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BOTW Horse Names (200+ Creative Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


Hold your horses! Are you galloping through the vast lands of BOTW without a name for your trusty steed? Neigh, we say!

From the majestic to the hilarious, we’ve got a stable full of names that’ll make your horse the talk of Hyrule. Saddle up and trot through our list of the most creative, whimsical, and downright epic BOTW horse names. Giddy up, partner, and let’s ride.

BOTW Horse Names Favorite List

Why BOTW Horse Names Matter? The Art of Naming Your Steed

Naming your horse in Breath of the Wild (BOTW) isn’t just a whimsical exercise; it’s an essential part of the gaming experience. But why do BOTW Horse Names carry such weight? Let’s trot down this intriguing path:

A Connection with Your Steed

Emotional Bonding: Naming your BOTW Horse creates an emotional connection. Ever noticed how naming something makes it dearer to you? It’s the same with your virtual steed.

Personalized Adventure: A BOTW-Inspired Horse name adds a personal touch to your adventure. Isn’t it more thrilling to ride “Thunderflash” than just any horse?

Enhancing the Gaming Experience

Immersion in the Game World: Unique horse names immerse you deeper into the world of Hyrule. Imagine calling your horse “Eclipse” as you ride into a dark forest. Feels mystical, doesn’t it?

Reflecting Personality: Your BOTW Horse’s name can reflect its personality or your own. Ever thought of naming a swift horse “Windrider”? It’s like poetry in motion!

A Creative Outlet

Unleashing Creativity: Crafting a BOTW-Inspired Horse name is a creative exercise. How often do you get to name a mythical creature?

A Touch of Humor: Funny names like “Sir Gallops-a-Lot” can add humor to your journey. Who says saving the world can’t be fun?

Cultural Impact

Influence Outside the Game: BOTW Horse Names have even trotted into popular culture. Ever heard of a real horse named after a BOTW character? It’s a tribute to the game’s impact.

Community Engagement: Sharing and discussing BOTW Horse Names has become a community activity. Isn’t it fascinating how a simple name can spark conversations and friendships?

Best BOTW Horse Names

BOTW Horse Names Ideas List

Steelwind, Frostpelt, Cometsong… oh my! These names aren’t just a random neigh-sance; they’re the cream of the crop. Whether you’re galloping through fields or charging into battle, these names will make your horse feel like a true champion.

1. Steelwind 

2. Frostpelt  

3. Cometsong

4. Shadowfax 

5. Windrunner 

6. Starmane 

7. Butterscotch

8. Sooty

9. Wildfire 

10. Silverwing 

11. Fierceheart 

12. Nobleheart 

13. Sunshadow 

14. Moonshimmer 

15. Silvermoon 

16. Avalanche 

17. Sunbeam 

18. Silverfrost 

19. Ironhoof 

20. Spectre 

21. Stormcloud 

22. Starlight 

23. Golden moon 

24. Skydancer 

25. Cloudchaser 

26. Swiftwind 

27. Raindancer 

28. Blazeheart 

29. Diamonddust 

30. Running fire 

31. Raindapple 

32. Silverstar 

33. Dawnstreak 

34. Sunfire 

35. Silverstreak 

36. Dusksky 

37. Mystic moons  

38. Silvermane 

39. Windrider 

40. Sparkles 

41. Wildheart 

42. Ironheart 

43. Sunray 

44. Stormchaser 

45. Firestorm

BOTW white horse name

A white horse is a symbol of purity and grace. Our selection of white horse names captures these magnificent creatures’ ethereal beauty and mystical charm. Let your horse shine bright like a snowflake with these enchanting names.

1. Whitefire 

2. Astral

3. Wisp 

4. Snowball 

5. Dapple 

6. Cloud 

7. Stormwind 

8. Spirit 

9. Blaze 

10. Taffy Tango

11. Shimmer 

12. Snowflake 

13.  Lace

14. Sapphire 

15. Peaches 

16. Flurry 

17. Iceberg 

18. Whitecap 

19. Snowy 

20. Blizzard 

21. Windstorm 

22. Angel 

23. Whisper 

24. Snowdrift 

25. Cotton 

26. Starbright 

27. Diamond 

28. Snowshoe 

29. Phantom 

30. Ivory 

31. Marshmallow 

32. Snowcloud 

33. Marshmellow 

34. Moonbeam 

35. Glacier 

36. Halo 

37. Blizzardy 

38. Nimbus 

39. Frosty 

40. Opal

41. Whiteout 

42. Snowy-Horse 

43. Snowy-White 

44. Blizzardshine 

45. Wintermist

BOTW giant horse names

For those colossal steeds that tower above the rest, we’ve crafted a list of names as mighty as they are. From “Avirath” to “Wildthunder,” these names resonate with power and majesty.

