Bronn
  14. Davos
  15. Mance
  16. Renly
  17. Balon
  18. Gregor
  19. Daario
  20. Viserys
  21. Jojen
  22. Barristan
  23. Rhaegar
  24. Drogo
  25. Samwell

Female Game of Thrones Dog Names

These original dog names perfectly encapsulate the grace and strength of the most iconic female characters from Game of Thrones for fans of the show. 

  1. Catelyn
  2. Melisandre
  3. Ygritte
  4. Ellaria
  5. Lyanna
  6. Margaery
  7. Shae
  8. Gilly
  9. Missandei
  10. Meera
  11. Roslin
  12. Asha
  13. Olenna
  14. Talisa
  15. Myrcella
  16. Obara
  17. Tyene
  18. Nymeria
  19. Selyse
  20. Val
  21. Doreah
  22. Irri
  23. Myranda
  24. Leaf
  25. Yara

Fierce Game of Thrones Dog Names

Looking for fierce and powerful names for your dog inspired by Game of Thrones? These names capture the strength and intensity of the most formidable characters from the series.

  1. Rhaegal
  2. Viserion
  3. Euron
  4. Drogo
  5. Beric
  6. Thoros
  7. Victarion
  8. Joffrey
  9. Oberyn
  10. Greywind
  11. Summer
  12. Shaggydog
  13. Quentyn
  14. Aegon
  15. Aemon
  16. Maester
  17. Benjen
  18. Brynden
  19. Strong
  20. Hound
  21. Kingslayer
  22. Blackfyre
  23. Bloodraven
  24. Stormborn
  25. Ironborn
Game Of Thrones Dog Names

Game of Thrones Dog Names Based on Knights and Their Trusty Swords

Inspired by the valiant knights and their legendary swords from Game of Thrones, these dog names embody the courage and honor of Westeros’ finest warriors.

  1. Arthur
  2. Dawn
  3. Ice
  4. Longclaw
  5. Oathkeeper
  6. Widow’s Wail
  7. Dark Sister
  8. Blackfyre
  9. Needle
  10. Heartsbane
  11. Lightbringer
  12. Lannister
  13. Harrenhal
  14. Ser Barristan
  15. Ser Loras
  16. Ser Brienne
  17. Ser Arthur
  18. Ser Duncan
  19. Ser Jaime
  20. Ser Gregor
  21. Ser Sandor
  22. Ser Davos
  23. Ser Jorah
  24. Ser Garlan
  25. Ser Balon

Dog Names Inspired by the Game of Thrones Cast’s Real Names

Drawing inspiration from the real names of the Game of Thrones cast, these dog names capture the charisma and charm of the actors behind your favorite characters.

  1. Kit
  2. Emilia
  3. Maisie
  4. Lena
  5. Nikolaj
  6. Sophie
  7. Peter
  8. Alfie
  9. Iain
  10. Gwendoline
  11. Liam
  12. Aidan
  13. Natalie
  14. Conleth
  15. Carice
  16. Michiel
  17. Jerome
  18. Hafthor
  19. Rory
  20. Isaac
  21. Sean
  22. Charles
  23. Richard
  24. John
  25. Mark

How to Pick the Perfect Game of Thrones Name for Your Dog?

It’s important to take into account several criteria while selecting the ideal Game of Thrones name for your dog to make sure it fits your best companion.

1. Consider Your Dog’s Personality

Match the name to your dog’s personality. For instance, a brave and strong dog might suit a name like “Arya” or “Jon,” while a more laid-back dog could be named “Samwell” or “Sansa.”

2. Reflect on Physical Traits

Look at your dog’s physical characteristics. Names like “Ghost” might be ideal for a white dog, while “Bran” could be fitting for a brown-coated pup.

3. Favorite Characters and Moments

Consider the series’ most enduring moments or your favorite characters. This can make the name more meaningful and personal.

4. Ease of Use

Choose a name that’s easy to call out and your dog can quickly recognize. Shorter names or those with clear, strong sounds work best.

5. Uniqueness and Originality

Aim for a unique name that stands out at the dog park but still resonates with the Game of Thrones theme.

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