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Anime Cat Names – Funny And Cute Ideas


by Emily Wolfe


Choosing the perfect name for your anime-inspired cat can feel like a real puzzle. You want something that captures their quirky personality, right? 

Maybe a dash of humor, or a nod to your favorite anime character. It’s a bit like trying to pick the best sushi roll at a new restaurant – exciting, but oh-so tricky! 

You flip through names, weighing ‘Neko’ against ‘Sakura’, wondering what fits best. I remember when I named my cat ‘Totoro’, it just clicked. 

We’ll dive into some fantastic options, ensuring your furry friend gets a name as unique as their antics.

Favorite Anime Cat Names

Best Anime Cat Names (with Meanings)

Diving into the world of anime, each cat name here is not just a label, but a story waiting to be told.

1. Hikari (光) 

Meaning ‘light’, this name is perfect for a cat that brightens your day, always finding the sunniest spot in the house.

2. Yoru (夜) 

Translating to ‘night’, it suits a mysterious, nocturnal feline who loves to explore the shadows and moonlit adventures.

3. Kaze (風) 

Meaning ‘wind’, this name is for a swift, agile cat who moves like a gentle breeze, always graceful and uncatchable.

4. Sora (空) 

‘Sky’ in Japanese, is ideal for a dreamy, laid-back cat who spends hours gazing out the window, lost in the clouds.

5. Mizu (水) 

This means ‘water’, fitting for a serene, calm cat who loves to relax by your side, like a peaceful stream.

6. Kohaku (琥珀) 

Translating to ‘amber’, this name is perfect for a cat with warm, golden eyes that shimmer like precious stones.

7. Fuyu (冬) 

Meaning ‘winter’, it’s ideal for a cat with a cool demeanor and a love for snuggling up during chilly evenings.

8. Sakura (桜) 

Named after cherry blossoms, this suits a cat with gentle, fleeting beauty and soft, loving nature.

9. Raijin (雷神) 

Meaning ‘thunder god’, a bold name for a cat with a thunderous purr and a commanding presence.

10. Tsuki (月)  

‘Moon’ in Japanese, is perfect for a cat with a mysterious aura and a penchant for night-time escapades.

Kawaii Anime Cat Names

Anime cat names are a blend of charm, mystique, and cultural depth, perfect for your feline companion with a flair for the dramatic.

  1. Arashi
  2. Chibi
  3. Daiki
  4. Eiko
  5. Fujin
  6. Genki
  7. Hoshi
  8. Izumi
  9. Jiro
  10. Kaito
  11. Lumi
  12. Mochi
  13. Nami
  14. Omi
  15. Pochi
  16. Quito
  17. Riku
  18. Suki
  19. Tama
  20. Ume
  21. Vivi
  22. Wabi
  23. Xan
  24. Yuki
  25. Zumi
  26. Akari
  27. Banzai
  28. Cici
  29. Dori
  30. Enji
Anime Cat Names List

Anime Cat Names Inspired by Popular Series

Anime enthusiasts, unite! Naming your cat after a beloved character from a popular series is a fun way to honor your favorite shows.

  1. Naruto
  2. Luffy
  3. Mikasa
  4. Goku
  5. Natsu
  6. Ichigo
  7. Asuna
  8. Levi
  9. Eren
  10. Light
  11. Sasuke
  12. Hinata
  13. Sakura
  14. Tanjiro
  15. Nezuko
  16. Inuyasha
  17. Kagome
  18. Saitama
  19. Kirito
  20. Edward
  21. Alphonse
  22. Gintoki
  23. Haruhi
  24. Lelouch
  25. Yato
  26. Ryuk
  27. Shinji
  28. Rei
  29. Kyo
  30. Tohru

Anime Cat Names Based on Cat-like Characters

Anime’s cat-like characters offer a treasure trove of names, each embodying the unique blend of feline grace and anime charm.

  1. Jiji
  2. Luna
  3. Artemis
  4. Happy
  5. Kyo
  6. Yoruichi
  7. Blair
  8. Meowth
  9. Karupin
  10. Bananya
  11. Nyanko-sensei
  12. Puar
  13. Kuroneko
  14. Diana
  15. Shampoo
  16. Catbus
  17. Anzu
  18. Leo
  19. Nekotalia
  20. Tama
  21. Doraemon
  22. Mao
  23. Sakamoto
  24. Kamineko
  25. Chomusuke
  26. Nekomaru
  27. Korin
  28. Nyarome
  29. Nekomamushi
  30. Neko Musume

Anime Cat Names From Pokemon

For fans of Pokémon, these cat names inspired by the beloved franchise add a playful and adventurous spirit to your feline friend’s identity.

