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Fish Names in Telugu (200+ Unique Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


Ever tried to identify a fish in Telugu and found yourself utterly stumped? It’s like being handed a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing, right? Why do fish names in Telugu seem so elusive? Well, for starters, there’s a rich tapestry of regional dialects and traditions in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

And let’s be honest, how many times have you been at the market, staring at a fish, thinking, “What on earth do they call this in Telugu?”

It’s a bit like when I tried to order my favorite fish curry in Vijayawada and blanked out on the name. Embarrassing, huh? But hey, we’ve all been there.

So, why not dive into this ocean of names together? By the end, you’ll be reeling in those Telugu fish names like a pro.

All Time Favorite Fish Names in Telugu

How to Decode the Beauty of Telugu Fish Names

The Linguistic Charm of Telugu

At the heart of every Telugu name lies a story. Have you ever paused to think about the rich history and culture that’s encapsulated in these names? The Telugu language, with its intricate phonetics and script, offers a unique canvas for naming.

Cool Names with Deep Meanings

It’s not just about sounding good. Many cool names of fish in Telugu are derived from their appearance, habitat, or behavior. For instance, a fish with shimmering scales might have a name reflecting light or sparkle. Makes sense, right?

Cute Nicknames – A Modern Twist

Just like we have nicknames for our loved ones, fish too get their share of cute nicknames in Telugu. These are often endearing terms that locals use, adding a touch of warmth and familiarity.

The Role of Folklore and Tradition

Did you know that many fish names have roots in ancient tales and local folklore? These stories provide context, making the names more than just labels. It’s like a bridge connecting the past with the present.

Deciphering the Sound Patterns

Telugu, as a Dravidian language, has certain rhythmic patterns. Can you catch the melody in the way names are pronounced? It’s almost like a song, with highs and lows, making the act of naming a poetic endeavor.

The Emotional Connect

Names aren’t just about identification. They evoke emotions. When a fisherman calls out a fish by its Telugu name, there’s pride, respect, and a deep connection. It’s this emotional resonance that makes these names truly special.

Fish Names in Telugu (with Meaning)

1. Rohu

Known as ‘Rohu’ in Telugu, this fish is a freshwater favorite. It’s not just a culinary delight but also holds cultural significance in many Telugu households.

2. Katla

‘Katla’ is a popular choice for festive occasions. Its fleshy texture makes it a hit in various Telugu dishes.

3. Bhetki

Often found in coastal regions, ‘Bhetki’ is a versatile fish. It’s the go-to for many traditional Telugu fry recipes.

4. Pulasa

Ah, ‘Pulasa’! It’s often dubbed the ‘king of fish’ in Telugu regions, especially during the monsoon when it’s most flavorful.

5. Sankara

‘Sankara’, or Red Snapper, is a vibrant fish. It’s as delightful to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.

6. Pandugappa

Now, ‘Pandugappa’ or Tilapia is a common man’s fish. Affordable yet tasty, it’s a staple in many Telugu homes.

7. Jalebi

Don’t be fooled by its sweet-sounding name! ‘Jalebi’ fish is a small, freshwater species, and it’s nothing short of a treat in spicy Telugu curries.

8. Gorre

‘Gorre’ or Mackerel is a sea fish with a distinct taste. It’s often sun-dried and stored for later in Telugu households.

9. Bocha

A delicacy in certain Telugu regions, ‘Bocha’ is a catfish variety. It’s often cooked in tangy tamarind-based gravies.

10. Petha

‘Petha’ is a small, silver-colored fish. It’s often fried whole and served as a crunchy side dish in Telugu cuisine.

 Fish Names in Telugu Ideas List

Fish Names in Telugu Ideas List

Telugu culture, with its rich tapestry of traditions, offers a plethora of inspiration for naming. When it comes to fish, the names often reflect the essence of the aquatic world, combined with the region’s linguistic charm.

  • (బొచ్చ) – Bocha
  • (బంగారు చేప) – Bangaru Chepa, or golden fish
  • (వంజరం) – Vanjaram, or king mackerel
  • (కోడి గుడ్డు) – Kodi Guddu, or seer fish
  • (కెండై) – Kendai, or catla fish
  • (రొయ్యల) – Royyala
  • (కొరమీను) Korameenu
  • (జెల్ల) – Jella, or tilapia
  • (వుడుక) – Vuduka, or Indian mackerel
  • (వంగ చేప) – Vanga Chepa, or Sea bass
  • (పొత) – Potha, or silver barb
  • (ఎర్రమట్ట) – Erramatta, or red snapper
  • (పెద్ది) – Peddi, or pearl spot fish
  • (చాపలు) – Chapalu, or anchovies
  • (కోడిపుట్ట) – Kodiputta, or chickenfish

Sea fish names in Telugu

Delving into the heart of Telugu culture, one discovers a deep-seated reverence for the ocean and its bounties. This respect is beautifully reflected in the names given to sea fish.

