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Cat Names In Chinese (250+ Modern Trends)


by Emily Wolfe


The perfect name for your cat can be a real head-scratcher, especially when delving into the rich tapestry of Chinese names. It’s like trying to pick a favorite star in the night sky – overwhelming yet fascinating.

In Chinese culture, names aren’t just labels; they carry deep meanings and are often a nod to characteristics, history, or even aspirations. And trust me, once you find that perfect name, it clicks – just like when you find that cozy spot on the couch.

All Time Favourite Cat Names In Chinese

Best Cat Names In Chinese Ideas List

Cat Names In Chinese Ideas List

Chinese cat names are like opening a treasure chest of cultural gems. Each name is a creative blend of tradition and personality, perfect for your feline friend.

  • Yingyu (Cherry Blossom)
  • Baozhu (Precious Pearl)
  • Xuehua (Snowflake)
  • Huoban (Companion)
  • Lianhua (Lotus Flower)
  • Jiaoli (Playful)
  • Tiancai (Genius)
  • Xingfu (Happiness)
  • Mengmeng (Dreamy)
  • Yueliang (Moonbeam)
  • Zhenzhu (Pearl)
  • Feixue (Flying Snow)
  • Huohu (Tiger)
  • Qiqi (Miracle)
  • Shuijing (Crystal)
  • Xinxin (Heartfelt)
  • Lele (Joyful)
  • Fenghuang (Phoenix)
  • Xiaoxiao (Dawn)
  • Yanyan (Flame)
  • Bifeng (Jade Phoenix)
  • Chunchun (Spring)
  • Huahua (Flower)
  • Jinxin (Golden Heart)
  • Linglong (Elegant)
  • Nuanhu (Warm Tiger)
  • Qiaokeli (Chocolate)
  • Rongrong (Velvet)
  • Weilai (Future)
  • Zhihui (Wisdom)

Male Cat Names In Chinese

Exploring male cat names in Chinese offers a unique opportunity to infuse your pet’s identity with meaningful and imaginative monikers. These names reflect strength, character, and the mystique of ancient traditions.

  • Longwei (Dragon Greatness)
  • Jianyu (Sword Rain)
  • Huojian (Fire Arrow)
  • Zhanlu (Warrior)
  • Qiangwei (Strong Rose)
  • Bolei (Thunderbolt)
  • Fengbao (Storm)
  • Haoyue (Bright Moon)
  • Jingshen (Spirit)
  • Kangzhan (Healthy and Strong)
  • Leigong (Thunder God)
  • Mingzhe (Wise One)
  • Ningjing (Tranquil)
  • Qiangdao (Strong Sword)
  • Rongguang (Glorious)
  • Shanying (Mountain Eagle)
  • Tianwang (Sky King)
  • Weilong (Mighty Dragon)
  • Xiongmao (Panda)
  • Yanzhi (Flame)
  • Zhenbao (Precious Treasure)
  • Baolei (Treasured Thunder)
  • Chuanqi (Legend)
  • Duizhang (Captain)
  • Fuxing (Lucky Star)
  • Guangming (Brightness)
  • Huanle (Joy)
  • Jianguo (Strong Country)
  • Kuaihuo (Cheerful)
  • Lixue (Sharp Snow)

Female Cat Names In Chinese

Selecting a name for your female cat from Chinese culture is like choosing a piece of fine art; each name is a blend of beauty, grace, and deep meaning, reflecting your cat’s unique personality.

  • Meili (Beautiful)
  • Xingxing (Star)
  • Huadie (Butterfly)
  • Luli (Dewdrop)
  • Qiaohui (Clever)
  • Yueli (Moonlight)
  • Zhenzhen (Precious)
  • Baoxiang (Treasure)
  • Chunhua (Spring Flower)
  • Fangfang (Fragrant)
  • Huanhuan (Joyous)
  • Jingfei (Quiet and Swift)
  • Lianlian (Graceful)
  • Ningxiang (Tranquil Fragrance)
  • Qiuyue (Autumn Moon)
  • Ruolan (Like an Orchid)
  • Shuangshuang (Bright and Clear)
  • Tianmi (Sweet)
  • Wuyou (Carefree)
  • Xiangxiang (Fragrance)
  • Yanyu (Swallow Rain)
  • Zhaocai (Bringing Wealth)
  • Biyue (Jade Moon)
  • Dongling (Winter Bell)
  • Fengling (Maple Bell)
  • Huaxue (Snow Flower)
  • Jiajia (Good Family)
  • Lianmei (Lotus Beauty)
  • Qianqian (Subtle)
  • Xueqin (Snowy Qin)

