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Disney-Inspired Cat Names – Funny And Cute Ideas


by Emily Wolfe


Are you scratching your head, trying to come up with the perfect name for your feline friend? Well, look no further! We’ve got the cat-tastic solution you’ve been searching for in Disney-inspired cat names. 

Trust me, naming your kitty after a beloved Disney character is a surefire way to add a touch of magic to your everyday life.

From the mischievous Simba to the elegant Belle, these names not only sound enchanting but also carry a hint of nostalgia. 

So, if you’re ready to embark on this whimsical naming adventure, let’s dive right in and explore the enchanting world of Disney-inspired cat names.

Favourite Disney-Inspired Cat Names

Best Disney-Inspired Cat Names (with Meanings)

Unleash your inner Disney magic with these 30 highly creative cat names inspired by iconic Disney characters. Each name carries a unique charm and meaning, ensuring your feline companion has a name as enchanting as they are.

1. Simba  

For the brave and adventurous cat, just like the Lion King himself.

2. Tiana  

Perfect for a graceful and determined kitty with dreams of her own.

3. Stitch 

Ideal for a mischievous and playful cat who loves causing a little chaos.

4. Cinderella  

A name fit for a graceful and elegant feline princess.

5. Pumbaa  

For the easygoing and lovable cat who’s always up for a snack.

6. Elsa  

A name that suits a cat with an icy-cool demeanor and a heart of gold.

7. Aladdin 

Perfect for a free-spirited and adventurous cat who’s always on the go.

8. Ariel 

Ideal for a curious and ocean-loving cat who’s a bit of a mermaid at heart.

9. Woody  

For the loyal and dependable cat who’s always there for you.

10. Belle 

A name that befits a cat with a love for books and a gentle spirit.

11. Abu 

Perfect for a small and agile cat with a mischievous streak.

12. Dory  

Ideal for a forgetful yet lovable cat who always keeps you entertained.

13. Nala  

A name that suits a fierce and independent cat with a strong personality.

14. Olaf  

For a cat who’s as warm and cuddly as a snowman in summer.

15. Buzz  

Perfect for a high-energy and adventurous cat who’s always on a mission.

Disney-Inspired Cat Names List

Funny Disney-Inspired Cat Names

Inject some humor and whimsy into your cat’s life with these 30 outrageously funny Disney-inspired cat names. From puns to playful twists on beloved characters, these names will have you and your furry friend laughing out loud.

  1. Meowcio
  2. Purrlock Holmes
  3. Catniss Everclean
  4. Whiskerina
  5. Darth Kitty
  6. Furrball Fett
  7. Catrick Swayze
  8. Catrick Stewart
  9. Catrick Dempsey
  10. Catniss Claw
  11. Kitty Smalls
  12. Catrick Bateman
  13. Catrick Swayze
  14. Furrlock Meowmes
  15. Catrick Harris
  16. Kitty Gaga
  17. Catniss Meowspurr
  18. Purrlock Combs
  19. Purrlock Paws
  20. Catrick Ewing
  21. Catniss Purrgen
  22. Furrlock Holmes
  23. Catrick Stump
  24. Catrick Starfish
  25. Catrick Warburton
  26. Furrlock Hound
  27. Catrick Stuart
  28. Catrick Swizzle
  29. Catrick Sockspeare
  30. Catrick Hiss

Creative Disney-Inspired Cat Names

Unleash your imagination and give your cat a one-of-a-kind identity with these 30 creative Disney-inspired cat names. From clever wordplay to unique character blends, these names are a delightful twist on beloved Disney classics, ensuring your feline friend stands out from the crowd.

  1. Meowcules
  2. Paw-derella
  3. Whiskerella
  4. Catniss Everclean
  5. Aris-cats
  6. Aladdink
  7. Furr-tangled
  8. Catpool
  9. Catrick Swayze
  10. Wookiee the Chewbacca
  11. Catrick Bateman
  12. Kitty Stark
  13. Catniss Everwatchful
  14. Catrick Dempurrsy
  15. Catrick Ewing
  16. Belle-rina
  17. Captain Furr-merica
  18. Catpool
  19. Catrick Stewart
  20. Catniss Clawdeen
  21. Belle-zebub
  22. Catrick Swayze
  23. Catrick Swizzle
  24. Captain Furrgsparrow
  25. Moana Kitty
  26. Catrick Warhol
  27. Catniss Paw-ssenger
  28. Pawbacca
  29. Catrick Hiss
  30. Catniss Purrborn

Disney-Inspired Male Cat Names

Step into the magical world of Disney with these 30 creative male cat names inspired by iconic Disney characters. These names capture the essence of bravery, adventure, and charm, making them the perfect choice for your dashing feline companion.

