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Celebrity Dog Names – Famous And Popular Picks


by Emily Wolfe


Struggling to find an excellent name for your new dog? It’s tougher than it seems, right? You want something that stands out but also fits their personality. 

Maybe you’ve thought about naming your pup after a celebrity. It’s a great idea! Celebrity names carry a sense of flair and recognition, adding a bit of glamour to your furry friend’s identity. 

Whether you’re into sports legends or Hollywood icons, there’s a name out there that’s just right. Let’s get started with some original and entertaining celebrity dog names that will make your pet the talk of the town.

Best Celebrity Dog Names (with Meanings)

Choosing the ideal name for your dog can be exciting, especially when inspired by celebrities. Here are 10 highly creative celebrity dog names with meanings to consider for your furry friend.

1. Luna (John Legend and Chrissy Teigen) 

Inspired by their daughter, Luna, this name means “moon” and is perfect for a dog with a calm and serene nature.

2. Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) 

Named after the famous character, Gatsby is great for a dog with a grand and charismatic presence.

3. Blue (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) 

Inspired by their daughter, Blue Ivy, this name is ideal for a dog with a vibrant and energetic personality.

4. Oscar (Academy Awards)

A nod to the prestigious awards, Oscar suits a dog that deserves recognition and praise for its outstanding traits.

5. Miley (Miley Cyrus) 

Miley reflects the adventurous and carefree nature of the well-known musician, making it suitable for an active and playful dog.

6. Maverick (Tom Cruise in Top Gun) 

Ideal for a bold and fearless dog, Maverick embodies the spirit of a trailblazer and risk-taker.

7. Harper (David and Victoria Beckham) 

Inspired by their daughter, Harper is a stylish and sophisticated name for a fashionable and elegant dog.

8. Ziggy (David Bowie)

Named after Bowie’s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, this name fits a quirky and unique dog with a larger-than-life personality.

9. Hermione (Emma Watson in Harry Potter) 

For a smart and resourceful dog, Hermione is perfect, inspired by the intelligent and brave character from the beloved series.

10. Oprah (Oprah Winfrey) 

A strong and empowering name, Oprah is ideal for a dog that exudes confidence and has a commanding presence.

Celebrity Dog Names

Female Celebrity Dog Names

Finding a suitable name for your dog can be fun, especially when inspired by female celebrities. Here are 25 highly creative names to consider for your furry friend.

  1. Beyoncé
  2. Selena
  3. Madonna
  4. Oprah
  5. Angelina
  6. Taylor
  7. Scarlett
  8. Rita
  9. Camila
  10. Miley
  11. Billie
  12. Adele
  13. Lorde
  14. Jennifer
  15. Cardi
  16. Gwen
  17. Emma
  18. Blake
  19. Alicia
  20. Fergie
  21. Demi
  22. Gaga
  23. Kesha
  24. Whitney
  25. Janelle

Male Celebrity Dog Names

Selecting a dog name that is influenced by male celebrities can be entertaining as well as significant. Find the ideal dog name with the help of these 25 extremely imaginative male celebrity dog names.

  1. Elvis
  2. Drake
  3. Leo
  4. Bruno
  5. Kanye
  6. Johnny
  7. Eminem
  8. Harrison
  9. Keanu
  10. Benedict
  11. Denzel
  12. Brad
  13. Zayn
  14. Elton
  15. Tom
  16. Liam
  17. Chris
  18. George
  19. Usher
  20. Pharrell
  21. Ryan
  22. Harry
  23. Jamie
  24. Orlando
  25. Niall

Couple Celebrity Dog Names

Giving your pets celebrity couple names might give them a distinctive and fashionable touch. Try these 25 incredibly creative celebrity dog names for couples for your furry companions.

  1. Beyoncé & Jay-Z
  2. Kim & Kanye
  3. David & Victoria
  4. Tom & Gisele
  5. Blake & Ryan
  6. John & Chrissy
  7. Will & Jada
  8. Ellen & Portia
  9. Ashton & Mila
  10. Jay & Silent Bob
  11. Brad & Angelina
  12. Kurt & Goldie
  13. Barack & Michelle
  14. Prince & Meghan
  15. Justin & Hailey
  16. Nick & Priyanka
  17. George & Amal
  18. Tom & Rita
  19. Orlando & Katy
  20. Joe & Sophie
  21. Adam & Behati
  22. Michael & Catherine
  23. Keith & Nicole
  24. Shawn & Camila
  25. Dax & Kristen
Celebrity Dog Names

Celebrity Dog Names From History

A classic and elegant touch can be added to your pet by naming them after historical celebrities. Consider these 25 extremely imaginative celebrity dog names from history.

  1. Einstein
  2. Cleopatra
  3. Shakespeare
  4. Napoleon
  5. Mozart
  6. Joan
  7. Tesla
  8. Lincoln
  9. Freud
  10. Curie
  11. Churchill
  12. Beethoven
  13. Gandhi
  14. Houdini
  15. Galileo
  16. Monroe
  17. Hemingway
  18. Chanel
  19. Newton
  20. Franklin
  21. Darwin
  22. Aristotle
  23. Columbus
  24. Rembrandt
  25. Edison

Sportsmen Celebrity Dog Names

For sports enthusiasts, naming your dog after a famous athlete can add a spirited and energetic touch. Here are 25 highly creative sportsmen celebrity dog names to inspire you.

  1. Jordan
  2. LeBron
  3. Messi
  4. Brady
  5. Bolt
  6. Federer
  7. Tiger
  8. Beckham
  9. Serena
  10. Phelps
  11. Shaq
  12. Kobe
  13. Manning
  14. Ali
  15. Ronaldo
  16. Nadal
  17. Gretzky
  18. Magic
  19. Pele
  20. Babe
  21. Rodman
  22. Klay
  23. Luka
  24. Jeter
  25. Harden

Tips For Naming Celebrity Dog Names

Finding a suitable celebrity-inspired name for your dog can be fun and meaningful. Here are some helpful tips for choosing.

1. Reflect Their Personality

Choose a name that matches your dog’s personality. For a playful dog, a fun and energetic name like “Kobe” or “Beyoncé” could be perfect. For a more laid-back pet, consider something calmer like “Gandhi” or “Marilyn.”

2. Consider Their Appearance

A name inspired by your dog’s looks can be fitting. For a sleek and elegant dog, “Chanel” or “Monroe” might be ideal. A strong, muscular dog could suit names like “Rocky” or “Bruno.”

3. Consider Your Pronunciation

Pick a name that’s easy to call out. Short, sharp names like “Bolt,” “Shaq,” or “Luna” are easier for dogs to recognize and respond to quickly.

4. Get Inspired by Your Interests

If you love sports, names like “Jordan” or “Serena” can be great choices. Music fans might prefer “Elvis” or “Ariana.”

5. Avoid Confusion

Ensure the name doesn’t sound too much like commands or other family members’ names to avoid confusion for your dog.

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