Cute Cat Names In Chinese

Choosing a cute cat name in Chinese is like wrapping your beloved pet in a blanket of affection and charm. These names are not just adorable; they resonate with warmth and endearing qualities.

  • Mimi (Secret)
  • Dudu (Bean)
  • Pupu (Bubble)
  • Lulu (Dewy)
  • Tiantian (Sweetie)
  • Nini (Little Girl)
  • Bubu (Buddy)
  • Kiki (Joyful)
  • Fufu (Lucky)
  • Huhu (Tiger Cub)
  • Jiji (Lively)
  • Lala (Cheerful)
  • Mumu (Soft)
  • Nana (Graceful)
  • Pipi (Playful)
  • Qiqi (Cute)
  • Ruru (Ruby)
  • Sisi (Silky)
  • Tutu (Bunny)
  • Wawa (Doll)
  • Xixi (Happy)
  • Yaya (Elegant)
  • Zizi (Giggly)
  • Coco (Coconut)
  • Dada (Big Eyes)
  • Gugu (Sweetheart)
  • Haha (Laughter)
  • Lili (Beautiful)
  • Momo (Peach)
  • Nono (Little One)

Creative Cat Names In Chinese

The journey of naming your cat with a Chinese twist opens a world of creativity and originality. These names are not just unique; they’re a fusion of art, culture, and whimsy, perfectly suited for your one-of-a-kind feline.

  • Yinxue (Silver Snow)
  • Huolun (Firewheel)
  • Caiyun (Colorful Cloud)
  • Feihong (Rainbow)
  • Luoying (Falling Shadow)
  • Tianyu (Sky Feather)
  • Baihe (White Crane)
  • Juxing (Giant Star)
  • Luoxue (Falling Snow)
  • Yinhui (Silver Gray)
  • Qingting (Dragonfly)
  • Huoshen (Fire Spirit)
  • Xuanfeng (Whirlwind)
  • Yuzhu (Jade Bamboo)
  • Zijin (Purple Gold)
  • Qionghua (Celestial Flower)
  • Shuiguang (Water Light)
  • Bingxin (Ice Heart)
  • Tianxiang (Heavenly Scent)
  • Luoshen (Goddess of Luo)
  • Xingchen (Star Dust)
  • Yuheng (Jade Balance)
  • Zhenxi (Precious Rarity)
  • Huanying (Illusion)
  • Qixing (Seven Stars)
  • Ruyi (As You Wish)
  • Shuangyu (Double Fish)
  • Tianlai (Heavenly Music)
  • Xianzi (Fairy)
  • Yunxiao (Cloud Smile)

Trending Chinese Cat Names and Their Popularity

Cultural Revival

In a world where everything feels transient, these names offer a connection to heritage and history. It’s like holding onto a piece of the past while moving forward.

Media Magic

Popular Chinese movies, TV shows, and even viral internet memes can catapult a name to fame. Remember how ‘Simba’ soared after ‘The Lion King’?

Embracing Uniqueness

Quirky names like “Dudu” (Bean) or “Pupu” (Bubble) are in vogue. They’re fun, memorable, and break the mold. Who wouldn’t smile calling out “Bubble” at dinnertime?

Cross-Cultural Exchange

With the world more connected, Chinese cat names like “Yingyu” (Cherry Blossom) are gaining popularity globally. It’s a beautiful blend of cultures, like fusion cuisine for names!

The Exotic Appeal

For non-Chinese cat owners, these names offer an exotic flair. It’s like adding a dash of mystery and charm to your pet’s personality.

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