  1. Simba
  2. Aladdin
  3. Stitch
  4. Woody
  5. Pumbaa
  6. Elsa
  7. Olaf
  8. Tarzan
  9. Buzz
  10. Nemo
  11. Jasmine
  12. Baloo
  13. Scar
  14. Kristoff
  15. Maui
  16. Mufasa
  17. Hercules
  18. Jafar
  19. Gaston
  20. Kronk
  21. Abu
  22. Tito
  23. Kuzco
  24. Rajah
  25. Flounder
  26. Dopey
  27. Jiminy
  28. Grumpy
  29. Cheshire
  30. Dug

Disney-Inspired Female Cat Names

Enter the enchanting realm of Disney with these 30 creative female cat names inspired by iconic Disney heroines. These names capture the grace, beauty, and strength of Disney’s leading ladies, offering a touch of magic to your feline friend’s identity.

  1. Ariel
  2. Belle
  3. Cinderella
  4. Elsa
  5. Jasmine
  6. Moana
  7. Mulan
  8. Pocahontas
  9. Rapunzel
  10. Tiana
  11. Anna
  12. Aurora
  13. Esmeralda
  14. Megara
  15. Merida
  16. Nala
  17. Wendy
  18. Alice
  19. Snow White
  20. Elsa
  21. Belle
  22. Aurora
  23. Ariel
  24. Jasmine
  25. Mulan
  26. Cinderella
  27. Tiana
  28. Moana
  29. Pocahontas
  30. Rapunzel

Cute Disney-Inspired Cat Names

With these 30 cute cat names inspired by beloved Disney characters, you can immerse yourself in the heartwarming world of Disney. These names radiate charm and adorability, making them the perfect choice for your lovable feline companion.

  1. Tigger
  2. Winnie
  3. Dumbo
  4. Eeyore
  5. Bambi
  6. Chip
  7. Dale
  8. Daisy
  9. Minnie
  10. Pluto
  11. Goofy
  12. Figaro
  13. Tinkerbell
  14. Thumper
  15. Roo
  16. Pooh
  17. Lilo
  18. Marie
  19. Scrooge
  20. Kanga
  21. Giselle
  22. Miss Bianca
  23. Gus Gus
  24. Perdita
  25. Oliver
  26. Berlioz
  27. Duchess
  28. Toulouse
  29. Flower
  30. Lady

Tips for Naming Disney-Inspired Cat Names

You can choose from a variety of names for your cat when naming them after Disney characters. There are lots of Disney films, characters, themes, and theme parks from which to get ideas. Here are some suggestions for cat names inspired by Disney:

Consider Your Cat’s Disney Persona

Just like every Disney character has a unique personality, think about your cat’s traits. Is your feline friend as adventurous as Aladdin or as regal as Elsa? Naming them after a character that matches their demeanor can add a touch of magic to their identity.

Explore Beyond Animation 

Don’t limit yourself to animated classics. Disney’s vast universe includes live-action films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Hocus Pocus. These movies offer a treasure trove of name ideas for your cat.

Disney Park Inspiration 

Disney theme parks aren’t just about rides; they can inspire names too. Consider Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean attractions. Names derived from these experiences can infuse a sense of wonder into your cat’s name.

Simplicity is Key 

While Disney-inspired names can be whimsical, it’s essential to choose one that’s easy to pronounce and remember. Your cat should respond to their name without confusion.

Match Your Disney Love 

Finally, consider your own Disney fandom. Are you a die-hard fan of The Little Mermaid or a devoted follower of The Lion King? Naming your cat after a movie or character you love adds a personal touch to their name and creates a special connection.

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