Do Akitas Like Water? 10 Tips To Make Akita Like Swimming


by Emily Wolfe


Many people who are new to owning an Akita wonder if this breed of dog likes water. Do they love swimming and playing in the pool or lake like some other breeds seem to? The answer is, it really depends on the individual Akita. Some love the water while others couldn’t care less about it. So, how can you tell if your Akita loves swimming?

Well, the first thing you should do is look at your Akita’s individual personality. Some dogs are naturally more adventurous than others and love to explore new things. If your Akita falls into this category, then there’s a good chance they’ll enjoy swimming.

If your dog is more timid or reserved, they may not be as keen on getting in the water. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll never enjoy a dip. You may just have to take things slowly and introduce them to the water gradually.


Interesting Fact!

Dr. Stanley Coren, a renowned animal behaviorist and professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia, stated in his book “The Intelligence of Dogs” that Akitas are known for their “high level of athleticism and agility, which includes a love of water.”

To help you and your akita enjoy swimming together, we’ve put together a few tips in this article. Plus, we’ll let you know if there are any health risks associated with akitas and water.

In this article, we will guide you about:

  • Are Akitas fond of water?
  • Benefits of swimming for Akita
  • 10 tips to Make Your Akita love swimming and bath time
  • You’ll learn about the best times to swim
  • How to get your dog used to the water, what supplies you’ll need.

Do Akitas Like Water?

Akita on the surfing board

Yes, Akitas do like water! They enjoy playing in it and swimming, and often times will lay down in their water bowl to cool off. The best way to find out if your Akita likes water is to simply introduce him or her to it and see how they react.

Some Akitas may be hesitant at first, but once they realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of, they’ll have a blast!

Akitas are also very clean dogs and enjoy being bathed regularly. However, be sure not to use a shampoo that is too harsh on their coat as this can cause dryness and irritation. Instead, opt for a dog-specific shampoo that will cleanse their coat without stripping away its natural oils.


Interesting Fact!

A study published in the journal Animal Cognition found that the majority of dogs studied (including Akitas) showed no preference for water over land and did not exhibit any behavior indicating a preference for water-based activities. However, the study also found that some individual dogs showed a preference for water and engaged in water-seeking behavior.

Can Akitas Swim?

Yes, Akitas can swim. Some Akitas are better swimmers than others, but most Akitas can paddle around in the water just fine. If your Akita does not like to swim, don’t force him or her. Some dogs are just not made for swimming and there is nothing wrong with that.

What Are The Benefits Of Swimming For Akitas?

There are a number of benefits of swimming for Akitas.

  • Swimming is a great cardio workout, and it’s also a low-impact activity that is easy on the joints.
  • It’s an excellent way to keep your dog fit and healthy.
  • On hot days, swimming is also a great way to cool off.
  • Akitas have a thick coat of fur, which can make them quite hot in the summer months. A dip in the pool or lake can help to cool them down and keep them comfortable.
  • It’s a fun bonding activity that you can do together, and it’s also a great way to socialize your dog.
  • Swimming with other dogs is a great way for them to make new friends and burn off some energy.
  • It’s also beneficial for Akita’s mental health.

10 Tips To Make Your Akita Love Swimming And Bath Time

Akita dog swimming training with life jacket

According to animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin, “If a dog is not naturally inclined to enjoy swimming, it can be trained to like it with the right approach and reinforcement. Start by introducing the dog to shallow water and gradually increasing the depth. Use treats and praise to reward the dog for entering the water and playing in it.

Here are some tips to help you get your Akita used to the water and make bath time and swimming a breeze.

1. Start young

The best time to start swimming with your Akita is when they are puppies. Puppies are more open to new experiences and will be less likely to be afraid of the water. For example, if you have an Akita puppy, you can start by taking them to the beach or lake to play. This will help them get used to the water and the sensation of swimming.

2. Go slow

Don’t just toss your Akita into the pool and expect them to start swimming. Take things slow and let them get used to the water at their own pace. Akitas who are older or new to swimming should be taken slowly. Start by letting them get used to the water by playing around in shallower areas. Once they seem comfortable, you can move to deeper water.

3. Use a life jacket

A life jacket is a great way to help your Akita feel more comfortable in the water. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that they are safe and won’t sink if they happen to fall in. Additionally, a life jacket will help to keep your Akita warm if they are swimming in cooler water.

4. Make a splash

Akitas are often intrigued by moving water. To get your dog interested in the water, try splashing around or playing fetch near the pool. For example, you can throw a ball in the water and let your Akita fetch it.

5. Use a ramp

If your Akita is hesitant to get into the water, you can try using a ramp. This will allow them to walk into the water at their own pace. Once they are in the water, you can remove the ramp and let them swim around.

6. Get in the water with them

Show your Akita that there is nothing to be afraid of by getting in the water with them. This will help them to feel more comfortable and make swimming less daunting. For instance, you can hold them or let them lean on you while you’re in the water.

7. Try different types of water

Not all dogs like the same type of water. Some dogs prefer lakes, while others prefer pools. If your Akita doesn’t seem to like one type of water, try another. You may be surprised at how much they enjoy swimming in a different type of environment for that reason.

8. Make a game out of it

Dogs love to play, so make swimming a game for your Akita. Bring along their favorite toy and have them fetch it in the water. This will help them to associate swimming with something positive and fun. For example, you can play fetch with a ball in the pool.

9. Reward them

Be sure to praise and reward your Akita when they do something good. This will help to reinforce positive behavior and make them more likely to repeat it. For example, if they swim out to you when you call them, be sure to give them a treat.

10. Be safe

Be sure to take safety precautions when swimming with your Akita. This includes using a life jacket and keeping an eye on them at all times. Additionally, be sure to select a safe swimming area that is free of currents and other hazards. For instance, avoid swimming in lakes or rivers where there is a chance of drowning and always supervise your dog when they are in the water.

Why Do Some Akitas Hate Water?

Akita afraid of water

Some Akitas may hate water because they were not properly introduced to it at a young age. If an Akita isn’t used to getting wet, they may become scared or anxious when encountering water. This can lead to them refusing to go near water or even hating it.

There could be other reasons why an Akita may hate water. For example, if they had a bad experience with water (such as nearly drowning or being pulled under by a strong current), this could make them scared of it.


How can I get my Akita to like swimming?

The best way to get your Akita to like swimming is to start with small steps and work your way up. For example, you can start by letting them play in the sprinkler or hose before moving on to pools or lakes. Additionally, be sure to use positive reinforcement and make it a fun experience for them.

How often should you bathe an Akita?

You should bathe your Akita as often as necessary. If your dog is dirty or smells bad, he or she will need a bath. As compared to other breeds of dogs, Akitas do not require as much bathing. Bathe your Akita every two weeks or so if you can. If you cannot bathe your Akita that often, try to at least do it once a month. (Read our guide to learn more about how to bathe an Akita properly)

Is it safe to swim with my Akita?

Yes, it is safe to swim with your Akita. Make sure your dog has a life jacket on if he or she is not a strong swimmer. Do not allow your Akita to swim in water that is too deep for him or her.
Keep an eye on your dog at all times while he or she is swimming. If you are unsure about your Akita’s swimming abilities, ask a professional trainer for help.


As a result of the above observation, it can be safely concluded that most Akitas enjoy swimming, even though not every dog enjoys it. Moreover, it is a great way to bond with your Akita and make lasting memories.

Moreover, swimming is also a great way to keep your Akita fit and healthy. However, as with any activity, be sure to take the proper safety precautions to avoid any accidents.

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