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Black And White Horse Names (200+ Unique Ideas)


by Emily Wolfe


When it comes to naming a majestic black and white horse, finding the perfect moniker can be a thrilling endeavor. The striking contrast between these two colors evokes a sense of elegance, beauty, and power.

Whether you’re seeking a name that reflects the horse’s appearance, or personality, or even draws inspiration from mythology or pop culture, there is a vast array of options to consider.

One approach to naming a black and white horse is to focus on the colors themselves. Names like “Ebony” and “Ivory” are classic choices that pay homage to the horse’s distinct coat pattern.

Black And White Horse Names Favorite List

The Art and Science Behind Naming a Black and White Horse

Embracing Legacy and Tradition:

At the heart of naming lies deep-rooted traditions. Just as family names pass from one generation to another, so do horse names. When selecting black horse names, many equestrians look to the past, honoring great stallions and mares that once graced the racetracks or show rings.

Unraveling the Mythical Tapestry:

Did you know that mythology is a treasure trove of inspiration? Dive into tales of yore and discover black mythical horse names like “Bucephalus” or “Sleipnir”. Isn’t it mesmerizing how the lore of ages can inspire the name of your modern steed?

A Reflection of Character and Appearance:

Ever noticed how some names just feel right? The art of naming often takes into account the horse’s demeanor and coat pattern. Would a fierce, dominant black and white horse better suit a powerful title or a gentle name? It’s all about matching essence with expression.

Stirring Emotions with Names:

Names have power. They evoke memories, create associations, and stir emotions. Ever felt a shiver down your spine when hearing a particularly majestic or poignant name? That’s the art at play, turning a simple moniker into a symphony of feelings.

Does Popularity Matter?:

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare famously asked. Today, we might ask, “What’s in a popular name?” While some seek uniqueness, others find comfort in the familiar. But, is choosing a trendy black-and-white horse name the right choice for everyone? Or is there more to the story?

Scientifically Speaking: Neurological Connections:

It may sound high-brow, but there’s actual science in naming! Names with ‘burstiness’, or varying sounds and syllables, can be more memorable. Ever wondered why some names stick while others fade? It’s all in the brain’s love for patterns and rhythms.

The Emotional Resonance of Sound:

Some names resonate, while others clash. Why? The art of phonetics. Soft sounds might evoke calmness, perfect for a gentle mare, while harder sounds could be apt for a spirited stallion. It’s a dance of syllables, where every step evokes emotion.

Black And White Horse Names with Meaning

Every horse is a unique blend of majesty and charm. Dive deep into our curated list to uncover the stories and meanings behind each monochrome name. After all, isn’t every equestrian tale worth telling?

1. Oreo

Oreo is the perfect name for a black and white horse, as it is a reflection of the colors on his coat. It is also a great reminder of the beloved cookie and brings the horse a sense of warmth and familiarity. Oreo is the ideal horse for someone looking to bring a bit of fun and whimsy to their barn.

2. Domino

Not only is it a reflection of the colors on his coat, but it is also indicative of the classic game of chance. So, Domino is a great choice for a black and white horse. Those who are looking for a little luck in their lives might be interested in a horse named Domino.

3. Midddlenight

Stunningly beautiful and majestic, Midddlenight has a beautiful coat of black and white and a mysterious presence. He is often seen at night and loves to explore the darkness. He is strong and loves to gallop, but he often takes his time and will often take the scenic route. He is sure-footed and is a trusty companion in any environment.

4. Patches

Patches is a playful and mischievous horse with a unique and eye-catching black and white coat. He loves to explore and is always looking for new and exciting places to explore. He is very smart and is quick to learn. He is sure-footed and is happy to accompany anyone on their adventures.

5. Jethro

A gentle giant with a soft and loving nature, Jethro is a good listener and loves to have fun. He can be quiet and shy around strangers but is very affectionate towards family members. He loves to play in the snow and is a great companion for children.

6. Tia

Tia is a friendly horse with a cheerful personality with black and white markings. A lover of the outdoors, she never misses an opportunity to explore new places. She is gentle and quiet, but she will let you know when she wants some attention and company. Tia can be trusted around most people, but she is especially gentle with children.

7. Two shaded

The Two Shaded is a gentle natured mare who likes to enjoy the outdoors. She is not afraid of a challenge and is very curious about things around her. She has a gentle nature and is good with kids and other horses. The Two Shaded can be difficult to ride at times as she is often bored and will need a little bit of coaxing to get into the right mood.