  1. Meowth
  2. Persian
  3. Espurr
  4. Meowstic
  5. Litten
  6. Torracat
  7. Incineroar
  8. Glameow
  9. Purugly
  10. Skitty
  11. Delcatty
  12. Shinx
  13. Luxio
  14. Luxray
  15. Purrloin
  16. Liepard
  17. Espurr
  18. Mew
  19. Mewtwo
  20. Zeraora
  21. Solgaleo
  22. Necrozma
  23. Lunala
  24. Nyabby
  25. Zangoose
  26. Sylveon
  27. Umbreon
  28. Espeon
  29. Leafeon
  30. Vaporeon

Funny Anime Cat Names

Combining humor and anime, these funny cat names are perfect for those who love a good laugh and a touch of anime flair.

  1. Nyanpasu
  2. Sushicat
  3. Ramenpurr
  4. Fuzzysenpai
  5. Purruto
  6. Meowgi
  7. Catzilla
  8. Purrball Z
  9. Whiskeru
  10. Chonkamaru
  11. Fluffimoto
  12. Meownarok
  13. Snugglemon
  14. Kittykashi
  15. Cattachi
  16. Purrsuke
  17. Mewkasa
  18. Meowthra
  19. Catpatine
  20. Purrzumaki
  21. Snorlaxative
  22. Purrserker
  23. Meowdoka
  24. Felineardo
  25. Purrnando
  26. Meowruto
  27. Catuto
  28. Meowsuke
  29. Nyanjiro
  30. Purrruto

Names Inspired By Famous Anime Cats

Embrace the spirit of anime with these names inspired by its most iconic and beloved feline characters, perfect for your animated companion.

  1. Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
  2. Luna (Sailor Moon)
  3. Artemis (Sailor Moon)
  4. Happy (Fairy Tail)
  5. Kuro (Blue Exorcist)
  6. Sakamoto (Nichijou)
  7. Tama (Sazae-san)
  8. Karupin (Prince of Tennis)
  9. Nyanko-sensei (Natsume’s Book of Friends)
  10. Bananya (Bananya)
  11. Puar (Dragon Ball)
  12. Mao (Darker than Black)
  13. Shamisen (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
  14. Kamineko (Azumanga Daioh)
  15. Chomusuke (KonoSuba)
  16. Nekomaru (Danganronpa)
  17. Neko Musume (GeGeGe no Kitaro)
  18. Kuroneko (Trigun)
  19. Nekotalia (Hetalia)
  20. Yoruichi (Bleach)
  21. Blair (Soul Eater)
  22. Doraemon (Doraemon)
  23. Anpu (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  24. Muta (The Cat Returns)
  25. Lune (The Cat Returns)
  26. Barone (The Cat Returns)
  27. Takkun (FLCL)
  28. Nyamsus (Nyan Koi!)
  29. Shiro (Crayon Shin-chan)
  30. Leo (Jungle Emperor Leo)

Tips For Naming Anime Cat Names

Choosing the perfect name for your anime-inspired feline friend is an exciting yet challenging task. It’s a unique opportunity to blend your love for anime with the distinct personality of your cat. 

Whether it’s a reflection of your favorite character, a nod to Japanese culture, or simply a name that captures the essence of your pet, selecting the right name requires a bit of thought and creativity. Here are six tips to help you come up with the perfect anime cat name:

1. Reflect Their Personality 

Anime cat names shine best when they mirror your cat’s unique traits. Is your feline mischievous like a trickster from “Naruto” or serene like a character from “Spirited Away”? Choose a name that captures their essence.

2. Consider Your Favorite Anime 

Consider your favorite anime series or characters. A beloved character’s name not only gives your pet an interesting name but also creates a personal connection between you and your pet.

3. Play with Japanese Words 

Anime is rooted in Japanese culture, so playing with Japanese words can give you some creative options. Words that describe your cat’s color, behavior, or habits can be a fun source of inspiration.

4. Keep It Simple 

Remember, you’ll be calling this name out loud, perhaps in public spaces like a vet or a park. A name that’s easy to pronounce and remember will make life easier for both you and your cat.

5. Unique but Memorable 

While it’s tempting to choose an extremely unique name, consider something that’s also easy to remember and resonates with those who might be less familiar with anime.

6. Future-proof the Name 

Consider how the name will age with your cat. A cute, playful name might be perfect for a kitten but it might not suit them as they grow older. Similarly, consider how your taste in anime might evolve and choose a name that you’ll likely still appreciate years down the line.

Emily Wolfe

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