1. Avirath

2. Magnar

3. Bronzefire

4. Echorunner

5. Arcturus

6. Lullaby 

7. Oceanglow

8. Thunderflash

9. Blustar

10. Midnightflyer 

11. Zephyrhoof

12. Highroller

13. Firemane

14. Maratak

15. Sovereign

16. Vigormount

17. Skybreaker

18. Cloudcap

19. Silvermist

20. Moonrider

21. Shadowdancer

22. Radiantwind

23. Prairie Pie

24. Firefrost

25. Duskmoon

26. Starseer

27. Goldenwing

28. Stormflight

29. Windchaser

30. Shadowfire

31. Sunstreak

32. Iceheart

33. Bravestrider

34. Foggymane 

35. Moonlight

36. Starfall

37. Nightdancer

38. Frostheart

39. Stardust

40. Wildwing

41. Ironbrow

42. Snowrose

43. Emberhorn

44. Silverblade

45. Wildthunder 

Funny BOTW horse names

Why so serious? Lighten up your adventure with these whimsical and downright silly horse names. Whether it’s “Fudgesicle” or “Whinny the Pooh,” these names are sure to bring a smile to your face.

1. Fudgesicle

2. Snoozy McSleepy

3. Freckles the Wonder Horse

4. Sir Gallops-a-Lot

5. Princess Hoofy McHooferson

6. Nervous Nellie

7. The Fabulous Flash

8. Aloha Pony

9. Stomper the Charger

10. Little Miss Sunshine

11. Galloperella

12. Zoom Buckaroo Zoomer

13. The Fuzzy Pony

14. Star-Struck Sparky

15. Hopping Henry

16. Dandy Dancer

17. Cowboy Bob

18. The Lovely Lady

19. Maverick the Rebel

20. Airborne Annie

21. Mushroom the Magic Hoof

22. Sir Prancealot

23. Prime Loin of Beef

24. Bamboo Robbie

25. Whinny the Pooh

26. Captain Fantastic

27. The Mysterious Mr. Munch

28. Defying Gordon

29. Daisy the Dainty

30. Lightning the Flaming Stallion

31. Jigsaw the Puzzle Hound

32. Rocky Road

33. Trotter the turtle

34. Jet Setter

35. Aristotos Nibbles

36. The Arabian Prince

37. Theodore Squeaks-a-Lot

38. The Perfectionist

39. The King of the Hill

40. Speedy Gonzales

41. The Mighty Mustang

42. The Flying Filly

43. The Charming Charmer

44. The Majestic Mare

45. The Singing Stag

BOTW black horse names

Mysterious, sleek, and bold, these black horse names are for the enigmatic equines of the night. Let your horse’s dark coat be a canvas for names that evoke the mystique of the shadows.

1. Eclipse 

2. A dark fax 

3. Thunderstrike 

4. Tempest 

5. Lightning 

6. Thunderclap 

7. Solstice 

8. Jetstream 

9. Stormbringer 

10. Onyx 

11. Steelhooves 

12. Charcoal 

13. Midnight 

14. Galahad 

15. Blackjack 

16. Ebony 

17. Invictus 

18. Heaven scent 

19. Ironhide 

20. Obsidian 

21. Inkwell 

22. Smokey 

23. Onyxia 

24. Pheon 

25. Dusky 

26. Erebus 

27. Revenant 

28. Cornet 

29. Ebony mane

30. Nighthawk 

31. Nightshade 

32. Coal 

33. Shade 

34. Char 

35. Corvus 

36. Obsidianus 

37. Silverwings 

38. Knightmare 

39. Hades 

40. Abyssal 

41. Blackheart 

42. Moonraven 

43. Nyx 

44. Stygian 

45. Ebonclaw

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