7. Dixie

Dixie is a beautiful Black and white mare with a friendly personality. She is very calm, easy going and sweet natured. Dixie is a little shy with new people but warms up easily when she feels comfortable around someone. She is very easy to ride and loves to follow her person anywhere.

8. Max

Known for his gentle and easy-going nature, Max is a big chestnut stallion. He is always interested in what his person is doing and likes to keep close to them. Moreover, its black and white coat gives him an even more appealing appearance.

9. Chalky

Chalky is a playful and mischievous horse with a curious personality and a lust for adventure. His black and white coat of fur is like a canvas, with each stripe and splotch telling a unique story. He loves to explore and is always looking for new and exciting places to explore. He loves to run and is always the first one to take off when the group is ready to go!.

10. Tango

One of the youngest mini horses at the farm, Tango has the most expressive eyes. They are usually framed by long eyelashes. Her sweet disposition makes her a pleasure to be around and a good companion.

Black And White Horse Names Ideas

Black And White Horse Names Ideas

Embark on a journey through the imaginative landscape of horse names, where Sierra meets Thunderbolt and Misty dances with Kestrel. Let these distinct and charming names paint a vivid portrait of your four-legged companions.

1. Tuxedo

2. Cinder

3. Raven

4. Starry

5. Chrome 

6. Whitey

7. Licorice 

8. Candy

9. Charcoal

10. Tangerine

11. SilverBlack

12. Whiteridge

13. Zorro

14. Eclipse

15. Comet

16. Domino

17. Sooty

18. Spectre

19. Magpie

20. Frosty

21. Reaper

22. Chess

23. Pepper

24. Obsidian

25. Pegasus

26. Blizzard

27. Ivory

28. Domino

29. Tuxedo

30. Eclipse

Unique Names For Black And White Horses

Saddle up for a laughter-filled ride as we introduce a corral of comical and whimsical names that match the playfulness of your black and white steeds. From Cookie Dough to Lavender, these names are sure to put a smile on your face.

1.  Sierra 

2. Gold Rush

3. Desert Rose

4. Blue Moon

5. Kestrel

6. Sunbeam

7. Mocha

8. Sterling

9. Spotty

10. Spot

11. Black Magic

12. Thunderbolt

13. Misty

14. Misfit

15. Dual

16. Puma

17. Panther

18. Doubledecker

19. Kona

20. Ash

21. Duke

22. Milkychoco

23. Peppered

24. Marbled

25. Flurry

26. Graybiz

27. Snowball

28. Zebra

29. Black & White Pepper

30. Smudge

Funny Black And White Horse Names

Wrap your heart around a collection of charming names that mirror the sweetness of your black and white companions. Just like Bluebell and Ruby, these names evoke warmth and fondness with every neigh and nuzzle.

1. Salt ‘n’ Pepper 

2. Two Toned 

3. Spotty Dotty

4. Coal ‘n’ Cream 

5. Cookie Dough 

6. Licorice 

7. Vanilla Swirl 

8. Dash of Dapple

9. Crème Brûlée 

10. Yin-Yang 

11. Hot Chocolate 

12. Half ‘n’ Half 

13. Lavender

14. Teal

15. White Russian 

16. Peppermint Twist 

17. Double Dip

18. Cheese Puff 

19. Sooty Spot

20. Moon Pie 

21. Zebra 

22. Charcoal Chip 

23. Patches of Plaid

24. Silver Streak 

25. Blurple

26. Blackberry

27. Paint by Numbers 

28. Cappuccino 

29. Lime

30. Black ‘n’ Tan

Cute Black And White Horse Names

Cute Black And White Horse Names

Dive into a world of contrasts as you browse a stunning selection of names that mirror the striking duality of your horses’ coats. From Tuxedo to Zebra, these names create a harmonious balance between light and shadow.

1. Dinkey

2. Painted Pony

3. Bluebell

4. Villu

5. Lilac

6. Rosebud

7. Ruby

8. Rose

9. Ale

10. Crimson

11. Apple Pie

12. Kerry

13. Pink

14. Smashy

15. Peony

16. Blueberry

17. Cherry

18. Patchy

19. Sky Blue

20. Giant

21. Lamonade

22. Pruppy

23. Blackish

24. Aquafina

25. Navy

26. Emerald

27. Royal Max

28. Peter

29. Guddu

30. Brownie

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