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Cartoon Cat Names (300+ Nostalgic Picks)


by Emily Wolfe


The perfect name for your cartoon cat can be a real head-scratcher. You want something that captures their quirky personality, right? It’s like trying to pick a favorite flavor at an ice cream shop – overwhelming but exciting.

Sometimes, you’re aiming for classic charm, other times, something more off-the-wall. I remember naming my first cartoon cat; it was a toss-up between ‘Whisker Wizard’ and ‘Furball Fiasco.’

All Time Favourite Cartoon Cat Names

Best Cartoon Cat Names Ideas List

Cartoon Cat Names Ideas List

In the whimsical world of cartoon cats, each name here is a doorway to a unique personality and story. These one-word wonders are crafted to capture the essence of your animated feline friend:

  • Whiskerado
  • Snickerpaw
  • Fuzzmatazz
  • Meowlin
  • Pouncewell
  • Slinkster
  • Velvetune
  • Quirkitty
  • Fluffernut
  • Zanyclaw
  • Gigglesnort
  • Twinkletoes
  • Breezefur
  • Mischiefur
  • Jesterpaws
  • Charmwhisk
  • Frolicpuff
  • Glitterpad
  • Hushpurr
  • Jinglefur
  • Lollitail
  • Mirthstripe
  • Nuzzlebeam
  • Purradox
  • Quibblefur
  • Rascaloon
  • Ticklewhisk
  • Whimsypuff
  • Zigzaggle

Male Cartoon Cat Names

The perfect name for a male cartoon cat is an art in itself. Each of these names is designed to embody the charm, wit, and playful spirit of your animated feline hero:

  • Clawdacious
  • Whiskermax
  • Purrlock
  • Jaspurr
  • Fuzzardo
  • Meowster
  • Pounceval
  • Slinkman
  • Quirkson
  • Fluffington
  • Zappurr
  • Giggleshadow
  • Twinkleton
  • Breezepaw
  • Mischiefon
  • Jestfur
  • Charmclaw
  • Frolicson
  • Glitterstripe
  • Hushwhisker
  • Jingleclaw
  • Lollifur
  • Mirthtail
  • Nuzzlepounce
  • Purrton
  • Quibblewhisk
  • Rascalpaw
  • Ticklefur
  • Whimsytail
  • Zigzagpurr

Female Cartoon Cat Names

A name for a female cartoon cat is like painting a character full of life and personality. These names, each a blend of elegance and playfulness, are perfect for your animated feline diva:

  • Purrlette
  • Meowgaret
  • Fuzzabelle
  • Slinkette
  • Quirkella
  • Fluffina
  • Gigglespark
  • Twinklepurr
  • Breezewhisper
  • Mischiefina
  • Jestina
  • Charmfuzz
  • Frolicpurr
  • Glitterwhisk
  • Hushbelle
  • Jinglepaws
  • Lollifluff
  • Mirthwhisk
  • Nuzzlepurr
  • Purrbella
  • Quibblepaws
  • Rascalfur
  • Ticklewhisk
  • Whimsyfur
  • Zigzagwhisk
  • Velvetpaws
  • Sparklewhisk
  • Pouncepetal
  • Flickertail
  • Whiskerella

Funny Cartoon Cat Names

Every chuckle-worthy cartoon cat deserves a name that’s equally amusing and endearing. These names are concocted to tickle your funny bone and perfectly suit the comedic antics of your cartoonish feline:

  • Sir Purr-a-lot
  • Meowmoirs
  • Whiskerfuffle
  • Purrnado
  • Catzilla
  • Fuzzinator
  • Meowser
  • Pawsitron
  • Fluffernutter
  • Gigglewhisk
  • Purrlock Holmes
  • Catrick Swayze
  • Kitty Poppins
  • Meowsical
  • Furrballini
  • Purrfessor Meow
  • Catniss Everclean
  • Whiskerface
  • Purrple Rain
  • Clawdius
  • Feline Dion
  • Pawsanova
  • Meowcolm X
  • Catpernicus
  • Purrmione Granger
  • Catmando
  • Meowzart
  • Furrnando
  • Whiskerella
  • Purrchard III

Cool Cartoon Cat Names

Cool cartoon cats deserve names that ooze style and charisma. These names are handpicked to match the suave and sleek nature of your animated feline, ensuring they stand out in any cartoon caper:

  • BlazeWhisker
  • FrostPurr
  • ShadowFang
  • JetClaw
  • ThunderPaws
  • IceWhisk
  • StormFur
  • NightWhisper
  • SteelStripe
  • GhostTail
  • RocketPurr
  • NeonClaw
  • SilverFang
  • ZephyrPaws
  • CobaltWhisk
  • MaverickMane
  • PhantomFur
  • BoltStripe
  • AshWhisker
  • RaptorPaws
  • OnyxTail
  • TurboWhisk
  • VortexClaw
  • EclipseFur
  • AeroPurr
  • TitanWhisk
  • ZenithClaw
  • InfernoFur
  • CosmosTail
  • NovaPaws

The Art Of Crafting The Perfect Cartoon Cat Name: A Step-By-Step Guide

Understanding Your Cat’s Character

Ever wondered what makes Garfield so lazily charming or why Tom is the quintessential ‘cat-and-mouse’ chaser? Start by analyzing your cartoon cat’s personality. Is it mischievous, lazy, heroic, or cunning? The personality is a treasure trove for name ideas.

Drawing Inspiration from Appearance

Does your cat have striking features? Think of Sylvester’s iconic black and white fur. Use physical attributes like color, size, or distinctive markings as a springboard for names. How about ‘PatchWhisk’ for a cat with a patchy fur coat?

Seeking Feedback

Bounce your ideas off others. Sometimes, what sounds great in your head might not resonate with others. Feedback can be a goldmine for refining your choice.

Final Touch: Personality Alignment 

Finally, ensure the name aligns with your cat’s personality and story arc. Does the name reflect their journey or role in the cartoon? It’s the cherry on top of a well-crafted character.

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