Each name, steeped in tradition yet infused with modern flair, tells a tale of the sea and its myriad mysteries.

  • బంగార చేప – Bangara chepa (Mackerel)
  • వంగ్గ చేప – Vange chepa (Pomfret)
  • కొరమ చేప – Korame chepa (Sardine)
  • దొండ చేప – Donda chepa (Silver pomfret)
  • అవతి చేప – Avati chepa (Indian mackerel)
  • పేనుచేప – Penu chepa (Anchovy)
  • ఉంగరి చేప – Ungari chepa (Pink perch)
  • వ్హైట్ చేప – White chepa (White pomfret)
  • రావాల చేప – Ravaal chepa (Seer fish)
  • కొరమ జొన్న – Korame jonna (Oil sardine)
  • రెయ్లి చేప – Rayali chepa (Indian oil sardine)
  • అరికేర – Arikeera (Indian threadfin)
  • రావాల మామిడి – Ravaal mamidi (Spanish mackerel)
  • అరికేర జొన్న – Arikeera jonna (Hardtail scad)
  • తెల్ల చేప – Tella chepa (Yellowfin tuna)
  • బంగారి చేప – Bangari chepa (Goldspot mullet)
  • హోడోక్ – Hoddok
  • పొడుగు జొన్న – Podugu jonna (Yellowtail scad)
  • మామిడి చేప – Mamidi chepa (King mackerel)
  • పాట జొన్న – Paata jonna (Indian mackerel)

Boneless Fish Names In Telugu

Boneless fish, with their hassle-free consumption, have always been a favorite among Telugu folks. Each name, crafted with care, mirrors the region’s deep-rooted love for seafood and its commitment to preserving its rich culinary heritage.

  • విస్తారకాయ చేప (Vistārakāya chepa) – Mackerel
  • కొర్ర చేప (Korra chepa) – Pearlspot
  • బంగార చేప (Bangāra chepa) – Goldspot Mullet
  • బోజ (Bōja) – Barramundi
  • కాట్‌ఫిష్ (Kāṭphish) – Catfish
  • రొయ్యల చేప (Royyala chepa) – Prawn
  • టిలపియా (Ṭilapiyā) – Tilapia
  • రోహు (Rōhu) – Rohu
  • కోరమేన (Kōramēna) – Catla
  • మస్టర్డ్ చేప (Mastrd chepa) – Mustard Fish
  • మేక చేప (Mēka chepa) – Kingfish
  • సండ్ చేప (Sand chepa) – Sole Fish
  • కొడి (Kōḍi) – Mullet
  • ఇండియన్ సాల్మన్ (Indian sālman) – Indian Salmon
  • కంటా చేప (Kantā chepa) – Sea Bass
  • సీ బాస్ (Sī bās) – Seabass
  • పందు చేప (Pandu chepa) – Silver Pomfret
  • హిల్స (Hils) – Hilsa
  • కార్ప్ రోహు (Kārp rōhu) – Carp Rohu
  • అరి మత్తి చేప (Ari matti chepa) – Ari Maty Fish

Fatty Fish Names In Telugu

fat fish

Fatty fish, celebrated for their health benefits, are often the stars of many traditional Telugu dishes. The names these fish are christened with resonate with the region’s culinary passion and its penchant for creativity.

Each moniker, thoughtfully chosen, is a testament to the Telugu community’s deep appreciation for the ocean’s bounties.

  • వనమీను (Vanameenu)
  • జిలపర మీను (Jilpara Meenu)
  • విజయవంటి (Vijayavanti)
  • బంగాళాది చేప (Bangaladi Chepa)
  • కొత్తపు రోయ్యల (Kothapu Royyalu)
  • మలిగియొద్ద (Maligi Yodda)
  • గాంగా కాండా (Ganga Kanda)
  • వందల్ మాంసం (Vandal Fish)
  • కోబరం మాంసం (Kobram Fish)
  • పాప్పు మాంసం (Pappu Fish)
  • బందగొంట్ల మాంసం (Bangontla Fish)
  • అవుల మాంసం (Avula Fish)
  • పులసు మాంసం (Pulusu Fish)
  • పులి మాంసం (Puli Fish)
  • జిలల మాంసం (Jilala Fish)
  • మెగపియా మాంసం (Megapia Fish)
  • బాసా మాంసం (Basa Fish)
  • కత్తలు మాంసం (Kathalu Fish)
  • చేపలాడి (Chepaladi Fish)
  • పిల్లి మాంసం (Pilli Fish)
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